10 Amazing Benefits of Quitting Weed


     There is an incredibly long list of reasons why quitting weed is so beneficial. What I mean when I say the benefits to quitting weed is much more related to slowing down of THC, and introducing more minor cannabinoids than it is quitting all together. 

     I want to make sure to clarify this so that what I’m saying is not misunderstood. I have no problem with thc used in a responsible recreational or medicinal away. I do believe that most of the THC use currently is not in a particularly helpful or healthy way. So overall the main benefits of quitting weed are to have a healthy relationship with THC, with cannabis, with weed and most importantly with ourselves.

Sleep Patterns Corrected

     One of the most common uses for weed or THC is for sleep issues. People find that THC rich weed helps them to fall asleep, the research also supports that THC can be helpful for sleep latency which is the time it takes to fall asleep. 

     What Most people don’t know is that THC actually disrupts your REM sleep cycle. So even though you might fall asleep fast You’re not getting the sleep stages that you need and this is potentially impacting you in a number of detrimental ways. 

     Sleep architecture is so important for a cognition, mental health, connectedness and higher functionality at large. When we are young plastic, and resilient we are easily able to bounce back from poor quality sleep with minimal impact. As we age our lack of sleep more greatly effects us. 

     You feel the repercussions of a poor nights sleep, even if you actually spent eight hours in bed. As we get older generally we expect more out of ourselves. We want to accomplish more throughout our day, and we aim to be more productive with our hours. The days fly by and time seems to move faster than ever. If we don’t make efficient use of our short days then we might not get nearly enough done, to satisfy our responsibilities and also manage our self-care. 

     Because THC Interrupts REM sleep it also stifles our dreams. Dreams are one of the greatest joys of sleeping. they are some thing that helps us learn about ourselves and our subconscious. It is said that dreams might be the Place where the mind processes information and plays out hypothetical situations. Losing this critical stage of sleep is not only prohibitive of the most cognitively nourishing sleep phase but also cut us off from a connection to our subconscious. 

     Someone who uses THC on a frequent basis before bed often has a baseline of such poor quality sleep that they don’t even realize the impact on their function.  But if you take those people and you separate their bedtime from the THC they will find they wake up significantly more refreshed. It might take some time for those changes to kick in. Often people are conditioned to fall asleep with THC, And without it will lay in bed restless and with racing thoughts. 

     Luckily there is CBD, CBG and CBN Which can help to quiet their racing thoughts, and relax their restless bodies. These can help replace the same functions that THC was serving but without those sleep disrupting tendencies. We offer these cannabinoids in our relief tincture. Our sleep tincture also contains CBN which is fantastic for reducing restlessness and helping with sleep quality.

Short Term Memory Returns

     It’s well known that THC has a negative impact on short-term memory. Everyone knows the cliché examples of stoned people forgetting what they are talking about. This is often pushed to an extreme in examples of parody like Cheech and Chong that rings true in real life as well. 

     The most pernicious part about these symptoms Is that they persist Beyond the initial use. It is much easier to detect the detriments too short term memory from the initial uses of THC then it is from chronic use. When THC is used chronically a tolerance forms and that tolerance also reduces a lot of the awareness of its detriment. It does not actually eliminate  the occurrence of these effects. It only makes them less obvious to the user. 

     Those who observe them can notice often right away that they’re short term memory is impaired. Are the short term memory impairment aggregates overtime in order to create more long-term memory issues. When memories fail to form correctly chronically Then those memories do not transition to long-term memory and simply dissipate. Underutilizing these neural pathways tends to result in their weakening. 

     Even though the short term memory loss is nowhere near as pronounced as with the initial experiences, They are still significant relative to baseline. The main issue is that the baseline moves down and just like our slow changes in appearance we don’t know  notice them as well as others do. So often people who chronically abuse THC think that their memories are operating just fine but when in reality they are significantly impaired. 

