Topicals go on your skin to reduce pain and inflammation. We utilize botanicals which interrupt nerves ability to transmit the pain signal. Simultaneously other ingredients are helping to fight pro-inflammatory signaling compounds in order to eliminate inflammation and ensure healing is swift and painless. 

Topicals are the best way to eliminate pain in a specific local area. But it is easy to overlook that inflammation begins in the gut! Your immune system is tightly wrapped around your gut lining and therefor swallowing some form of CBD down into your gut can actually modulate it’s function. This will help to stop inflammation at the source be very effective for your healing process. 

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We hand craft small batches of our topicals to ensure the highest quality. Each topical provides a unique array of benefits. If you want fast relief for local pain look no further than The Remedy co. and our topical product line. These topicals are going to reduce pain through anti-irritant action, that is stimulation of pain sensing nerves which deprives their ability to send pain signals. Learn more about anti-irritants here. While the pain is being reduced we have other ingredients specifically placed in our formula to reduce inflammation significantly. This is going to help reduce your discomfort and speed up the healing process. Nobody wants to have a fluid filled body part which inhibits their movement and gets in the way of everyday life. Don’t let that inflammation and pain get in your way again.