Full Spectrum is one thing you hear thrown around a lot in the CBD space in particular. The Entourage effect is very real and is an important consideration when formulating any product not just CBD. Unfortunately most of the time you hear full spectrum it is a marketing gimmick by a company trying to take advantage of a buzzy catch-all phrase which they barely even understand. This frustrates us to no end and we want to bring some attention to detail to light so that consumers are better informed to evaluate products and brands on their own. 

Phytocannabinoid Rich

Most CBD Distillates out there are stripped and refined. This causes them to be unstable, crystallizing easily and oxidizing quickly. Cannabinoid variety brings stability to an oil meaning it will remain a thick oil and not seperate while also holding up to oxygen without oxidizing. When oils oxidize often they darken or even take on an amber or red-ish purple-ish color. In a tincture generally the distillate is too diluted for this to be obvious but in a vape cartridge it will be very obvious. These phytocannabinoids not only keep the CBD balanced but they also provide a more balanced effect. We like to say a wide variety of cannabinoids feels more like a chord as opposed to a single hard hit note. A single note can be harsh and jarring, plain and unsatisfying, while a chord is rich and complex with depth. The usual distillates on the market are around 3-5% minor cannabinoids, CBG, CBC, CBN and often these cannabinoids are not controlled. Meaning each of these cannabinoids have different effects and should be accounted for, not just randomly added to potentiate CBD. Our CBD distillates are 10-15% minor cannabinoids, for a robust entourage effect. We also utilize addition cannabinoids for specific effects. We are so particular that each product we make uses a different extract we have specifically chosen to best suite that purpose or often multiple extracts combined. Different extract type qualities make all the difference in distinguishing products. 

Terpenes can be full spectrum too

Terpenes are another big buzz word thrown around but often without much thought or understanding. Terpenes can potentiate or even steer the effect of a product. Terpenes are the volatile oil components of fruits and plants, they evaporate quickly at low temperatures to create aromas. Often a few terpenes are added to a product and then said to provide x benefits, for example energy, focus, sleep etc. It is true that they will color the experience of a cannabinoid but the are largely overemphasized in the market. Particularly because single isolated terpenes are not going to be as well absorbed or utilized by the body. Did you know terpenes can be full spectrum too? Just like cannabinoids a variety of terpenes from the same source are going to increase the bodies ability to utilize them. Our bodies have been absorbing cinnamon terpenes for centuries there are many varieties of cinnamon with varying terpene quantities, but usually with a similar array. Instead of isolating Cinnamaldehyde and calling it a day, we use the finest Co2 extracted cinnamon, this helps to regulate blood sugar is a powerful antioxidant, and in itself is a wonderful medicine. Instead of using beta-caryophylene refined and isolated, we use copaiba oil which is about 30% beta-caryophylene, humans have been exposed to copaiba balsom for thousands of years and have evolved to absorb and utilize these oils. Research is showing that even turmerics curcumin is potentiated by its terpenes called turmerones, this is just one more substantiation of the full spectrum philosophy and the importance of proper formulation. 

More from the same source is better

All the research seems to suggest that more extracts from the same source work better together. Our bodies are used to being exposed to these components simultaneously so it is not so surprising that these complex multitudes of compounds all interplay in the absorption and utilization of the others. Like marbles falling onto a music box every one must be precisely in place or else the whole tune will be disregulated. We have a working theory that lipophilic (oil soluble) extracts/compounds all synergize together. We just released a slew of antioxidant tablets, ReGenFull Spectrum Pterestilbene, and Resveratrol ALL of which are lipophilic. All of these compound are foundational to good health and provide so many benefits it is hard to believe, just like CBD! which is why we think they deserve to be offered to everyone looking for the same relief and benefit. Our working theory is that taking these lipophilic compounds will augment some of the same systems in the body and potentially even create an entourage effect of their own. We know we notice a big difference when we use them, and we think you will too! 

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