     Almost without question using little or no THC would significantly improve the memory function of the who abuses THC. When people quit THC they report their memories being much clearer And are more easily able to call on they’re short term memory. Short term memory and memory in general is one of the most critical elements to the G factor that is a determining quality as to the success of an individual. 

     Therefore if you allow THC to inhibit the full potential of your memory you could be paying a significant cost in your productivity and therefore the fruits of your labor. And fortunately using CBD CBG and CBC To buffer THC seems to be an effective way to limit THC’s detriment to short-term memory. 

     Once again you can use this process of lowering THC dosages while increasing in minor cannabinoid dosages In order to regain some of the short term memory processes. In order to recover these cognitive processes I would refrain from THC use For an extended period. 

     I would introduce CBD and CBG and maybe some CBC as well. I would also a start using our lucid capsules Which contain all the best to researched Cognitive enhancing extracts and compounds. It’s effects on Choline mobilization amplify the brains ability to store short term memories.

Real Friendships

     Another big problem classic to the stoner mentality is having all friends that smoke weed all day long too. This makes it even harder to slow down because anyone you’re around is constantly smoking weed. Instead of having friends who are striving to achieve great things It often leaves you Surrounded by those who are consumed in escapism and blunting their feelings. 

     It can be difficult to discern who is a good friend to you and who is just hanging around to smoke your weed. Everyone who has gone through a stoner phase has had a moment where they realize that certain friendships were solely based around weed and nothing else. 

     Upon this realization an appreciation of these relationships is diminished as you realize you are not really getting the nourishing that you need from their relationship. Reducing the amount that you smoke and more importantly your attachment to smoking weed will help you to better evaluate the relationships in your life. There is a positive feedback loop to this, where having a better relationship with yourself and having a better relationship with those around you, one that is truly nourishing, will also help you to have a better relationship with weed. 

     It is often because we feel an emptiness or a lack of fulfillment with our community and relationships that we turn to weed for a little moment of solace. We can make us more content  Within ourselves and quell the feelings of loneliness and the lacking of community which is so pervasive in society today. 

     Reducing your fixation on smoking weed and being high can help you to really feel out what relationships are nourishing your soul and leave you feeling contented and delighted. Good connections are so important for Mental health and even immune system function. Let alone the fact that we need good influences in our lives to help bring us up.

Regular Appetite Returns

     Many times people use weed in order just stimulate their appetite. This often causes their appetite to get conditioned to the stimulus of THC. After that conditioning it will be even harder for them to eat without weed. Eventually it will be nearly impossible for them to eat without first smoking weed. 

     With what first seems like an easy fix, Later turns into a curse which they cannot escape. When their tolerance grows it gets harder and harder to get that same effect. So they have to smoke even more weed in order to stimulate their appetite overtime. 

     The tolerance game is ever-increasing race against the clock were eventually it stops working for you. Using weed temporarily in order induce appetite when it is Hard to eat Can be effective. But this strategy is really only advisable for a short time. And should not be used chronically. Often when people stop smoking weed they find that they’re appetite is nearly nonexistent. 

     Eventually they’re appetite returns And they can eat at a normal pace once again. This process can really deter people from quitting weed.  But is an important step in freeing yourself from the cycles that trap you in cannabis use. Some people struggle with the opposite issue which is cannabis causing them to over eat

Excessive Eating Reduced

     Many people Find that when they smoke weed they wat way too much food. Everyone knows of the cliché stoners eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew. Often after smoking weed one is so stoned that they don’t even realize how hard they are snacking. 

     Often when very high we are so lazy and we don’t wanna cook a big meal, but reach for packaged foods that are not good for us. So people that struggle with over eating are also often eating the wrong foods which is an reinforced when high. Sometimes when we’re so stoned we don’t even realize when we are full, so it is really easy to get overstuffed more than we are due. 

     Quitting can help you to eat in the more conscious way and quit when you are satisfied not stuffed. Weed can also make it so we don’t appreciate the food that we were eating and just stuffing our faces without awareness. Being more conscious during meals can help us to better gauge our appetites and make more responsible decisions with nutrition. 

