How to Benefit from our Calm CBD Vape


     In this article, we want to go over how you can benefit most from our Calm CBD Vape.  This was our first specialty vape that features CBD and CBG. Both of these cannabinoids have been shown in studies to be synergistic for reducing inflammation and stress.  While CBD alone has a myriad of benefits, the addition of CBG really broadens its scope.  This combination also creates a heavy hitting formula.

Benefits of CBD Vape and CBG Vape

     CBD and CBG have a wide array of health benefits.  They both have been shown in studies to be synergistic for inflammation and stress.  Another great benefit of these two cannabinoids is that they both help combat THC overuse.  When people use too much THC, they typically feel jittery and paranoid.  Both CBD and CBG combat this side effect of THC and smooth out its high.

     Even if you do not use THC, CBD and CBG can still help to relax you.  Both of these cannabinoids are great for relaxing when you are stressed out.  CBG also has a nice mind-clearing benefit.  This is most likely due to its ability to reduce brain fog through brain inflammation reduction.

     Most brain fog is actually inflammation in the brain, and brain fog is just the symptom of an underlying problem.  Using a CBD and CBG Vape is a very effective way to deliver CBD and CBG directly into your bloodstream and then into your brain.  This will bring the inflammation reducing cannabinoids straight to the source quickly.

How to Use our Calm CBD and CBG Vape

     To start, try taking 1-2 hits, inhaling for about 2-4 seconds each time.  This should produce an effect within 15 minutes.  If you do not have the relief you are looking for, try taking another 1-2 hits for 2-4 seconds each.  At this point, most people should receive the relief they are looking for.

     When you inhale, try pulling the vapor into your mouth while puffing out your cheeks.  Then, inhale the vapor from your mouth into your lungs.  Hold the vapor in your lungs for 1-2 seconds, and then exhale slowly.  By following this procedure, you will be cooling the vapor down in your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs.  This will produce a gentler reaction to the vapor rather than inhaling directly into your lungs.

     At first, you will need to determine about how much vapor you need for relief.  Once you realize how many hits effect you to an appropriate degree, you will know what process to repeat in the future.  This process can be repeated several times a day as needed.

How to Increase the Benefits of CBD Vape

     We have a few options for further increasing the benefits of our Calm CBD and CBG Vape.  One option is to add in our Endo-Boost.  Our Endo-Boost increases the effectiveness and duration of all phyto cannabinoids and endo cannabinoids.

     We also have our Bliss-Boost which combines our Endo-Boost with Anandamide for increased effectiveness.  Anandamide is our “bliss molecule” that we release after moderate-extreme exercise.  It has mood boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits.

     Another option is to take our Calm tincture alongside the Calm Vape Cartridge.  This is a great combination, because the vape cartridge will act quickly and saturate the bloodstream and brain.  And the oil tincture will slowly saturate different tissues in the body for a strong systemic effect.

What to do if Calm CBD Vape isn't Enough Relief

     While our Calm Vape is very strong for stress and inflammation relief, it is not our strongest option.  If you find that your pain or inflammation is not being relieved enough, you can try our Elevate or Relief Vape.  Our Elevate Vape Cartridge builds off of our Calm CBD and CBG formula by adding CBC.  

     CBC (Cannabichromene) is a cannabinoid reuptake inhibitor.  This means that CBC increases the effectiveness of other cannabinoids.  All of this is in addition to its own anti-inflammatory and mood boosting benefits.  So if our Calm Vape is not quite doing it for you, try moving up to Elevate.

     If you are using Calm for pain or sleep and it is not enough, try our Relief Vape Cartridge.  Relief takes the base of Calm (CBD and CBG) and adds CBN to it.  CBN (Cannabinol) is a sedating and pain relieving cannabinoid that brings many people great relief.


     Our Calm Vape is a great place to start in your journey to heal inflammation or relieve mood issues.  Proper technique will definitely enhance your experience when vaping.  Our Calm Vape is a great place to get started in your journey with CBD.  It is also a great way to elevate your experience if you have been using another inferior CBD vape on the market.

     We don’t want you to forget about the wide array of products that we have to enhance your healing journey.  Our enhancer line is a great place to start, as well as any of our oil tinctures.  Combining a vape with an edible form of CBD is a great way to benefit from the best of both worlds.

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