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First Hand Experience

     First of all I want to say I have no problem with any sort of use of cannabis or any other substance for that matter. I think people should be able to do with their bodies whatever they want. I believe everybody has the right to experiment and figure out what works best for them and their body and that I don’t necessarily know better. 

     That being said I have done a lot of experimentation on my own body and I’ve had a lot of different experience with all sorts of different substances and styles of use of those substances. I have also observed people who’ve used an even larger variety of substances in even more broad number of used cases  and rates. 

     When I was 18 years old, 100 pounds soaking wet, just barely left the house to go to college for the first time, a virgin, and basically inexperience in every way possible, I got in some trouble with the law. I was smoking a blunt with my friend in Central Park and because of this and my honesty with the police I was probably tossing to jail how old enrolling so for 24 hours and then finally released on my own reconnaissance. 

Facing Concerns

     My parents were very concerned for my well-being in the possibility of my record affecting my future job prospects. Because of those fears they preemptively elected to throw me into rehab. In rehab I met a lot of interesting people who I am still friends with today. 

     I was in the countless stories  and spoke with evil at length about their experience and their feelings about their use. It wasn’t just some 30 day quick rehab experience. In the future blog post flat perhaps I’ll go into at length of the story of Mayarie have experience in much greater detail. For now I will just say that this seeming 30 day rehab experience turned into  200 some odd day experience. 

     I mention this because I’m going to say some potentially critical sounding things, and I just want the readers to know that it is coming from a place of understanding, a personal experience and from Rather vast exposure to those who have displayed similar traits .

The circumstance of todays cannabis market

     The contemporary cannabis market has an emerging trend of ever increasing THC quantities. And there’s no denying that each year we find ways to make flour more potent through generational grooming or genetic engineering, the cutting edge of canvas will stop at nothing to see higher numbers on a lab essay. 

     There are many people who are extremely excited by this. They love looking at certificates of analysis and seeing bigger and bigger numbers no matter what they actually represent. Distillate extracts once a rarity are now common place and some of the cheapest forms of THC. 

     Is largely due to all the players who jumped into the industry just to make a quick buck and invested in large scale THC extraction equipment and I don’t know what to do with it. Now the streets are flooded with high purity extracts of delta nine THC, delta eight THC, and a whole host of synthetic analogues of THC unregulated and sold at any gas station or smoke shop. 

what does this mean for kids today?

     This means that 16 and 17-year-old kids are able to acquire extracts that we could’ve dreamed of when we were in high school and suddenly a Vape device in the middle of class without the teacher or anyone being none the wiser. This type of idle use especially among youth with highly plastic and still forming frontal lobes can cause serious neural pathways to form with compulsive use of these devices. 

     Smoking in between classes used to be a difficult task where handful of kids would sneak out into the dugout hopefully have a lighter and come back praying that they didn’t smell. Kids will be getting suspended in the school with the bathroom wreaking setting an example for the rest of us as to what to avoid. 

     And what we were smoking was some 12 or 14% midis, and that was plenty for us to get ripped out of our minds. With the casual use of 80% or 90% Cohen diesel extracts in undermanned available vaping or dabbing devices is Driving up tolerances Synonym precedented way we’re just going largely unacknowledged and Unevaluated.

Evidence of thc over stimulation

     Evidence of THC overuse is on the rise. Often it’s in more subtle signs. You’ll hear many cannabis users speak in private to how they can’t handle the weed of today and much preferred the weed of their youth. More and more people in their late 20s or early 30s who enjoyed teenage and young adult years smoking weed regularly now find themselves unable to appreciate contemporary weed strains. 

     People are finding themselves more anxious, more stimulated, but getting less enjoyment out of the weed they smoke now. This could of course be attributed to the fact that these people now have more responsibilities and more things to worry about so when they smoke those things that arise in their mind and they fixate on. 

     This time Big Sur very complicated and there’s a number of variables, but the trend is clear more side effects are present within the spectrum of cannabis induced effects of today. Another in more extreme example of this is the rise of cannabinoid hyper Mesa syndrome. This is an allergy where flu like symptoms emerge from very little THC exposure.

What ends up happening?

     These people end up vomiting and cold sweats  shaking and even feverish sometimes for up for up to three days. There’s an emergent phenomenon on the rise and some thing we don’t know nearly enough about. But the trend seems to be people who use high concentrated forms of THC liberally for years on end. 

     I personally have not seen any instances of Camaroy the hyper Mesa syndrome arising from a casual smoker or someone who smokes only on occasion . Those people usually have a very low tolerance and if anything get pushed into the range of overstimulation quite simply by two or three too many hits of a ball or a joint. 

     But the psychological case of over smoking with a fully packed a bowl or a slightly  too large joint is a topic for another blog post. The point is I don’t believe the negative affects of this cannabis will be present if these Vape formulations or flower preparation’s consisted of more majority if not vast majority of CBD in smaller amounts of THC.

Why nobody will acknowledge any downsides

     Just as the rest of the public space seems to have been so dichotomously politicized and split on issues so to is the cannabis space. People who have insight and around the inside of the industry I have no desire to point out any flaws or knowledge any downsides of this beautiful plant we love. 

     What this means is the experience and wise adults who are versed in the cannabis space and you actively use in love cannabis I have no motivation or incentive to self regulate or criticize the plant in a public space. I think this is largely due to fears of any bad press or publicity of his plant that they are trying to get legalized and has already been dragged through the mud for so long. 

     I totally understand the sentiment and I certainly don’t want to halt any de regulation or legalization progress, but I think it’s very important to acknowledge the nuances and mitigating factors so that they can be accounted for . And that’s why I’m writing this blog post because I think there is a large and underrepresented groups of canvas users who the market has left behind.

