Our CBD Cartridges contain only the most premium gently extracted CBD Co2 distillate, cannabis terpenes and minor cannabinoid extracts. No fillers, no nonsense. So you get potent effects with each pull and they last surprisingly long. For incredible flavor and tangible effects, look no further. They work on any standard 510 thread battery, we offer them, here.

Our batteries all go the distance. The Simple Squared is 400mah and will last for days, has auto-draw and a button for easy use for all users. The Enduro will last you all week and has variable voltage for advanced users who want to use it with a dab attachment or vape cartridges which vary in thickness.

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For years we struggled with faulty vape cartridges, CBD vape oil which would crystalize and terpenes which were harsh. These issues plague the industry and have haunted us for years. Most of the ingredients people use in vape cartridges are disgusting and we don’t understand how they get away with it. Even back when all carts were made with MCT oil and CBD isolate we still made a superior cartridge to what was on the market. After many years of studying cannabinoid properties we finally landed on a type of extract which met our standards. This wasn’t just any extract, not even just a specific type of extraction, we had to a have a custom extraction method contracted with the only lab that was able to pull it off. They use a gentle version of Co2 extraction to preserve the CBD in a way no other method has done that we have found. This allows the CBD to remain in a balance and stable state. The stability of the oil holds its matrix and allows it to remain thick and stable in all temperatures and environments. This is why our carts do not crystalize even though they are 80%+ cannabinoids. Most companies use fillers such as “flavorless terpenes” which taste disgusting and are harsh, or worse PG and VG or other diluents which only make the vape cartridge disappear that much faster. These cartridges are 40% CBD at most and require the user to take multiple hits to feel anything at all. We utilize to architecture of the plant resin that nature intended in order to create a unique stable oil extract that retains potency and stability that you can feel with each hit. We use cannabis derived terpenes that taste great with every pull, simply natural. All the parts of the plant you want, without anything else. 

This gentle extractions ensures minimal decarboxylation

Our process ensures the natural stability of the plant resin is retained

This leaves an oil which smells and tastes great on its own, provides numerous benefits and is as close to the bud as is possible

Learn more about Co2 Extraction here


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These blends contain the same array of terpenes as real cannabis strains, because they are derived directly from those strains

You will never taste a more natural vape than these. 

Cannabis terpenes are more potent in flavor and effect, allowing us to use less for a fuller flavor without any of the harshness.

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