The Remedy Co. presets: Entourage Enhancers. These are compounds which augment the effects of exogenous cannabinoids. We utilize our knowledge of the endocannabinoid system in order to leverage mechanisms which allow for a reduction in cellular re-uptake. This allows for CBD, THC or any cannabinoid to act longer in the endocannabinoid system extending effects, increasing benefits and getting you more bang for your buck.

Here at The Remedy Co. we are dedicated to our craft. That means we know the endocannabinoid system inside and out. We never stop striving to add as much value as possible. That means extending our search outside of the hemp plant to do so. We have created the entourage enhancement blend in our tinctures featuring cannabimimetic compounds. These have massively increased the effectiveness of our tinctures. We have applied those same principles now to these entourage enhancers. These utilize amides found in your own body, endogenously, to further augment the endocannabinoid system. You can think of them as endocannabinoid system vitamins. They help nourish your nervous system and give the body what it needs in order to utilize exogenous cannabinoids, like the ones from hemp, such as CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC. Only The Remedy Co. goes this far to give you value. Other producers of CBD products don’t actually know anything about the physiology their products are supposed to interact with and so they cannot do anything but what has been pioneered by others. We are not imitators, we are not jumping on any bandwagon and riding on coattails. We are innovators who care about getting you results and making the most effective product combinations we can. 

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Anandamide is known as the “bliss molecule”

What we refer to as endorphins are actually Anandamide

Not only does it produce the runners high but it helps with inflammation and pain, pleasure and much more.

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This compound is produced endogenously mostly for intracellular signaling mechanisms and repair. 

It is critical for endocannabinoid function and actually preserves CBD in the synapse for longer. It acts as an endocannabinoid re-uptake inhibitor. 

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