Broad vs Full Spec: Which is Better? Why?


Broad vs Full Spec: Which is Better and Why?

5000mg full spectrum tincture The Remedy Co.

     This is a question that we get asked a lot, and we are more than happy to explain.  First off, one of these extractions is not necessarily “better” than the other.  This is because they both serve a specific need.  While most people would prefer the effects of full spectrum, some may have a need for broad spectrum.


     We want to inform and educate people on the products that they are being presented with.  A lot of the products out on the shelves are made from MCT oil and CBD isolate.  To us, this is unacceptable and not ideal for relieving the most troublesome symptoms.  In this article, we will outline what each extract is, and who it is best suited for.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is not as popular or well known as full spectrum CBD.  Essentially, the difference here is that Broad Spectrum CBD has had the THC separated out of it entirely.  So much so that a true broad-spectrum product would have undetectable levels of THC.  This extraction method is beneficial mostly for people who get drug tested on a regular basis.


     It can also be useful for those who are very sensitive to the effects of THC.  Now, we mean REALLY sensitive here.  For example, most Full Spectrum CBD products contain from 1-3mg of THC per serving.  Most people who take THC edibles take at least 5mg and up to 100mg+.  Everyone is different, but it wouldn’t be expected to get “high” from a 1-3mg dose.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is just like it sounds, the full spectrum of the hemp plant.  What this means is, full spectrum has at least trace amounts of everything in the plant.  This includes THC which naturally occurs in Hemp.  The main benefit of full spectrum is that it is the closest extract to what nature intended.


     Other extraction methods end up filtering out a lot of different naturally occurring compounds.  The problem here is that many of these compounds are helpful and synergistic.  When you start to degrade the original material, you miss out on a lot of the medicine.  This is the main reason that we are big fans of full spectrum.  And this applies both to cannabinoid extracts, as well as any other plant extracts that we use.

What About Isolate?

Right off the bat, we want to say that isolate is our least favorite extract.  This is due to the fact that while it is a very pure CBD, that’s all it is.  Don’t get us wrong, we love CBD and all of the benefits it has to offer.  However, isolate is completely devoid of other helpful hemp compounds.  For this reason, we only use isolate at times when it is most appropriate.  We do, however, try our best to avoid isolate at all costs.


     Now, this isn’t to say that isolate is dangerous or undefective.  However, we do believe that it is not going to give you the most relief from your symptoms.  This is why we do not have any pure isolate products.  We intend only to add value to our products and make them as effective as possible.


We believe that any well extracted CBD is going to
provide benefits to the user.  However,
the quality and diversity of the extract is everything.  That’s why we have spent years searching for
and utilizing the fullest spectrum extracts we can find.  Of course, we do offer broad spectrum (THC
Free) options for those who need it.

     At the end
of the day though, we would highly recommend full spectrum CBD.  Of course, this recommendation is only valid under
a couple circumstances.  First, if you
get drug tested, we don’t recommend taking the risk with full spectrum.  Second, if you are very sensitive to THC,
full spectrum may not be the best for you either.


     Just make
sure that any CBD that you are consuming has been extracted safely.  Going with a product from The Remedy Co, will
ensure just that.  You are always in good
hands with us because quality is at the forefront of our operations.  For full spectrum products, check out our
full spectrum CBD and specialty tinctures
If you are in need of broad spectrum with no detectable THC, our broad
spectrum tinctures are the way to go.

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