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The Remedy Tinctures

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The Remedy Tinctures are packed with active medicinal components from the ground up. Even the carrier oil is medicinal featuring the freshest, most extra virgin olive oil, directly from Greece from our friends at Papa Spyro’s. Olive oil also contains Oleic acid well known to aid in healthy aging, see more about that here. Each of our tinctures contains our Remedy Enhancement Extract blend. We utilize cannabimimetics which are compounds that act on the endocannabinoid system but are not found in cannabis to extend the entourage effect beyond what hemp could do alone. This includes a CO2 Black Pepper Extract containing Piperine, well known for it’s absorption enhancing effects, but lesser known is guineensine a novel endocannabinoid re-uptake inhibitor. We use sunflower lecithin which helps oils to bind with and permeate the gut lining, maximizing absorption. The blend of extracts includes a Cinnamon CO2 Extract, not only does Cinnamaldehyde aid in glucose metabolism to lower blood sugar, but it also helps with lipid metabolism which can positively impact cannabinoid absorption. Birch oil contains natural salicylates which are the natural form aspirin is derived from, powerful anti-inflammatory effects and delicious flavor. Peppermint oil we use to relax soft tissue, increase circulation and therefore penetration of cannabinoids through the circulatory system. These are just the special additives we use to increase the effectiveness of the main ingredients, the cannabinoids! That is how much we care about adding value. Last but not least we have the highest quality CBD extract, a gentle CO2 process which preserves the terpenes so it smells and tastes great even without our spice extracts added. Each one of our tincture ingredients would make a stupendous health product all on its own. We know it is a lot of information to take in and can be overwhelming, but we would love for you to appreciate the breadth of our research, consideration and value. 

Our tinctures breakdown into 3 main categories:

Zero THC period. No enhancement blend for those who are sensitive to spices. Click here to learn more.

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Full Spectrum Tinctures contain our Co2 Extracted CBD with 10-15% minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN etc. They also feature our Remedy Enhancement blend making them considerably more effective, and creating our signature flavor profile of spice such as cinnamon, black pepper, Birch and Peppermint. Full Spectrum means there is a very small amount of THC in the product, less than .3% and much less than that in the 500mg and 1000mg Tinctures. The THC helps maximize the entourage effect and most people desire that. If you want to avoid any and all THC then you want Broad Spectrum Tinctures. Check them out by clicking here. 

Broad Spectrum Tinctures contain zero THC but they still contain some minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and CBC. We also exclude our enhancement blend so if you are sensitive to spices then these are also the tinctures for you. CBD without THC is a little more clear headed and sharp. If you are looking for focus these can sometimes be a little better for mental acuity than full spectrums depending on the dosage of CBD which effective for you. Click here to check them out.

Finally we have our specialty tincture line. If you are a connoisseur, have more intense symptoms or just want the most relief, these are for you. The Specialty Tinctures contain particular minor cannabinoids formulated to specific ratios to achieve desired effects. We have ones like Sleep, Calm, Relief and Elevate. People often like to try each and determine their own best uses for them. Each tincture contains a blend of various cannabinoid extracts, herbal and spice extracts along with our enhancement blend to specifically aid in a particular goal. Click here to check them out.