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What is CBN?

     CBN, or Cannabinol, is a cannabinoid much like CBD.  It actually is the metabolite of THC, meaning when you consume THC some of it is broken down into CBN.  This also occurs to marijuana flower when exposed to oxygen and/or heat.  Which is why old cannabis flower gets you less high, yet more sedated.

     This cannabinoid has not been very well studied, however there are a few studies out there.  More so, there is a plethora of anecdotal evidence as to what effects CBN elicits.  Mainly, CBN has a sedating and pain relieving effect for most people.  Let’s dive more into the benefits of CBN and why a CBN Vape may be helpful for you.

     Most people who try CBN find that it is very helpful for sleep, pain, anxiety, and as a sedative.  Many people love to mix CBN with their CBD, which is one of the reasons our Sleep CBN Vape is so popular.  This combines CBD and CBN for a sedating and pain relieving effect.

Who would a CBN Vape Benefit?

     A CBN vape could benefit people who are experiencing difficulty sleeping, muscle spasms, and neuropathy.  Studies suggest, but don’t conclude, that CBN may help with sleep and nerve pain.  Anecdotal evidence supports this theory as most users feel the sedative and pain relieving effects of CBN.

     Using a CBN Vape such as our Sleep Vape, or Relief Vape, may be helpful for sleep.  Further, using one of these CBN Vape may help with pain.  These would be especially helpful for people having a difficult time falling or staying asleep for several reasons.

     Restless leg syndrome is a common ailment that causes discomfort in and an urge to move one’s legs.  RLS affects an estimated 7-10% of the population.  That means that up to 1 in 10 people suffer from this condition.  Using a CBN Vape before bed could alleviate this condition.  If one finds that a CBN vape is not enough relief, they could also add in a tincture with CBN for greater effects.

Do I have to use a CBN Vape?

     In short, of course not!  The Remedy Co has a comprehensive line of natural products aimed to relieve several symptoms.  If vaping isn’t for you, another common option is our Sleep Tincture and Relief Tincture.  And if tinctures aren’t your thing, we also have our Sleep Tablets that have CBN as well.

     Many people do not like vaping, and for these people, tinctures are definitely the best option.  Although we make CBN tablets as well, our tinctures are packed with so many more helpful compounds.  Unfortunately, you cannot fit anywhere near as many active ingredients into a tablet vs an oil tincture.

     No matter how you consume your CBN, we think its a great choice to try to alleviate nerve pain, restlessness, and difficulty sleeping.

Who Shouldn't Use a CBN Vape?

     While CBN can be a great option for many people, there are also some people who should avoid it.  Some people actually find CBN to be too sedating.  They report feeling groggy the morning after taking CBN.  Or, if they take it during the day, they tend to feel too relaxed/sedated to get their work done.

     This does not happen to everyone, and there are some things you can do to avoid it.  First and foremost, taking less CBN, maybe halve your dose, can eliminate this side effect.  But ultimately, CBN may not be the best option for everyone.  This is why we have so many different offerings, because everybody is different.

     The other group of people who should avoid a CBN Vape, are those who are being drug tested regularly.  As discussed in the beginning of the article, CBN is a metabolite of THC.  When you get drug tested, they actually are not looking for THC itself, but rather its metabolites.  There are two tests that we currently know of that are testing for cannabinol (CBN).

     So if you are using a CBN Vape, you may show a false positive for THC on your drug test.  It is for this reason that we recommend people who are getting drug tested do not use any products with CBN.  If this is you, try out our Calm Tincture or Elevate Tincture for pain relieving, stress reducing effects without the sedation.

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