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It all began with...

     My journey with vape cartridges in the cannabinoid space started back in college.  This was while I was going to Uconn back around 2012 or so. Has royal and is different and Cameron extracts were just really hitting the scene and becoming big.  Most of them were waxier consistencies there wasn’t a lot of distillate still on the market. It was pure gold, and he was one of the only 98% still THC products out there. 

     There weren’t a lot of systems out there as far as hardware goes that would make vaping cannabinoids very easy. So we started vaping Cannabinoids with the original vape systems intended for nicotine. These are the kind with large 1 inch wicks on either side of a copper coil.  They would burn everything that they touched and it could only be used with the thinnest of oils.

These Vapes Weren't Cutting it

     In order to utilize these vape cartridge systems, we would have to thin out the head boil to such a large degree. And it would be so important and barely worth vaping at all. We would have to take so many pools from these vape systems and the coils would burn out all the time. They would have to be replaced and then the Wicks would burn from their proximity to the coils. The fact that it was literally just a wick and the moment it began to dry up it would immediately start to burn and have a disgusting taste. 

     So VZ joy nicotine vapes were really poor at the job that had said how to use them for and we struggle through those for a number of years. So this time we really preferred to use cash oil waxes.  We would just dab those and a half an hour or so at that time.  There was a lot of just raw exposed copper filament dab pens.  With these, you just load the wax straight into the pen and it would burn off of the filament. 

     Those are the good old days before there was very much vape hardware for CBD or THC.  People were just starting to think about utilizing concentrates in a more convenient format. So even vaping nicotine was really in its infancy.  A lot of the convenient and highly functional vaping systems of today weren’t present at that time.  We were all struggling through the young and new technologies that were probably destroying our lungs and potentially causing a lot of harm.

Skip to 2015...

     In 2015 the vape scene started becoming more accommodating to cannabinoids. There will be vape cartridges at the dispensary. But there were in a lot of CBD vape cartridges and certainly not at the dispensary. At this point there were a fair amount of THC vape cartridges on the market. 

     THC vape cartridges are a lot easier to produce because THC is stable at the higher potency‘s that are worth having innovate cartridge. So the CBD market was really devoid of any functional vape cartridges at all. Even the dispensary quality of carts in general at this time period was incredibly poor. 

     The vape cartridges that they would make at the dispensary included essential oils, fake flavors, and fillers.  These dilutions and many other things that replaced space that would’ve been better off utilized by Cannabinoids.

Dispensary Quality = Not up to Par

     So personally I was really turned off by the vape cartridge quality at the dispensary.  I found they were 60% cannabinoids or less. Dispensaries also offered nearly no CBD vape cartridges at all. The cartridges that they did offer at the dispensary that included CBD, were very small percentage CBD maybe around 12-15%. When you have a cartridge that’s only 12-15% which is equivalent to a low potency flower, it’s really not gonna have much of an affect. The reason that is the case is because you can only do so much of a Vape cartridge at a time. 

     What I mean by that is a vape cartridge really limits you to a very small amount of vapor.  There’s only so much oil that can be pulled through the holes into the coil in a certain moment. This is great for really modulating the amount that you do.  It makes for a very efficient minimal dosing protocol which is one of my favorite ways of utilizing CBD.  But if you have a lower potency product you’re not really going to be able to get the effects that they are looking for. 

     When you’re burning flower you’re going to utilize 200-500 mg in a serving and that leaves you know how much more significant amounts of Cannabinoids.  Comprising that 12% of 500 mg versus the vape cartridge or you’re not going to be able to utilize 500 mg at a time.  

     You might not even be able to get 1 mg of that oil through a Vape cartridge.  It may be that you only get 5 mg through vape cartridge, so if that 5 mg is less than a milligram of active material it’s going to do very little .

What about Crystallization?

     Because CBD has a tendency to crystallize, a higher potency at this time a lot of the only solutions that were available were to take the CBD and dilute it in a carrier oil. This point in time the carrier oil of choice was MCT oil. The flavor was in tasteless fraction of coconut oil which is very thin and absorb very quickly. 

     There is always a fear of lipid mean pneumonia and this is always a concern.  However, it didn’t really seem validated by the science of the era and my experience. I personally utilized many vape cartridges of my own development.  Through my own research and development process that were carrier of MCT oil and they were just fine for me in the not seem to impact my cardiovascular system very much . 

