How to Better Utilize CBD Tinctures


     CBD Tinctures go by many names; CBD oil, CBD drops, CBDs, Sublingual oil but all of these refer to tincture. Historically tinctures are herbs extracted by alcohol and water, often combined with glycerine or honey when finished off for consumption. 

     Cannabis tinctures were no different for a long time. There are many old bottles referring to the contents being cannabis extracts of various kinds. Today people are a lot less interested in consuming alcohol for health reasons and because of its intense taste. Oil is a perfect carrier for CBD because cannabinoids are waxes that are soluble in oil. 

     This helps give what is usually too thick to work with (CBD) a viscosity (thickness) which makes it more user friendly. Tinctures are a great entry CBD product because of how versatile they are. One can dial in dosage with great accuracy making it a fantastic way to evaluate your CBD dosage requirements. 

     Also play around with lowest effective dosage or maybe even try double dosing one day. Tinctures also spread to the widest variety of tissues due to the way they are absorbed, more on this later. 

How to use a CBD Tincture

     We are going to start super basic here, if your experienced beyond this point feel free to skip to the next section (here). You would be surprised how many people have questions and are confused about CBD tinctures and what they are supposed to do with them. The reality is there is almost no wrong answers, besides putting them in your eyes, I wouldn’t do that. Outside of the eyes, just about everything is fair game and effective. 

Sublingual Use

 The Remedy Co.

     Most people use tinctures sublingually. This means they use the dropper to direct the oil underneath their tongue. 

     This has the main advantage of being absorbed very quickly and most directly into your bloodstream. The tincture getting into your bloodstream allows for quick onset of relief as well as good distribution of the CBD to a wide variety of tissues throughout the body as well as your brain. 

     Getting the CBD to your brain is critical for any psychological effects such as relief from anxiety, stress and so on. After holding the oil under your tongue or at least in your mouth for about a minute or so, swallow the rest down. Spitting it out would be wasting it.

Swallow it Straight Down

     Some people really can’t stand the texture of oil in their mouths for any duration. We understand, it will get easier with time. For now you can always swallow it straight away. That is totally ok, it won’t get into your bloodstream as quickly, but there are significant benefits to having CBD in your gut as well. 

     Inflammation all starts in the gut, your immune system is wrapped around your gut and produces pro-inflammatory cytokines. These compounds are what signal your body to create inflammation. CBD can help modulate your immune system to produce less of these compounds and therefor reduce inflammation, indirectly, but at the source. 

     CBD in your gut can also help with IBS or other gut or digestive issues. CBG also has research which indicates it could be particularly helpful for gut dis-biosis. Here are a few articles that review some of that data:

These benefits are most effectively achieved by swallowing CBD and ensuring it gets maximum exposure to the gut lining and immune system in the most direct way possible, by hanging out in the gut. 

Elevate features, CBD, CBG AND CBC for a total of 2000mg of cannabinoids. It also has birch and peppermint oils both of which have significant research specific with IBS and other gut issues. If you want to try Elevate you can find it here

Calm is our classic CBD and CBG tinctures. Not only is it great for stress and anxiety but it can also help with digestive issues as well. It features ginger oleoresin and birch oil as well. These can help soothe upset stomaches, reduce inflammation and Calm disrupted bowels. You can try it by going here


     You ready that right, Intra-naval, not nasal. One way to use CBD tinctures that most people don’t know about is through the naval, the bellybutton. You would be surprised at how many nerve endings actually lead to the bellybutton. It’s actually not that surprising when you think about the umbilical coord that used to extend from that point and how much data and nutrients was delivered to you from there by your mother. 

     The endo-cannabinoid system is the largest collection of nerves in your body and is mostly in the central nervous system, largely located around your gut and abdomen. Therefore your endo-cannabinoid system is very central to the naval location. Theoretically the naval could be one of the most direct ways of accessing the endo-cannabinoid system and its many nerve endings. 

     Not much research has done substantiating these claims but the logic does make some sense and it seems to have some traditional use history. Go ahead and give it a try, it can’t hurt! Let us know what you think about it. 


     Of course you can always get a topical which is a little more optimized for the purpose. But if you are in a pinch and don’t have any Soothing Butter on hand, a tincture will work well too. Many of our tinctures are actually more concentrated than a topical. 

     Our CBD tinctures even have oils which will act as topical analgesics just as they act as such internally. Go ahead and put our tinctures on a tender spot of your body and see if what we are saying holds true for you. This is part of why we are saying that tinctures are the most versatile product type. 

Tinctures: The Swiss Army Knife of Cannabinoid Product Versatility

 The Remedy Co.

     Tinctures are the only product type which can get relief to each of the major areas of the body. The brain, the gut/immune system and the dermis all can be graced by the effective solution that is a CBD tincture. 

     With one dropper under the tongue you can simultaneously get CBD to your bloodstream and brain while also exposing your gut and immune system to that SAME DOSE. What a 2 birds with one stone treat. 

     Now if you want to try what might be the Swiss army knife of Swiss army knife-tinctures, look no further. The Relief will be your best friend. 

     It features our widest spread of cannabinoid diversity; CBD and CBDa, CBG and CBN all together in a 3000mg total cannabinoid package. 

     That is packed with potency and variety. We also use the widest variety of potentiating oils such as fennel, along with our usual black pepper extract, lecithin, cinnamon and so much more. 

     You won’t find a tincture like this anywhere else. So check that out if it sounds like it might be what you need, here

If you have not yet tried a CBD Tincture, well then it is high time

     There is a reason CBD tinctures are the most popular product type for all users. They are easy to use, anywhere anytime. You can choose your dosage very simply and change it as you please. It is very simple to measure your dosage with our graduated and marked droppers. 

     And if you are curious about CBD tinctures then you came to the right place because nobody makes them like we do. The amount of care we put into our formulas is unparalleled. Each one comes with our signature cannabinoid enhancement blend. 

     This features a black pepper extract which enhances absorption as well as preserves the CBD to enhance duration, cinnamon for circulation and therefor distribution through blood, lecithin for maximizing absorption and birch for its aid in anti-inflammatory properties. 

     Most companies only give you the cannabinoids listed on the front of the bottle at best, if even that. Don’t settle for the minimal. We aim for quality down to our carrier oil. We use olive oil, the finest olive oil in the whole world, because we want even our carrier oil to be medicinal. 

     Oleic acid of which olive oil is 80% comprise of actually has endocannabinoid effects, potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as well as incredible benefits for longevity and health-span. We aim to ensure there is zero wasted space in our tincture bottles and every ingredient is there to do its part in improving your health. So check out our entire tincture line here and see for yourself. 

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