Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+. No free shipping for “Vape” items.

Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+.
No free shipping for “Vape” items.

Choosing the Right Product for You

Firstly consider what you are looking to alleviate

Is that symptom local or systemic?

is it contained to a specific area of your body? (like an acute injury for example a recovering from a knee replacement surgery or a torn rotator cuff)

If the answer is yes then a topical could be the best option for you.

A topical will help inhibit the pain sensing receptors ability to transmit the pain signals via TRPV receptors and often include a variety of ingredients to achieve that effect. It will also help reduce inflammation, and aid in the healing process. Ideal for rheumatism because of how directly inflammation reducing it is.

Sometimes if a local discomfort is more serious perhaps a 5 or greater of the pain scale it can be more appropriate to combine the topical with a tincture for more systemic effect. Together they can help more greatly reduce inflammation by inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines around the injury area, while also modulating your immune system to produce less of those pro-inflammatory signaling molecules and stop inflammation at the source.

If the issue is cognitive or Systemic

Then you will want something that enters your bloodstream

This means tinctures, edibles or vape cartridges

Vape cartridges are the quickest and most efficient way to absorb cannabinoids. Not only are they the highest value per active mg but they are also the most efficiently utilized 30-50% of the cannabinoids are absorbed. With each use only 3 or 5mg are vaporized but it is felt immediately more potently and viscerally then any other product type. This is ideal for panic, stress, focus or other mental afflictions that people usually want to be dispatched of very quickly so they can get back to the task at hand.

If vaping is just not your thing and you can’t see yourself using such a thing (even though you can think of it as an inhaler)

Then a Tincture could be a great option for you

Tinctures absorb sublingually when you keep them under your tongue for a minute or more. This allows it to bypass first pass metabolism and enter your bloodstream directly. This allows for 17-25% absorption of cannabinoids, nearly 3x that of edibles. Whatever quantity is not absorbed sublingually is swallowed and goes through the digestive system into the gut where it absorbs into your gut and lymph to help modulate immune function. So in this way a tincture is a fantastic middle of the road, the raising of blood levels like a vape cartridge while also accessing the gut directly like an edible. Tinctures last a lot longer than vape cartridges some can just do one dosage of Tincture for an entire day, others split their doses into two or even three.

Finally Edibles

Largely either as a yummy treat of an addition to an existing regiment including any of the previous options…

Or if you are trying to sneak something into a less then willing grandparent, child or otherwise. Edibles can be very helpful for those that are less open minded and want something familiar to use. Generally only 5-7% of the cannabinoids that are ingested are actually absorbed. The livers first pass metabolism removes most of it before it is able to get to the bloodstream and gut. Edibles that include addition fats will increase absorption around 25-30%. That means things like infused olive oil or coconut oil will be best and second to that chocolate could be a good option as well. You can take advantage of this absorption enhancing effect with any orally applied CBD. We highly recommend eating eggs with your CBD. eggs have healthy fats and also include lecithin which helps to bind oil to water. Cannabinoids being oil based and your body largely water based explain why this method is effective and also why we include lecithin in all of our tinctures.

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