     So without any oversight or representation of it under Spoken side of the market the market itself in the lower side of the market dictates the products that are produced. With the vast majority of the companies today chasing the highest possible profits and not actually worried about making a therapeutic product they do as the market dictates and they utilize these cheap THC extracts and synthetic THC types to make the cheapest and most potent possible products.

What this means for Consumers

     Consumers eat these up because they are also convinced that what they want is the highest possible quantity of THC. But I am imposing they think this simply because there is little or no alternatives for them to compare to and they simply look at the price and they look at milligram. 

     And there’s really no one to tell them differently. Normally you go see your doctor and doctor gives you recommendations. When you go to the dispensary there’s a barely drain pharmacists Perez Hilton no information about weather offering due and there’s literally no research in the first place about the things that are being offered. With little to no guidance people either except or near random recommendation or they just choose the highest possible THC contents they can afford.

     Ironically these people who are fleeing the pharmaceutical system which is failed them quickly turned to the next thing which they use to mask their symptoms rather than being truly therapeutic. The THC quantities being used of course feel good in the short term, take people out of themselves so they’re less concerned of the trivialities of the moment, but also often have unintended effects and potentially even increase those anxieties that they are looking to treat.

Who is driving the market?

     This brings me to my primary point, which is who is actually driving the market. Who is the cannabis market really developing products for. And I am meeting the case that I’m more fiendish person fiendish type person is really dictating the direction of the market through demand and regular market forces. 

     What I mean by a fiendish person is someone who is always looking for more and stronger. What they have is never enough and more is always the answer. When I was in drug treatment this seems like a very common archetype. But in drug treatment facilities these people live in brought to their knees by very serious habits  with intravenous chemicals. 

     Drug treatment is for the people who took the same patterns in our types to the right most extreme to the point of near death. Of course, cannabis is a very safe plant. What comes with a safety profile as a maculate as canvases is that the consequences  are far more subtle and the evidence of such an art table use is muffled and much more difficult to detect.

So is Cannabis Habit-Forming?

     Cannabis while in and of itself is not habit forming, like anything, to the human mind, can be habit forming. The human mind is what makes habits. There are no habits without a neural net work establishing them through consistent use. This is illustrated by people who eventually can’t eat without smoking weed first, people who can’t sleep without a smoking weed first.

     And the countless other triggers which can be conditioned into the human mind with weed as the lynch pin. So the people who are using cannabis in a way which is to their own detriment whether it’s reckless or compulsive recreation or conditional habit forming use are buying the vast majority of the THC products being created. This buying power is driving the market to continue to produce higher and higher potency THC products along with increasingly potent THC analogues to satisfy this demand. 

     And while these people might be the majority of the cannabis users of today, or perhaps more accurately are the biggest and most frequent spenders within the cannabis market today, I don’t actually think that they are a true majority. I truly believe that the industry is being led astray by these buyers and alienating what is actually the biggest market within the industry.

Who is the main market then?

     I am making the case that the biggest market is actually just regular people who are looking for relief from their symptoms and not looking to get as high as humanly possible. People who don’t have incredibly high tolerances. And people who are really just looking for therapeutic benefit and don’t know where to turn.

     This type of person might not even be looking to use cannabis at this time. They might still be using pharmaceuticals as their livers are crumbling from the loan. They might still be against cannabis altogether. But the way in which cannabis is being used and the direction that it’s going in is if anything making this type of customer less open to the possibility  of using such a thing. 

     The example that is being said by the regular users of cannabis will continue if the momentum is maintained through even give further credence to this type of person skepticism. This process I believe has influence not only the recreational markets but also has driven the “medicinal” industry to also largely cater to more recreational market encompassed by this fiendish archetype which I previously described.

How we aim to change this

     Here at The Remedy receive these issues arising and we want to be there at the forefront to really cater to this market. We want to find the people who are looking for the most therapeutic possible ratios of cannabinoids and who appreciate products that really alleviate symptoms and am at true and complete healing. 

     We have no problem with THC and it’s used and we think that is an essential tool in the toolkit of natural healing. But we don’t do not think is the primary element of any protocol for the VR end-all of hell to be revered at all costs without acknowledging any downsides .

     As it is been throughout historic use of cannabis breathing THC is best couched within a matrix of minor cannabinoids. These minor cannabinoids help to alleviate any of the unwanted side effects which are emerging more and more present in the cannabis of today. 

     It seems increasingly obvious that these minor cannabinoids all those subtle alone subdue the intensity of THC stimulation and modulate it to the point of being the therapeutic agent of its great Acclaim. We see the same principles within all other forms of natural medicine compounds.


Bringing it Home

     If you isolate a single compound it might become more potent and effective for a particular use.  The trade-off for that potency and specifications of use is greater side effects, increase chances of harm, and potentially greater toxicity. The full spectrum philosophy which is often espoused within the CBD communities is built far upon the foundation of these principles. 

     More compounds from the same source together make for more affective and product and a higher level of safety. This is why we really prefer our Full Spectrum Tinctures. In every plant source that we look close enough we see various compounds modulating each other’s a fax pulling in what seems like opposite directions but in the end being synergistic and protective of each other. Within the minute metaphor of a single plant will you observe a microcosm of the entirety of nature. 

     Environment is nothing but a large scale system of different forces constantly exchanging elements and balancing each other in a delicate dance. It’s not surprising that the organisms which develop within such a system  display the same traits within a smaller scale. My hope is that we can give a voice to this quieter and even uninitiated market within the cannabis and the industry and allow them to have truly therapeutic products which meet their needs. 

     There will always be recreational products on the market for those who really just want to get high. But there is truly a large need for natural alternatives to where the pharmaceutical industry has failed. And his put aim fill that gap and help those people who are suffering and they need a real relief.


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