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Finding Your Minimal Effective Dose

     It is very easy to get sucked into the allure of smoking an entire joint, finishing a bowl, eating the entire edible, but we all know how that can end. Even if you don’t wind up in a small, edible-induced canna-coma, your tolerance is going to be raised. CBD differs greatly from THC in numerous ways, but one of the most prominent, is that it actually does not incur a tolerance. Despite this fact it is still valuable not to waste any precious CBD when it could otherwise go to good use. Maintaining a low tolerance and not wasting require the art of utilizing your minimal effective dose. 

Start off Slowly

     You can always take more but you can’t take less. No matter if it is a tincture, edible, vape cartridge or dab, it is going to take at least a few minutes if not 15-20 to fully set in. If you take several helpings in a row you will never know which one was the ideal amount and which may have been wasteful (for CBD) or excessive (for THC). Start off small, most people are very surprised by the amount that can be effective for them, often it is far less than the recommended serving size.

     There is always a dosage where diminishing returns start to outweigh the benefits. Finding the right dosage is of critical importance when using therapeutic plant compounds. Patience is importance, it will take some time and experimentation. Make sure you make note of the dosage and timing of each application.  This way you can start to gauge the effect, onset time, intensity and duration, utilizing as efficiently as possible. 

Baby Steps with Delta8 THC

     Be aware of the subtle warm body glow which is the mark of the onset of effects, particularly with edibles and tinctures. You will feel a twinkle in your toes and warming in your tummy which will spread, finally to your head. Being able to spot these early signs and gauge their intensity can give you a heads up for what you are in for, or at least let you know to wait and determine how much it progresses. 

     Not being conscious of these first signals of effect can leave you re-dosing prematurely and finding yourself with a little anxiety, overthinking, confusion, short-term memory loss or other functional deficits you may be attempting to avoid. CBD can be a great solution for those who are approaching a precipice such as this. 

"Loading period" Initiation of CBD

     CBD can be more subtle than THC and with much less downside with large doses. This calls for a period of confirmation to ensure a high enough dosage is achieved. For the first several applications, especially for severe symptoms, it can be advantageous to take larger dosages to ensure relief is achieved and the effects can be made conscious. As we become consciously aware of these subtle effects it is easier for us to notice what signs to look for that an adequate dosage has been achieved. 

     Unlike THC, CBD has more of a “subtractive effect” meaning it removes symptoms, clears the mind, calms the body, and most of its effects are relief, rather than an added effect, such as THC. This “initiation period” is completed once a user confirms they are able to achieve relief from CBD and that it is an effective remedy for them. The 36 hour half-life of CBD allows it to build up in the system but will also create a lag for when the dosages are lowered, so keep that in mind.

Dropping to your Minimal Effective CBD Dose

     Try taking a slightly lower dose of CBD for a few days, if within 5 days your symptoms are still being adequately managed then this could be a great maintenance dose for you. If the severity of your symptoms increases, adjust accordingly, the acute effects of CBD should be potent. If baseline levels of CBD are maintained this gives a great platform to jump off of in order to treat more acute symptoms. 

     The positive feedback loops of the endocannabinoid system will allow for continued benefits and can even sensitize you further to additional dosages of CBD. Things like our Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules can be used to augment CBD dosages and derive greater value from this continued use. 

Stick to What Works, Avoid Arbitrary Use

     It can take a lot of discipline to stick to what you have learned and know to be an optimal dosage. The impulse to indulge in one more chocolate square, one more hit, finish the joint or bowl can be very high. In the end this will be a test of your awareness and discipline. It is easy to convince ones self a round number, or even quantity seems like a satisfying amount. But pause and listen to your body, look for the early onset signs before committing to more.  

Have Fun and Be Well

     While some people really want a rigid formula of use instructions. Everyone’s bodies are so different and constantly changing, it’s silly to try and apply any one size fits all instructions. Some people get much too obsessed with exactly how much to take, don’t stress too much about it. What we formulate and make is generally minimal on side effects or risk associated with larger than necessary dosages. 

     If you are concerned to the point of duress about dosing try a less potent product. Our least potent products are very forgiving and easy to measure. 500mg Tinctures of CBD or Delta8 THC are low enough potency that one can easily use a 1/4mL with our marked droppers and gauge the intensity of 4mg. With CBD the worst possible “overdose” symptom potential would be a mild lethargy. With THC it can be greater lethargy with some anxiety, dizziness or confusion, so more precautions should be taken.

     Delta8 THC has a lot lower risks of these unwanted side effects than Delta9 THC which makes it a great place to start for the uninitiated. So play around with it, find what is best for you and learn from the experience by playing with it, that is how you will benefit the most. You can learn so much from your own body and your experience with it. No matter how much doctors like to flex prescriptions and directions “take this 3 times a day everyday” and a lot of people find a lot of comfort in that structure. However, there are no blanket directions one size fits all. 

     Your greatest benefit will come with you being aware of yourself, to the point of knowing what you need and being able to apply it for yourself. At The Remedy, we don’t want to give you an authoritative sounding cookie cutter answer just for the sake of having it and putting your question to rest. We want to empower users to understand what they are doing, be aware of themselves and learn from the experience. It may be the hard way, it might not be a simple marketing pitch or a buzzy one liner, but a great therapeutic experience will speak for itself. 

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