When choosing a CBD vape there are many different considerations that are personal preferences. Cannabinoid profiles for effect, terpenes for flavor, vape cartridge sizes and more. Other considerations are mere reflections of quality and less so a personal choice. I want to outline the signs of a high quality CBD vape and how to spot the poor quality fakes. 

     I know the industry is saturated with crap, and with a CBD vape it is really distinct. Vaping CBD really brings out all the subtly in the oil. The minute differences in cannabinoid ratios and terpenes complexes are perceived in their every detail. It is the most direct and efficient way of experiencing an extract. 

     Unfortunately most producers don’t seem to even use their own products or the product types that they supposedly produce. They don’t seem to be aware of these tenants distinguishing high or low quality. 

CBD Vape Thiccnessss

Relief CBD, CBG and CBN Vape Cartridge The Remedy Co.

     The first thing you want to see in a CBD vape is that the oil is thick. When I say thick I mean so thick that when you turn it there is no movement at all. If its heated there is little no movement. When you turn the cartridge over it should START moving 12 hours later and not even fully shift into a new position over 24 hours. That is how you know the cartridge is cannabinoid rich. 

     Cannabinoids are a highly viscous oil when pure, so if it is potent enough to deserve exposure to your lungs then it should certainly not be shifting around let alone be able to be poured out of the cartridge. Unfortunately for the lazy product developers out there, CBD is very prone to crystallization. This means that when it is held in 40%+ concentration it often forms chunky crystalline masses. 

     This would look like a cartridge separated into some chunkers almost like a raw honey, while the rest of the cartridge is extremely thin terpenes that burn your throat from being vaped raw, or just leak out of the bottom. So that is the result of those who try to make a reasonably potent cartridge and fail. Good intentions falling short. Unfortunately most producers don’t even have that high aspiration, most just take the easy road of creating a pointlessly weak cartridge. 

     If a cartridge has a solution held within which flows like water or anything reminiscent of that it is most like 35% or lower, which is pathetic. That’s like opening your bag of chips and the thing is 75% filled with air and only 25% of it has chips, so frustrating, don’t eat potato chips they are fried in industrial seed oil usual and so toxic. 

     But in a vape cartridge it is more difficult to identify such shenanigans because the cartridge appears full, but the solution is usual not full of what you want. Companies are constantly devising new ways to dilute, first it was MCT which everyone freaked out about, then it was vitamin E, PEG, neutral terpenes, and god knows what else. Gross. 

We fixed the CBD Vape potency/ viscosity paradox

     It took years of research and hard work, tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours, but we finally did it. Thankfully, we care enough to dive deep, we understand the structures of the cannabinoid molecules and the way they conform together. 

     Through that we have developed a blend of cannabinoids which forms strong bonds and is very stable. Not only does this allow us to make the only 80%+ potent CBD vape on the market, but its all from the same raw material source, single pass extracted, preserving natural terpenes and a wide variety of the plants benefits as well. 

     Plot twist, the answer is not stripping the plant down to the point where it loses stability, the plant is stable and nature knows best, so let it thrive. You will notice all of our cartridge oil is very thick, this speaks to its potency. You will get a full potent effect from each pull of the cartridge and it will last a long time. Honestly I lose all mine before I finish them. 

CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC Vape Cartridges – 4 Pack Sampler The Remedy Co.

     Each of our vape cartridges are packed with 80%+ cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes, that is it. We have a cannabinoid blend for every occasion. If you want to sleep, we have a Sleep CBD and CBN vape.

     If you have anxiety then definitely try our Calm CBD vape with CBG. We have our Relief Vape, featuring CBD, CBG and CBN for those harder to treat symptoms. 

     And Elevate with CBD, CBG and CBC for mood, stress, focus although people also love it for pain and inflammation as well. Each of our carts is handcrafted to be highly potent, effective, delicious and long lasting. Come see the difference our care makes. 

Terpenes gone wrong

     Another one of the latest tricks of having a “clean label cartridge” is by using wayyy too many terpenes to thin out a CBD oil vape. Terpenes are volatile oil components of flower and fruits. They are highly astringent, corrosive and volatile, meaning they evaporate readily and create aromas. 

     Think about vaping pinesol, or those orange cleaners or wood polishers, those are terpenes. Often terpenes are derived from fruit sources in large industrial operations. They use inorganic feed stock, using petrol solvents and harsh processes to separate them. 

     These are not things you want to be vaping even at a 1 or 2% concentration. To make things worse now CBD vape manufacturers are using these terpenes in much larger quantities at around 10-20%. Things which don’t have much flavor like alpha bisabolol. 

     These are unprecedented concentrations that would never be found in nature, directly to the lungs, such sensitive tissue. They use these terpenes to dilute the CBD and try and stop it from crystalizing. However, if it is crystalizing they are using the wrong type of extracts for a vape anyway. 

     These thinned oils are going to vaporize very quickly. They are the vapes you finish in a few days and wonder how that even happen. Don’t worry, for once, its not you it actually is the vape. Terpenes are constantly evaporating in order to create scents. 