     So most of the Vape cartridges on the market at this point were 80-90% carrier oil and maybe 10% cannabinoids.  Most you would have to take 5 to 10 hits in order to get any sort of effect whatsoever is incredibly disappointing. I was able to develop a vape cartridge that contained 40% CBD where I didn’t get any CBD crashing out a solution and becoming solid again. 

Our CBD Vape Pen are Twice as Potent

      So this morning time does 40% concentration vape cartridges we’re just about double the standard higher quality V purchases on the market and we were very pleased with that. I was selling a lot of these online through my website.  Also, I was selling a lot of them through eBay and Etsy. 

     Unfortunately, after a few short months eBay and Etsy both came down on me for selling such a thing. It didn’t seem like they removed all of the offending listings that were on the sites.  I mentioned that to the representative who I was speaking to and he made it seem like they were going to handle those later.  And I just so happened to be in my position in the pecking order . 

     But since then it doesn’t seem like all of those things are ever taken down.  I’m not sure why some companies get a leave your listings up where is me a little guy is an individual I have my listing removed.  Although it seems like these kind of discrepancies have only gotten worse in the meantime .

The Quest for Higher Potency

     Sometimes I had 10-30% dead on arrival vape cartridges.  It’s very frustrating frustrating to a business owner. Finally after trying every vape cartridge on the market, even a lot of bottom intake hole designs.  These I thought were very effective conceptually, but really never seem to be executed in a way or just a vision .

     These two variables and moving targets of vape cartridge hardware and CBD Vape oil.  Meetings very difficult as changing two variables at the same time usually does. 

     At this point, I really designed to keep it simple and six to receive Salve purgers that I knew it was reliable for very thick oils and was the most reliable on the market. Now I had the highest quality vape cartridge hardware in place.  I was finally able to focus on just getting the thickest and most potent quality oil I could get. This is when I bumped into a scientist at a trade show who started broaching the subject of acidic forms of cannabinoids.

Experimenting is the Name of the Game

     As I’m experimenting with these new higher quality vape cartridges, I’m also simultaneously on a quest for a higher potency Steve Loya. In order to find the soil I saw the requesting samples from laboratories across the United States. As time went on more and more extraction laboratories and green producers star marketing certain CBD extracts as CBD Vape oil blends or oil Stevo Vape boil formulations . 

     These stable oil CBD extract formulas I never found to be actually stable.  They always seemed to be just send out with flavorless terpenes and utilizing CBC and other minor cannabinoids to attempt to stabilize distilled CBD. It would have been very convenient to have an out-of-the-box solution to my Vape oil quandaries.  But it never seemed to be the case, and things are never that simple and easy . 

     So my quest continued and I started on ordering some custom oil from a particular lab which I got samples from that seem to be very stable. Simultaneously, I was experimenting with some of the steel and glass vape cartridges. I found them to be very unreliable with a lot of leaking issues, functioning issues and a very low rate of reliability when I come team to duds. 

Staying on Top

     So after I’ve been making the MCT oil vape cartridges for about a year, the rest of the industry starting to catch up.  They started increasing the potency of their cartridges. Of course, I started striving for new benchmarks in product improvement and to maintain my position of the top CBD vape cartridges in the industry. 

     I know it is you that the first thing was to go from the plastic which around the cotton filaments with the rubber cap in style Vape cartridges that I was using to a more modern glass steel and ceramic style. I went through a lot of these different vapors.  Dozens of different samples from different Chinese companies.  And also from American companies who are just ordering from Chinese companies and pushing harder on the sales and marketing side . 

     So many of these were intended for THC vape cartridges and not really optimized for use with CBD vape cartridges. We had a lot of issues with oil leaking out of these cartridges because they were optimized for very thick oils like THC reduces and really not meant to be used with the thinner oil.

Revelations to Breakthroughs

     This gentleman informed me that he was using a water based process in order to isolate the acidic forms of cannabinoids that he said were more hydrophilic than neutral forms of cannabinoids. He also told me that these acidic cannabinoid forms would stay stable as an oil I have very high potency‘s. 

     He described to me the consistency of the oil that he was driving through his process and immediately connected to dance in my head. I knew that these acidic forms were the key to the oil stability of CBD and would be the foundation to making a highly concentrated and stable CBD Vape cartridge . 

