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Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+.
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Choosing a Vape Cartridge

We just release A LOT of vape cartridge and we know it can be confusing to sort through so we want to make this guide to help you all make an easy decision in choosing a vape cartridge.

We choose a complex terpene profile to pair with each of our vape cartridges. Those terpene profiles contain over 50 different terpene varieties. These terpenes are chosen as much for their effect as their flavor profile. So they taste great but also help drive the effect of the cannabinoid profiles they are paired with. Most products use the same cannabinoids with different terpenes and claim they carry the effects of those strains. We don’t think that is enough, the cannabinoids are primary and terpenes are secondary. Now you can see for yourself.

If you are unfamiliar with all of these cannabinoids you can of course read our beautiful descriptions which people rave our so accurate and choose from there. We highly recommend for users to explore and see for themselves the effects. Everyone is different and things effect people in a variety of ways. We like to encourage the uninitiated to try the simpler formulas, experience each cannabinoid more individually to establish a baseline and better appreciate the complex variations we have created and to further distinguish to effects of the minor cannabinoids we all so love.

To start there are three main categories of vape cartridges we offer

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  • Those who are just starting their journey
  • Enhancing cognition
  • Clearing the mind
  • Reducing stress
  • Most flexible option

Low Delta8

  • For those looking for a little more than CBD
  • Low tolerance users who want a little buzz
  • People who usually get paranoid from THC
  • For workday or mid-day use
  • Balance of buzz and functionality

High Delta8

  • For those looking for the strongest buzz
  • High tolerance users
  • Experienced THC users
  • Those who want true Sativa
  • Those want true Indica effects


Will clear your mind with zero side effects or trade-offs. Feel your body and mind relax immediately but without being sedative or inhibiting in any way. It can help with cognition, stress management, inflammation, physical discomfort. If you have never tried any cannabinoid vape then these are a great place to start. You can try all of our CBD vape cartridges for a great introductory price with our CBD sampler pack.

Full Spectrum

90% CBD with Grapefruit Haze terpenes. This perfectly balanced cartridge is the first of its kind, most companies struggle to get beyond 40% CBD without crystallization issues. We highly recommend trying this first just because it will give you the best idea of what CBD is all about and what it is like alone. This will then give you a better reference for comparison when you begin trying the other more complex arrangements of cannabinoids in subsequent vape cartridges, and we love the scientific method here at The Remedy. Subjectively the Full Spectrum will do a great job with relieving stress, inflammation, discomfort all instantly. Great for day or night time you really can’t go wrong with a full spectrum cartridge. Try the one and only original here.


85% CBD and 15% CBG, with Sour Alien Terpenes. CBG has an incredible mind clearing effect when paired with CBD. Uplifting and energizing but without being stimulating, it will help eliminate overthinking or stress, can help with cognition or focus, we love this for day-time use during work. Experiencing the synergy between CBD and CBG is a must, you really have not experienced CBD at its finest without the support of CBG. The calm cartridge combined with our cannabinoid enhancer capsules is what we use for focusing throughout the work day. Take a step towards your calm by clicking here.


85% CBD, 15% CBN, with Mango Kush terpenes and 25mg of melatonin. If you have trouble falling asleep than look no further. CBD will clear your mind, CBN will relax your body. The Myrcene rich terpene profile will help to compound those effects while the micro-dose of melatonin will drive it all home. Most melatonin supplements are way overdosed, straining your liver, down regulating your receptiveness and making you groggy. This dosage of melatonin replicates your own production, a fraction of a milligram directly into your blood stream. Take a few hits from this vape cartridge and you will be in for some deep restful sleep. THC actually keeps you from your REM sleep cycle and therefor will make you wake up feeling groggy and unrested. CBD and CBN help you to get more REM and deep sleep and is preferable to THC. Click here if you’re dying for a good nights sleep.


70% CBD, 15% CBG, 15% CBN with Blueberry Kush Terpenes. This Cartridge is for the CBN lovers out there. Those that appreciate the body effect. Your body will glow and you’ll get a twinkle in your toes. Your mind will clear and that load will be pulled into your body. You can feel the difference between the Calm and Relief in how the CBG enhances with the CBD and CBN. You can feel the CBN come forward in this cartridge and it is very relaxing. This cartridge is great for physical discomfort, CBN interacts with the pain sensing receptors. Feel the merging of CBN and CBG in this highly therapeutic cartridge. If you need the relief click here.

Low Delta8 THC

We created these cartridges for those who are looking for a functional buzz. As we all get busier we find we don’t have the time to set our faculties aside so these cartridges navigate the best of both worlds. For those that try CBD and think “hmmm maybe a tad bit stronger would be nice…” A lot of our customers used to enjoy THC or would like to explore the benefits of THC but have very low tolerance or get paranoid from THC. This is our answer for you. Higher amounts of CBD temper the effects of THC and cap them at a certain level of effect. Even if you hit a vape cartridge multiple times in a row you will not exceed a certain level of intensity which is ideal for maintaining awareness, finding a “goldy locks zone” of a buzz, and keeping below the threshold for paranoia. Try our Low Delta8 THC Sampler to try them all.


