3 Proven Benefits of our NAD Nasal Spray


     NAD, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is an essential nutrient found in and produced by our bodies.  It is essential for the healthy functioning of mitochondria which are found in all living cells.  Without NAD, our cells cannot function properly and eventually go dormant or even die.

     Many people who are looking to increase their lifespan are now looking into NAD supplements and NAD boosters.  In this article we are going to go over a few of the benefits of NAD and the advantages to using our NAD Nasal Spray.

1. Superior Absorption

     With NAD, as with many things, absorption is a very important factor.  NAD is not absorbed through the stomach, so many people take NAD precursors such as NMN and NR.  We find that these work well, but not as well and perceivable as using a NAD Nasal Spray.

     Using our NAD Nasal Spray will ensure you are getting superior absorption over other supplement delivery methods.  NAD cannot be absorbed by our stomachs due to its large molecule size.  Some people try supplementing with a NAD precursor such as NMN or NR.  While these are viable options, they are still inferior to our NAD Nasal Spray.

2. May Support Health Span

     Research has indicated that NAD may support a longer health span.  Health span refers to the length of time that a person enjoys a high quality of life.  The longevity community typically agrees that health span is more important than life span.  While we all want to live long lives, it is much more important that we are healthy while we are alive and can still perform optimally.

     We recommend that you take resveratrol from grapes or pterostilbene from blueberries in addition to our NAD Nasal Spray.  Both of these stilbenoids will help to potentiate the effects of NAD, which may further enhance its health span promoting properties.


3. May Restore Declining Levels of NAD

     As we age, our NAD levels decline which causes mitochondrial dysfunction.  Using our NAD Nasal Spray can be useful for preventing this decline and preserving mitochondrial health.  Every cell in our bodies contain mitochondria, and they are essential for proper cell functioning.

     This is such a vital process to keep intact and one of the most important factors in healthy aging.  We highly recommend our NAD Nasal Spray for this purpose. Read on to learn about some ways that you can raise NAD levels naturally as well.


Raise NAD Levels Naturally

     While you may not be able to naturally raise levels as quickly, easily, and effectively as using our NAD Nasal Spray, there are some things you can do to help.  Exercising has been shown to be effective at raising NAD levels naturally.

     In addition to exercise, heat therapy can be helpful as well for raising NAD levels.  Typically, people use a dry sauna for this effect as it is much hotter than a hot tub or wet sauna.  And lastly, fasting has been shown to increase NAD and stimulate sirtuin pathways.


     Keeping your NAD levels raised is a great way to keep yourself healthy and feeling young.  It is so important that we keep our cells healthy and avoid aging too early or developing diseases.  Aging is a degenerative disease that we need to control better.  Proper diet, exercise, and a precise supplementation plan can prevent many of the bad aspects of aging.



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