     Especially when we are trying to make changes with our eating habits it is easy to fall prey to our impulses. Smoking weeds can really make us fall back on our instincts, Returning to the same habits that we are trying to change. Putting a stop to or adjusting our habit of smoking weed can also help us shift other habits we are looking to adjust.

Habits are Easier to Change

     This brings me to my next point; that when we are caught in one habit it is more difficult to change another one. Especially when that primary habit alters our ability to make conscious decisions and affects our willpower. Weed definitely has a dulling affect on our willpower and makes it less likely for us to tolerate strain. I personally find that when I am high I am less likely to push through those extra reps at the gym. 

     I am also much less likely to get the extra bit of work done and more likely to call it quits and relax. When I am high I find that I am much more likely to revert to old habits and act out of impulse. My conscious control of myself is reduced and my previously ingrained habits shine through. 

     This makes it very easy for the habits that I am trying to change to slip through the cracks and reinstate themselves. So in order to hone your will and be more autonomous than one would be otherwise I think reducing thc use by smoking less weed would be preferable. 

     When you smoke weed and are high often we will fall back on previous habits and act subconsciously. Whether it’s munching on your favorite snack mindlessly or just being cozy on the couch instead of getting out of your comfort zone. Usually when we first start smoking weed it itself is adventurous and novel. 

     This novelty can inspire us to be more outgoing or try new things. But often with chronic use these effects can change, smoking weed becomes more routine and so do the things we engage in while we are high.

Lung Function and Cardiovascular Efficiency Return

     Most people who smoke a lot are not runners. Most often when people start running regularly they feel their lungs open and breath become more effective. After you run each breath you take seems to oxygenate your blood better and be more satisfying. 

     People who feel these effects are much less likely to smoke. Especially when they feel those cardiovascular benefits negated very directly by smoking later that day. Everyone is more effective in general when their breathing is easier. Breathwork is a great way to improve awareness and center oneself. 

     If your lungs are not functioning well then it is going to be harder to focus and find that center. Shallow breathing increases anxiety and hinders endurance. Smoking weed can cause a resinous buildup of tar in the lungs. Everyone knows that weed has tremendous amounts of resin. People will smoke weed usually need to clean out a bowl every year or so. 

     Tobacco pipes are clogged when weed is smoked out of them for the very first time. This demonstrates how much more resin is contained in cannabis than tobacco. When you smoke weed this tar will build up on your lungs and impairs their function. The lungs have little sacks that need to stretch and fill up with air to exchange the oxygen for CO2. Chronic pot smoking can cause a considerable amount of tar to amass within the lungs. 

     So one of the main benefits of quitting weed is the fact your lungs will perform so much better. There won’t be as much resistance to their expansion and they will intake oxygen much more efficiently. Have you experienced the perpetual cough that afflicts so much many chronic weed users? I definitely have, my dad would asked me what was wrong with me that I was coughing so much. 

     I always had a tickle in my throat and a phlegm ejecting cough. It can get to the point that it’s like a constant cold. Quit smoking weed or at least reduce it and watch your breathing return to normal. Breath is so important for reducing your anxiety. Many of the same issues people use weed to address can actually be best handled with some deep breaths. Breathwork is Amazing for stress, anxiety, sleep and focus. 

     Don’t allow your primary need, oxygen, to be impinged by overuse of weed. So a huge benefit of quitting weed is that return of normal breathing. Cardio is another great way to handle stress and anxiety, it will also increase appetite, another big reason why people often smoke weed in the first place.


Improved Fertility

     Chronic use of weed has been shown to lower fertility. It can reduce the motility of sperm, lower sperm count and delay ovulation. If you have no interest in reproducing then skip to the next section. But if you are interesting in conceiving maybe skip out on smoking weed a bit. 