75% CBD, 20% CBG, 4% Delta8 with Pineapple Express terpenes. Serenity will give you the most mild buzz if you have no tolerance at all. That tiny bit of delta8 will bring out the body of the CBD and CBG. Serenity is great to try after the Calm to see the difference that little 4% of Delta8 makes. This will give you a great appreciation for the entourage effect. The warming effect of that small amount of delta8 is palpable, it will enhance the CBD and CBG but will remain a very subtle factor. If you do not have any experience with THC or are nervous from getting paranoid in the past this is a great place to start. This cartridge will never make you paranoid and will give you more confidence with using THC. Look no further for you serenity, click here to get yours.


90% CBD and 10% Delta8 with Lemon Haze Terpenes. Great for a moderate low buzz to take a load off without sacrificing your presence or cognition. Kiss your stress goodbye. The dominance of the CBD ensures this cartridges stays at the lower end of the spectrum of intensity even if you hit it numerous times. That 10% of delta8 really amplifies the therapeutic effects of the CBD and ads a little glow to the feeling. You can certainly tell there is more than twice the THC then in the Serenity vape cartridge. The Zen Cartridge is a great benchmark to determine how much THC they are ideally looking for in a product. If you have low to no tolerance or you get paranoid the Zen Cartridge will allow you to safely catch a nice buzz but without any of the unwanted side effects you may have previously experienced with THC. Like THC with training wheels if you will. Get a taste of zen by clicking here.


50% CBD, 25% CBG and 25% Delta8 THC featuring Sour Alien terpenes. The bliss has been a crowd favorite since its release. Enough delta8 for a pleasant euphoria but enough CBD in order to keep it in check and stop it from ever getting overwhelming. Keeping it within therapeutic range but strong enough to give a solid buzz that will satisfy most regular users and newbies alike. The effect is pretty cerebral, energizing and uplifting. The name really says it all, you will be in pure bliss. Great for daytime functional highs or even hanging with your friends and going out as your main recreational item. This cartridge is very flexible you really can’t go wrong. Your bliss awaits right here.


50% CBD 50% Delta8, with Girl Scout Cookies Terpenes. This cartridge packs a surprising punch. If you want the best of both worlds this could be just the one. Not as intensely strong as pure delta8 or any of our high delta8 vape options, but certainly not to be under estimated. The CBD brings out the more therapeutic side of the Delta8, but together the really synergize for a strong effect. If you have a lower tolerance you might be surprised by the effect. For higher tolerance users this could be a great day-time option for a functional high. This could really go either way depending on your tolerance so we advise trying some of the lower delta8 options first to get a better idea of what your looking for if your not sure. This one you can take a few extra hits from and potentially have more than you bargained for, once the delta8 is at 50% it is not quite hard-capped the same way as with the other lower delta8 vape cartridges. Find your balance right here.

– High Delta8 –

These are for the more experienced users. Higher levels of delta8 THC that will have the most potent effects we offer. The delta8 THC really drives the effects of the minor cannabinoids in a much more exaggerated way which is amazing to experience. Through our blending of cannabinoids and terpenes we have been able to achieve a true Indica and Sativa experience. Try a sampler of them all here.

Pure Delta8

90% Pure Delta8 THC, with Green Crack Terpenes. We suggest experiencing pure delta8 before exploring our other more complex blends just so you can experience the difference our full spectrum blends make. If you are looking for raw power then delta8 could be just what you need. If you like delta9 THC but are sometimes a little overwhelmed by it or are looking for something slightly more mild or just looking to switch it up with something a little bit different delta8 can be a great option. Its activation of the CB1 and CB2 receptors is very unique. People experience the same pleasant euphoria as delta9 but with less of the side effects such as overthinking, paranoia, anxiety, fatigue or reduction in cognition. If you haven’t experienced delta8 THC and you appreciate delta9 then it is certainly time to try it. Our delta8 is produced from a patented single pass process directly from flower. If this sounds like your thing, get it here.


85% Delta8, 10% CBG and 5% CBD with Tangie Terpenes. This is our full spectrum sativa experience. The CBG drives the delta8 to your head for an uplifting and energetic thought provoking buzz. Tangie terpenes are bursting with citrus flavor and heady effects. We like to say that if the Pure Delta8 is a single note, the Solace is more like a chord. What that means is the Solace is richer, complex, and dynamic with more tones and depth to be experienced and explored. The Solace cartridge is a true full spectrum experience where you can really understand the value of multiple cannabinoids coming together for what cannabis was meant to be. Although it might not be quite as strong as the pure delta8, often users find that the full spectrum blends have more of what they are looking for come cannabis or hemp. The therapeutics are in the multitude of cannabinoids working together to balance each other. Find your true sativa experience right here.


85% Delta8, 10% CBN and 5% CBD with OG Kush Terpenes. This cartridge is our full spectrum Indica experience. The CBN pulls the delta8 thc down into your body, clearing your head and warming your body. It starts with a twinkle in your toes, growing and glowing up your legs until your body is wrapped in a familiar warm blanket. Your head is left remarkably alone. You will not get any paranoia, racing thoughts or cognitive impairment. Your body will feel relaxed, light and refreshed. Great for physical discomfort, kicking your feet up at the end of the day or for anyone who loves that Indica body effect. If you try this cartridge after the Pure Delta8 or/and The Solace you will see how remarkable that 10% change in cannabinoid content makes. There is no better way to appreciate the effects of CBN than by feeling how distinctly it drags the delta8 thc into your body when compared to delta8 on its own, it is truly a unique experience. If you’re ready to relax then click here to get yours.

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