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Everything You Need For Sleep

Elements of a Good Night of Sleep

     Nothing is worse than laying down to sleep after an exhausting day and not being able to shut off your mind. Ok, maybe worse is getting right to sleep, but then waking up 2 hours later for no apparent reason and not be able to fall back asleep. These are problems that millions of people struggle with every night. 

     Science Daily says one out of four Americans develop insomnia each year. Recovery village states that 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. So why is sleep such a problem?  How can we fix something that feels like we have such little control over, because we are unconscious while it happens? I’m going to break down all the factors that contribute to deep restful sleep and the ways of correcting issues related to those factors. 

Sleep Latency

     This is the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.  That tossing and turning despite being tired, that is sleep latency. Many things that are often prescribed for sleep are things that address sleep latency. THC is one of the things often given to those who struggle to sleep, and it does help some people fall asleep fast.

     Try an Indica…. I go over my gripes with the medical marijuana system in this article, but briefly I’ll review. THC may help you fall asleep faster, but it will also stop your REM sleep cycles, and leave you waking up feeling groggy and confused.

     If you have used THC to fall asleep for longs periods of time consecutively you most likely cannot distinguish being groggy because it has become normal.  Without a better alternative to help you wake up feeling refreshed, you won’t have anything to compare it to and identify that feeling. 

     Pharmaceuticals have the same issues, they will help you get to sleep but they cannot make that sleep restful. Beats laying awake all night long, perhaps, but definitely does not take the place of real sleep. The key to that is…

Sleep Quality

     Deep sleep is where your body recovers from workouts and heals, REM sleep is when memory compiles and dreams occur. The more often and more deeply we achieve these cycles of sleep, the more restful and efficient sleep we get. Skipping these cycles results in 12 hours of sleep, waking up and feeling like you got no sleep at all, rendering it a waste of time. Staying asleep and ensuring good quality sleep is really the most important element and the trickiest to achieve.

The Things That Get in the Way

     So many things come together to effect our sleep.  What we do throughout the day has an impact, and even more so, the things we do getting closer to bed time. The easy and obvious things are don’t drink caffeine right before bed, but what about your lighting before bed? Do you use blue light blocking glasses? Do you have incandescent or LED lighting in your household?

     Did you know that blue light blocks melatonin production, but red light can provide light without interrupting our critical physiological functions. So avoid using LEDs, and staring at your phone or computer before bed time. Caffeine late in the day can effect sleep along with working out later in the day. Eating too close to bed can also have a negative effect on sleeping quality, so try to avoid eating much within 2 hours of bed time. 

Restless Legs and Racing Thoughts

     Many people just can’t sit still or can’t still their mind enough in order to settle down for bed. CBD is fantastic for clearing your mind and removing anxiety or racing thoughts. CBN is great for taking tension out of your body and relaxing muscles.

     Our formulations are going to help you settle down for bed without forcing you to bed, or knocking you out, so you won’t be unable to escape in case of an emergency. Our Sleep Tincture or our Sleep Vape Cartridge could be just the thing you need to help you drift off into some of the best sleep of your life. 

This isn't going to leave me groggy, is it?

     No we would never sell you something that would leave you groggy in the morning. Morning grogginess is usually caused by one of two things: The first of which is a hangover from too much, too large of a dose or a dose taken too late in the evening that drags on into the morning. The second is that you never got any meaningful sleep at all, often the things we have come to rely on for sleep, cheat us of the most important sleep cycles.

     This leaves us groggy and unsatisfied in the morning feeling dazed and confused. Our sleep products are natural and gentle, they aren’t going to force you into a poor quality sleep. They are providing your body with the building blocks for a healthy relationship with sleep. When the body is working as its supposed to, sleep is easy and deep. 

But there must be some side effects?

     Every one of our products contains all natural solutions for sleep, the natural and healthy way. This means not only is it going to help you fall asleep, but it will also help bolster your immune system.  This can help to reduce oxidative stress, reduce cortisol production, reduce anxiety, and maximize muscle recovery.

