How to Benefit From our NAD Nasal Spray


NAD is all the rage right now in the world of anti-aging, healthy aging and longevity. But is it really worth all this hype? Or is it just another one of these trends which will die out within 6 months. Considering how fundamental it is to cellular health, we think it is here to stay, in fact if you failed to produce NAD+ you would perish within a few minutes. So how does NAD work and what makes it so fundamental to cellular health and function?

How does NAD work within the body?

NAD graphic The Remedy Co.

NAD actually comes in two forms NAD+ and NADH, respectively the oxidized and reduced forms. They are constantly converting back and forth as a critical step in the Krebs cycle of electron transport. 

     This is critical for the conversion of food into energy by our mitochondria. There are three parts to the energy cycle, glycolysis, the krebs cycle and electron transport. 

     During glycolysis and the Krebs cycle NAD+ is being converted into NADH. The electron transport cycle is when NADH is releasing those electrons in order to generate ATP, the energy unit of the cell. Without this process we would not be nourished and energized from our consumed foods. 

Why would I need to supplement with an NAD product?

     Unfortunately as we age our production of NAD+ drops significantly. When we hit 40 our NAD+ levels have dropped to almost half of what they were in our youth. 

     The result of that drop is sluggishness, a cloudy mind and reduced energy levels regardless of how much food we consume. NAD+ is well known for activating sirtuin epigenetic pathway which has been associated with longevity and an increased health-span. 

     “By raising NAD+, NAD+ boosters can have profound effects on the health and survival of mammals. Increases in NAD+ promote cognitive and sensory function, gluconeogenesis in liver, lipogenesis in adipose tissue, insulin secretion in pancreas, and insulin sensitivity in muscle. 

     NAD+ also promotes endothelial cell proliferation and protects against cardio- and cerebrovascular disease. It regulates immune function and inflammation and, protects against acute injury in kidney. NAD promotes and extends fertility in both males and females, ostensibly by activation of sirtuins.” 

~Therapeutic potential of NAD-boosting molecules: the in vivo evidence (click here to read more)

result of NAD supplementation The Remedy Co.

     As you can see from the results laid out in that research article the benefits are widely established and quite dramatic. Because NAD+ is involved in such a fundamental process in every one of our cells it makes a lot of sense that the effects and benefits would be so far reaching. 

     Our cells cannot survive without it and therefore we cannot, and if our systems which are dependent on it start to become depleted it can cause a wide variety of difficult to detect issues hampering our ability to function as we once did. 

Why should I use a NAD Nasal Spray?

     NAD is a rather big molecule and it does not absorb well orally. Most orally consumed supplements on the market utilize Nicotinamide riboside or Nicotinamde andanide dinucleotide, these are precursors to NAD which the body uses to convert. 

     The amounts which actually make it through the stomach acid and digestive process are debatable. The more links there are in the chain of a process the more oppertunity there is for loss. This is why we skip right to the source, pure NAD delivered in the most direct and efficient way we know.

     Our NAD+ Nasal spray delivers pure NAD directly to your mucosal membrane and can most efficiently get NAD directly into your bloodstream through that route. It permeates that membrane and immediately is introduced to the bloodstream with minimal loss. 

     It is very easy to apply and can be used anywhere inconspicuously. The efficiently of absorption gives you the most bang for your buck and greatest effect per mg. We suggest using it every morning and night. This can help it so synchronize with your circadian rhythms. 

Introducing The Remedy Co.'s NAD Nasal Spray

NAD-Plus The Remedy Co.
NAD Nasal Spray
Our NAD+ Nasal spray is at the heart of our...

Our NAD Nasal spray is packed with 500mg of pure NAD+. This means you get 5mg with two sprays delivered right into your bloodstream. 

     This doesn’t sound like a lot but if you consider the loses in digestion and conversion of precursors or oral formulas then this is actually quite a lot. 

     You will feel a difference. As usual that is the remedy promise, we want you to feel something with each use of our products. You will feel better energy levels, increased stamina, reduced fatigue, better focus without brain fog and even reduced inflammation.

     If you are over 40 then we highly recommend you try our NAD+ Nasal spray. The older you are the more likely you are to feel all the benefits. If you are 80+ then you may be producing only 1-4% of the NAD+ you were in your youth. 

     So come get the boost you need to be product, maintain your neuro-plasticity from cognition to physical performance our NAD nasal spray is going to help you through it all. 

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

     Dr. Rhonda Patrick is one of the primary longevity researchers. In this video she explains how NAD works and why it is so important. She is very good at breaking down complex topics into simple terms so you can understand. You can find more of her work at her website found my fitness

     Dr. Patrick and Dr. Sinclair have both done incredible work in the area of longevity. Resveratrol is another compound which they highly recommend, especially when it is paired with another sirtuin activating NAD+ booster, such as NAD+, NR or NMN. 

     They both preach the benefits of fasting, which are mimicked by NAD, and how it can also active that same sirtuin pathway. Exercise, Fasting or Caloric restriction and NAD boosting by supplementation are the 3 ways of activating these epigenetic pathways that allow for healthier aging and longer living. 

     These things help to put your body in a state of autophagy. That is a physiological state in which the body hunkers down and supports repair functions. Just like fasting, NAD can help induce a state where the body destroys deranged cells that might normally cause cancer. Check out Dr. David Sinclairs podcast here, if you want to learn even more about longevity and healthy aging. 


Stay tuned for more longevity products from The Remedy Co.

     We have been excited to offer resveratrol and pterostilbene products in the past. These are powerful antioxidants which boost the effectiveness of NAD and active sirtuin pathways in and of themselves. 

     Soon we will be releasing a new total longevity capsule packed with NMN and pterostilbene to help further enhance sirtuin activation and really cover the gambit of health-span promoting compounds. Keep your eye on our longevity category as we fill in more products within the space. 

Don't forget our Longevity Set!

Longevity Set The Remedy Co.
Longevity Set

     If you want the full collection of Remedy longevity products look no further than our Longevity Set. This includes everything you need to be on your way to expanding your health-span.

     Including of course our NAD Nasal Spray, Blueberry Pterostilbene tablets, Algae based vegan omega 3s, and our bath tablets. All together these are sure to help reduce inflammaging, maximize life-span, increase energy levels, mental clarity and more. 

     Each of these products synergizes with the other and creates an internal environment which is sure to make the distance. Don’t let our biological clocks hold you down, there are ways to intervene and The Remedy Co. has your back on all things longevity. 

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