     I worked with this gentleman in his lab helping to develop his process and maximize the efficacy of producing higher potency CBD oriole for my Vape cartridges use. Unfortunately during the time that I was developing this with him they found her some financial hardship and the lab was no longer able to produce the oil that we have been developing . Just one more hurdle in a long series of bumps in the road.

Right Under my Nose

  Little did I know the answer to all of my quandaries have been sitting on my shelf as a stable or in my bin of samples for potentially a couple years at this point. Digging through my bin of samples I found one Mark Cbd a short for cannabidiol like acid. I looked in the same room that I must’ve glanced at momentarily and overlooked a year plus fryer. 

     It was golden brown stable as an oil over the past year and a half did not seem to have oxidized at all in this time period. Most extracts will oxidize quite quickly on the top indicating that they are quite unstable not only in physical form but also in terms of oxidation in their susceptibility to degradation. Not the case with this extra it seem to be not only stable as an oil but also very self stable and protected against oxidation . 

     These qualities I have found to be intrinsically overlapping and very poor emporium to into it. These qualities though seemingly trivial are the difference between a very high-quality oil with Hymettus no benefits shelflife and benefits that will stand the test of time versus Illinois which has been stripped down of its natural balance in form and will degrade and despite including maybe more CBD even less therapeutic benefit.

Nailing Down the Perfect Extract

     I can’t think of the supplier and ordered more samples. I tried a number of different extract varieties that their novel extraction system could produce. Using my understanding of the qualities of these different oils I have and develop further and oil review perfect for CBD Vape cartridges purposes. 

     Blending together several extracts from the acid preserving process where able to create a perfectly stable long lasting in high potency CBD Vape cartridge without any compromise. These Vape cartridges would never crystallize. They were never have leaking issues because they were made of the thickest possible CBD oil. 

     There’s oil we’re not oxidized because it was protected by all of the main components that would normally be in the oil while on the plant. Acidic forms of cannabinoids neutral forms of cannabinoids with original terpenes and lipids. Is the proper combination and ratio of these components that really provides the robust benefits that CBD offers . 

     We here to say that we have definitively the best Vape chargers lineup on the market and there isn’t anything else like it out there we have an 80% plus CBD Vape cartridge that includes balance ratio of CBD and CVA along with terpenes from the original source and terpenes from cannabis as well.

4 Years of Hard Work, Paid Off

And now after 4+ years of development hard diligent work vaping of strange and questionable extracts and solvents and carrier oils. We have finally produced of a partridge with zero compromise no care oils know that Louis no additives nothing but CBD cannabis terpenes. After all of his hard work however it’s finally paid off with the highest quality CBD Vape cartridge product on the market . 

     As an avid Vape cartridge user myself I cannot be more proud and more ecstatic to have my disposal is Vape cartridges and I couldn’t be more eager to share them with you. These Vape cartridges are my pride and joy and the crown jewel of my research and development. The issues that plague the market and the compromises that most businesses meet in order to get around them we’ve left behind completely. 

     It’s not a market that we wanna participate in or anything that we think should be supported or excepted. The vaporizers market is a shame in general . And most companies produce whatever they can just have some thing for the category that’s acceptable enough for their customers. But at the Remedy we don’t settle for anything for the best and we wouldn’t put out what anything other than the best on the market. 

True Full Spectrum

The combination of hemp terpenes from the original source the cannabinoids are derived from with robust flavor of cannabinoid of cannabis servings.  This allows us to really dial in the most delicious and complex flavors.  

     But varieties of different terpenes so you were that rich body that we all know and love from flower.  Whether the fruity and light notes that are usually only young from synthetic or fruit terpene sources.  But that we get from Canada Drive source for an all cannabis Drive product . 

     So when you try RV cartridges know that you’re not just trying a Vape cartridge not just any old CBD Vape cartridge and not just a very high quality CBD vape cartridge. But what you’re trying is five years of research and development in the making.

    This is in the hopes and dreams of Mosbaugh dedicated cannabis Vape enthusiast working diligently nonstop for years.  And who is the best extraction artist and the best Vive hardware manufactures in the industry to produce a question really high quality CBD Vape cartridges.  The best CBD Vape cartridges on the market just for you can we promise to continue making new exciting varieties as cameras become available and never stop at the most simple or basic. 

