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We are committed to adding as much value as possible. We have held back our enhancement blend in our broad spectrum tinctures for those who are sensitive to spices or otherwise have adverse reactions. Broad spectrum tinctures are characterized by their 0% THC content. This makes them totally safe for those who get often drug tested, have poor responses to THC or are otherwise sensitive. Because we are working hard to accommodate every type of CBD user we also removed most of our enhancement blend from the broad spectrum tinctures. Some people are very sensitive to spices and the spices of our enhancement blend may upset their stomaches, burn their throat or otherwise cause discomfort, we never want that for anyone, it is extremely rare and these people usually know who they are from eating food. Much more common are the people who workin the medical industry, DOT workers or others who work in strict drug testing environments. We want to make you confident you will never come up “hot” on a drug test and have that stress weighing down on you as you use your CBD product. That is why we make sure to have the broad spectrum option for those users. Peace of mind is always worthwhile, don’t risk your careers just go broad spectrum.

Our sunflower lecithin is able to help bind oil to water. Cannabinoids are very hydrophobic, meaning it will jump back and reject the water if every exposed. 

Your body is mostly comprised of water, all your cell walls contain phospholipids in order to separate the water filled cells from each other. 

Lecithin has been documented many times to aid in lipid digestion and absorption to allow it to better penetrate the gut lining and diffuse into the bloodstream and body. 


flowered underline The Remedy Co.
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Our olive oil is always the first of the season to go to press. The farm we work with in Greece is the first to press of all the farms each season. This means it is the most packed with antioxidants and polyphenols.

Oleic acid, which makes up 80% of the lipids in olive oil, is well known to aid in activating longevity epigenetic pathways. It also has been found to have cannabimimetic effects, so it actually engages with the endocannabinoid system directly.

This oil is as fresh and gently extracted as any every could be. You’ve never had an olive oil like this. This olive oil is medicinal, grown and extracted specifically for its health maintaining properties.

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