     Healthy means HEALTHY for EVERYTHING, it’s just GOOD FOR YOU. I know its hard to believe in our world full of side effects and trade-offs, but if we sell it then it is just good for you in many ways you are not even intending by using it. So be confident and put your worries aside. Our products “side effects” are side benefits, when your body has what it needs it just works well for sleep and everything else. 

The Remedy Complete Sleep Product Lineup

Relax Capsules

The Relax Capsules help calm down overexcited nervous systems. This can be fantastic for anxiety and stress as well as sleep. Chamomile, Lemon balm, Passionflower, Magnolia bark and GABA unite in this winning combination. Each extract is standardized, so you know you’re getting a full dose of the proper active compounds. The Magnolia Bark contains Magnolol, which actually gets metabolized into a compound which interacts with the endocannabinoid system and therefore will enhance the entourage effect. Pair these with any CBD product to feel the tension melt out of your body. Take 1 for anxiety or 2 for serious sleep issues. Get yours here

These herbs are great for reducing the excessive firing of the nervous system that can keep you up at night. Reduce sleep latency with this fantastic combination of GABAergic herbs. All while strengthening your immune system, reducing inflammation and mitigating stress.

Slumber Powder

The Slumber Powder has everything you need to maximize your sleep quality. Proven ingredients backed by research from major medical journals. Bone broth is revered for many things. Glycine, its primary amino acid, not only heals the gut, but also aids in sleep quality. Kiwifruit contains precursors to serotonin. L-Tryptophan is known for being very sedating, it also is converted into serotonin, serotonin is used to make melatonin in the body. Get it here.

Slumber Powder

     L-theanine is an amazing antioxidant, known for countless wonderful functions in the body, including maximizing alpha brainwaves and therefore producing alert relaxation. It is also known to ease transitions from wakefulness to sleep. Magnesium Glycinate, the most absorbable form, is responsible for over 400 physiological mechanisms and helps to relax the body, and is well known for improving sleep quality.

     Finally, phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid which is responsible for the function of our cell membranes. it has been known to improve memory and cognition, and to inhibit excess cortisol production. This is huge, because your body spikes your cortisol production in the morning to wake you up. So if you are chronically stressed, which most of us are, then you will have big trouble falling asleep and even worse, will wake up repeatedly throughout the night because of that nasty cortisol being over produced. Get that deep restful sleep you need, but have been missing out on for so long. Combine with any CBD product for best results. 

The Remedy Sleep Sets

     Everything you need to have the best sleep of your entire life. We want you to get sleep that has you waking up feeling inspired and ready to take on the day. If you have not found anything to satisfy your sleep issues, it is perhaps a more complex matter. This is why we have created the sleep sets.

     This combination of products addresses a wide variety of nutritional deficits you might be missing from your diet. The combinations of bio-mechanical pathways these products utilize are the best of nature to ensure a high quality and restorative sleep pattern. 

Tincture Sleep Set

Tincture Sleep Set featuring the Sleep specialty tincture, relax caps and slumber powder

If you want the one stop shop for the best sleep you’ll ever get, look no further. With the Tincture sleep set you get the slumber powder, relax capsules and our sleep specialty tincture for one great value price. Each product will last a month and see you through to sleep like you’ve never had before. People often ask, is it ok to take ALL this?! Not only is it ok, it’s highly advisable. Each product has components which have been researched to greatly enhance the effects of the next. Get you Tincture Sleep set here.

Vape Cartridge Sleep Set

For those who are comfortable with vaping, the Vape Cartridge Sleep set is for you. Our Sleep Vape Cartridge is going to work the fastest of all. CBD, CBN and a microdose of melatonin will get you right where you need to be, especially combined with the relax capsules. You will fall asleep fast and without any effort, just shut off your lights and lay down. The Slumber powder will see you through the rest of your night, sleep tight. Get your Vape Sleep set here

CBD Vape Sleep set with our CBD and CBN vape cartridge

For you THC lovers

We highly recommend sticking to CBD and CBN for nighttime use. THC can actually inhibit your REM sleep cycle. But there are those who are incredibly attached to THC and insist on its use for bed time. For those who want THC for sleep, we highly recommend using a blend which contains CBD as well. The Relax Cartridge with Delta8, CBD and CBN where the effect calls completely into your body, could be great for sleep. Try it here. 

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