     A huge benefit of quitting weed is improved fertility. Moderate weed use I don’t think would have much effect on our reproductive systems. But long-term chronic use can certainly hamper our fertility. It can also reduce testosterone. This can mean less motivation to reproduce or mate, reduced energy levels and motivation in general. Endocannabinoid and hormones systems regulate each other and transfer information in feedback loops. These processes are delicate and precise. Any action altering them is going to have downstream effects that may result in the down regulation of some outcomes.


Currently, the body of evidence shows that women who use cannabis in pregnancy are at increased risk of having a low birthweight infant, of delivering pre-term and of stillbirth. Overall, men’s use of cannabis once a week or more was linked to a 29% reduction in total sperm count, and women’s use within the past three months was tied to delayed ovulation. Also, evidence also supports that erectile dysfunction is twice as high in cannabis users compared to non-users.”

Mark P. Trolice, MD, board-certified OB/GYN and REI


The evidence here suggests that even once a week use of cannabis can have some reproductive harm. So think about that when deciding how often to smoke weed or indulge in cannabis.

You Get Your Time Back

     How much time does it consume purchasing weed to smoke? Not too much. But the amount of time a regular pot smoker takes to smoke can be immense. When you add it all up that time and energy can be used on productive things which enrich their lives. 

     Often chronic pot smokers will pause their day multiple times in order to smoke weed. It’s not just the time it takes to literally smoke weed itself but the time around it too. Finding something to smoke out of, separating yourself from the crowd and isolating takes time. Worrying about having to re-up takes time as well. I know when I was smoking a ton of weed when I had a quarter ounce left I would start worrying about getting more. 

     All the energy expended on the different activities, concerns and processes with smoking weed could be put towards other things. Maybe each smoke break is 20 minutes total and if that’s 4 times a day that’s almost an hour and a half total. With that time everyday someone could master the piano or start a new hobby or small business. The time we spend adds up exponentially over enough time. 

     Using that time for something you are thankful you did tomorrow is how you build a life you love. Sure plenty of times smoking weed has been wonderful and added pleasure to my life. But most of the time has been idle time passing or generally superfluous. 

     Having to pause so many times a day can be such a distraction too. It’s hard to get deep work done when an imminent pause looms over every couple hours. So a huge benefit of quitting weed is getting your time back. Time that could potentially spent in more valuable ways. Putting time between you and the last time you smoked allows you to appreciate that so much.

Being Content Within Yourself

     Smoking weed and the seeking of being high sets up a dichotomy where there is the desire to be more than you usually are. This dynamic sets us up to be discontented. We should all aim to be as content as possible within our own selves as much as we can be. There are positives and negatives to getting high. When you can see the negatives along with the positives it is easier to have a healthy dynamic with cannabis. 

     You don’t want to setup a situation where you feel less than your best without cannabis. In such a case you’ll then never be able to appreciate yourself as you are and will always be without. Seeking to be otherwise is a complex within itself. Malcontents and those who are unhappy with themselves often look to external things to escape themselves with. 

     Partying, weed, risk taking, adventuring, work whatever it is. Often it’s easier to keep busy or do anything rather than sit with and be with oneself. But until we make peace with ourselves we will always be seeking the next thing. Each novel way of escaping the self will wear off and it’s shiny new quantity will dull. When one is very content with themselves they can appreciate qualities which improve with the introduction of another thing, person or substance and they can see some of the hinderances. 

     Valuing your self as you are helps to put things in perspective and give you a more regulated relationship with any new prospect you might introduce. It’s a real shame if one is always seeking to alter themselves in some way. Better to improve yourself and address whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy directly. Often people use cannabis as an escape. Self improvement can be hard work, and escapism is convenient and alluring. Often we don’t even realize we are doing it, escaping can be compulsive. People wanting to get outside of themselves often don’t realize it, there is self deception involved and often not clear acknowledgment of one’s flaws.

Benefits of quitting weed

Benefits quitting weed

How I quit weed


Quit weed benefits

Quitting weed benefits


How long after quitting weed does fertility improve

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