Our Work Never Ends

We will continue working hard to create new highly effective ratios of cannabinoids for specific purposes so that you have the ideal Vape cartridge for whatever time of the day whatever circumstance or whatever lifestyle. We also offer the highest capacity highest quality batteries so you can compile the best possible CBD Vape pen for your needs.  Your CBD Vape usage we never want you to be without your CBD Vape and everyone hates when you have a dead battery and you can’t even use the product that you pay for. 

     So with our CBD Vape cartridge hardware high capacity batteries and seconds and then CBD Vape oil formulations rest assured they you’ve got the most perfect combination of CBD Vape pen components that one could ever hope for together in one sleek pass package for your vaping pleasure. Kisses stress goodbye in an instant with one poor We don’t have rushing frustrating it is to have a week Vape cartridge that you need to take five or 10 hits off of an order to get

Comparing to Existing Vape Cartridges on the Market

     What are the aver the market use a number of tricks in order to deceive customers into thinking that they have a superior products to the reality of it. Some of the things that they will do your savings like 1000 mg on the package and so customers think that the CBD Vape cartridge has 1000 mg of CBD. But the truth is if there was 1000 mg of CBD in the Vape cartridge it would be a white powder or crystalline at that concentration. 

     No oil based CBD could ever be 100% know that anything is ever 100% or a little and 99.98% it’s just not gonna happen . So if you ever see Vape cartridges is 1000 mg on the packaging for a 1 g Vape cartridge just know that it’s talking about the total amount of oil in the Vape cartridge. There’s nothing to do with the CBD content that’s in the cartridge. 

     There are some vapors out there that holds 2 g of oil in those could have 1000 mg of active CBD within them.  But most likely they would only have 800 mg even in the 2 g Vape cartridge. An easy way to check the potency of your Vape cartridge is the pick it up and turn it around.  If the oil inside is thin and rolls around and moves then you know it’s cut with a carrier oil or some other kind of thinning agent . 

How do I tell if it's Quality?

 If he only moves a little bit then you know it could just be a less concentrated oil with more lipids have a slow moving your could be running 50 or 60% for a slow moving.  But basically if it moves at all it’s got to be 60% or lower if it’s higher than 60% generally it’ll take a good while to start moving. You take your 75% plus Vape cartridge and you lay it on the counter and you come back tomorrow it’ll have settled in on the side that’s closest to the floor. 

     But that concentrated a purge is going to take 6 to 10 hours in order to move because it’s so thick and waxy from the cannabinoids and has very little lipids. You really want just enough rivets to three stability and flow for the camera noise.  And without them being able to crystallize out of it or being too thick to operate within the Vape cartridge. Another big issue with the cartridges in general is using cheap Vape hardware. 

     A lot of Vape hardware out there as in the Vape cartridge itself has lead arsenic variety of heavy metals which is the last thing you wanna inhale. You never wanna use any Vape cartridge that hasn’t been tested for heavy metals from the manufacture . 

     We only use the purses that have heavy metals testing lab reports and then. Is this gonna be a big issue for a lot of cheap Vape cartridges out there.  They wouldn’t notice but could potentially cause long-term harm and that’s why were the vaping is really the last product that you wanna cut corners or get the cheapest possible option. 

Don't Mess with Low Quality Carts

 The Vape cartridge is going directly to your lungs in your bloodstream leaves you highly vulnerable for any sort of toxins.  They would make it quickly and effectively into your bloodstream and cause a lot of problems. This is also why you want to really pay attention to the oil that’s in your vape cartridge.  Make sure it’s not a dolls are modified or otherwise diluted. The real value of vaping CBD or other cannabinoids is that within the CBD Vape pen you only have the components that you want. 

     Those are the cannabinoids in a ratio is desirable, terpenes just enough to create a pleasing aroma taste and help to steer the effect.  Lipids only in so much is completely necessary to carry the cannabinoids and the maintain stability of the oil. And it’s of the utmost importance that these components are from the same source and left in their natural state. 

     There’s a huge issue with cannabinoids being denatured through very harsh extraction processes . Anyone has experience in buying CBD vape cartridges knows that sometimes oil that appears high quality when purchased. Can sometimes after are you in a month or two or three become a crystallize separated mess that leaves a sticky puddle In the bottom of your cupholder in your car. 

