We are Connecticut’s first and only craft CBD Company. Our goal is to provide you with the best, most therapeutic experience scientifically possible. Our remedies contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, complemented by a variety of proven effective ingredients. We harness the healing power of nature by sourcing high quality beneficial herbal and botanical supplements that act jointly towards the desired effect. We design the formulas to increase uptake efficiency and bioavailability. Our labels are easy to understand and are always completely transparent and honest. The result is a trustworthy, reliable, and healthy source for your herbal needs. Never settle for lesser products when a low cost premium option is available.

We are the only CBD company in CT that formulates and crafts their own products. The research we’ve undertaken in our effort to provide only the most effective products makes us uniquely knowledgeable about CBD and general wellness. We believe in sharing that knowledge with the consumer, empowering them to make the best decision for their needs. Our research continues to this day, and our products are improving along with it. Because we make everything in house, we can quickly adapt our products to new information and in response to customer preferences. All of this results in a company committed to the wellbeing of its customers in every regard.


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