We Never Settle for Low Quality

     That’s the last thing that we want to sell to you or that we want to have happened to you. We want to ensure that you have an ideal time using CBD Vape cartridges to read a lifetime of the product which often last for months because the policy and thickness of our oil is so high. 

     To me not only are those oils which separate and crash out of a solution in a way that disrupts the use ability of a cartridge inconvenient To Vivek but also I think there potentially is some health Quan consequences do using such an extract. 

     There’s a reason why has lost its natural stability And the reason can be explained by the fact that the cannabinoids have been denatured and stripped of the lipids intervenes which is normally protecting them. This leaves them more vulnerable to oxidative stress and causes vapors to oxidize more quickly. You can tell a Vape cartridge is oxidized WAP by a brownish reddish tinge to the top most part of the Vape cartridge which is exposed to oxygen. 

What this Means

 This means that oil is unstable and has been exposed to the environment for too long where there is light oxygen or heat. All of these environmental factors will lead to the degradation of cannabinoids and poor Poor results from using the product. If you use a Vape cartridge which is oxidize it will give you a sharp headaches and you’ll feel great discomfort very quickly after using it.

     I’ve haven’t heard about people using vapors is that just gave him headaches heading for experiences with Cbd And delta 8 there’s a these products give a poor name to the industry and turn people off to vaping of cannabinoids whom I have benefited greatly from the Use. Luckily our extra ang is so stable it doesn’t appear to oxidize in that way and we’ve kept samples for a year or two and they don’t oxidize the same way these other strips x-rays do. This gives Our vape carts is a huge advantage over the competition

What Happens if it's Unstable?

     You really don’t want to introduce anything that’s particularly unstable to your body because that instability probably translate into oxidate of stress throughout your body. Things like refined seed oils Are well known to cause immense ox and stress to the body.

     These are fine seed oils are created under immense he impressure and by separating at separating out very minute new fractions of the oil produce from the seeds. Much in the same way that a lot of the CBD oil on the market is produced the fact that there are the similarities between most of the CBD oils on the market and refine Cedar Hills it’s truly disturbing.

Health Consequences of Bad Quality

     Understanding the health consequences of Irvine city Royals and how they could be what is precipitated the health Crisis that were experiencing in Madeinity speaks volumes about the potential issues that CBD extracts could be imparting on society if extracted in overly harsh way. 

     You can create simply take some thing that should be medicinal and healthy like a seed and produce out of it Something toxic and harmful. Another big feature and deficit about refine see Royals is that they’re very much oxidized through the process of extraction and are prone to further oxidation when heated or otherwise exposed to the elements later in their lifetime like during cooking. 

     That’s why it’s particularly bad to cook your food in refrain zeros are in the same way that generally utilizing refined zero oils almost inherently means exposing them to eat and oxygen and light so to does using CBD oil in a Vape cartridge. CVD oil in a CBD Vape cartridge inherently means exposing it to heat in order to vaporize it.

     And if heating the extract means that it’s going to be oxidized and it’s already unstable and easily oxidized that means that something that should be medicinal could very well be creating a ton of oxidative stress and particularly on the lungs which We don’t have any antioxidant systems or a capacity to be radically damaging pardon the pun. 

Bringing it Home

 So vaping could be incredibly dangerous if one is not careful about the sources and particularity of the oil in which they are vaping. This is Why we always really stress vetting any of the products that we are you that you are using and want to make sure you were getting only the highest quality ingredients hardware in the CBD Vape cartridges that we are from you. 

     We really can’t stress enough how Much conscience you should utilize when choosing what to eat and what to expose your lungs to in general. There are a lot of companies out there could you not so much care about your Health.

     They really just care about profit  and never anything into a product that they think you want and then they think taste good and will Produce more customers. So I think twice before you choose any Vape cartridge off the shelf and try and be incredibly discerning with the way you expose your lungs to.

Experience what a CBD Vape Should Feel Like

We recommend that you try a CBD Vape from The Remedy Co.  Our full line of vape cartridges will help you experience a CBD Vape for what it should truly be: pure and potent.  Our Calm Vape Cartridge was our first specialty vape cartridge, and a great place to start.

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