     So they are going to be vanquished when you heat them to double their boiling points in a vaporizer at supernatural concentrations. If we wanted that we could go purchase essential oils and vaporize those. That might even be more natural. At least they are not single isolated terpenes and still have a wide variety in them. 

All natural cannabis derived terpenes to save the day

     We use all cannabis derived terpenes for our vape cartridges. These actually give a more complex and hearty taste more reminiscent of the plant itself. Unlike what the processed foods industry wants you to think, you can’t just take things apart and put them back together. Nature is a little more complex than we can manage right now. 

     We don’t even fully understand what we are replicating so it is silly to even attempt. SO… we don’t even try, we just utilize the wonderful things that nature offers us in the best way possible. We use just enough terpenes to have a great rich flavor. This creates an enjoyable vaping experience and help to drive the effects of the cannabinoids. 

     Our CBD vapes speak for themselves. When you use a whole oil, gently extracted you don’t have to cover up its flavor, it already has a great profile, so we use cannabis terpenes to add some slight effects and flavor variation to our already satisfying oil. 

Common Misrepresentations and marketing gimmicks

     There are some tricks that the lowest of scammy products use to confuse consumers. The most egregious of which is the listing of the total cartridge volume in mg on the packaging. This means a 1g cartridge = 1000mg. People see 1000mg on the front of packaging and think wowwww so many mgs packed into that small sleek cart. But no, the cart only holds 1000mg in total, and don’t forget folks, nothing is ever 100%, ever. 99% or 99.9% but very rarely. 

     The way you really know this is some BS is that CBD at 99 or even 98% potency is a crystal, that is why we have crystallization issues, so if the cartridge was 1000mg or even 9800mg it would be filled with white powder and not work very well. You want to see a separate number for total volume/mass such as 1g or .5g and another referring to the amounts of cannabinoids and a QR linking to a COA. 

CBD Vape Oil Color and quality

     If it is clear throw it away, if it is brown and sludgy throw it away. You do not want either extreme. You want a high degree of clarity to the oil no matter the hue. Sometimes oils are darker and that can highlight a more natural oil with a wider variety of components from the hemp, that is great, we love it. 

     But the main difference you want to spot, you don’t want it to be crude. Sludge, impurities, and other opaque elements usually denote a crude oil you don’t want to vape. On the other side anything clear is generally made with isolate and solvents. 

     Same goes for delta8 if it is clear it is most likely converted from CBD isolate where as the golden is converted from CBD distillate, and illustrating a wider variety of cannabinoids present. So use this as a guide to help determine to types of oils you like and be able to identify what qualities they have and where they might be sourced from. We think there is a healthy balance between diversity and purity.

     There are certain types of extracts, like the ones we use, which are extremely pure and clean while also offering a wide cannabinoid variety. This is a somewhat darker oil, which sometimes gets perceived as undesirable because it can be almost brown or amber, but you can see all the way through it, no impurities. 

Do you get a satisfying hit?

     This might seem obvious when evaluating a CBD vape, but it is often overlooked. If you have to think about it, then it might just be crap. Each hit should be a potent full effect, vapor should be thick and effects should be distinct. 

     If you aren’t sure if you even got a hit, it’s probably junk, or the cartridge hardware itself is junk. Often it is a super thin oil which also creates a thin vapor, low concentration of active components. You’ll find yourself sucking down 5 or 6 hits and then looking at the cartridge and trying to decide if you feel anything, sound familiar? 

     Just put the cart down and don’t even waste your time. One or two hits should be plenty. You should blow out a nice big cloud and you should feel it in your lungs, it might be a little uncomfortable. That is ok, you will get used to it. A slight tickle to your lungs is much better than feeling nothing at all and having been ripped off. Don’t overthink it, just let first principles lead you to the answers, is the hit satisfying?

How long does the CBD vape last you?

     Of course there are some champions of vaping which seem to be able to finish off any vape cartridges in a few days, you know who you are, most do not fall into this category. Our CBD vapes often last 2 – 6 weeks when used at a normal rate. 

     So if your CBD vape is not lasting you a satisfactory amount of time, most likely it is garbage, so throw it where it belongs, your longs don’t need that mystery toxin. Once again there is no right answer here, or specific formula, the easiest way is just to see if your vape lasts an acceptable amount of time. 

     You know if you were hitting the damn thing all day long and then way it is gone in 5 days. Or if you are like me hitting it a handful of times a day until you lose it under your car seat. As long as you don’t look at it, already down to the bottom, and wonder where it evaporated to. If so, then it probably did evaporate. 

The Best CBD Vape is worthless without the best batteries

Ario Simple Squared Vape Battery The Remedy Co.

     Our Ario simple squared battery is what you need to hit your CBD vape all day long but keep your setup slim. They can be activated by the button or with your mouth. 

     Most batteries out there are 250mAh, these are the basic stick batteries that die half way through the day, the worst. These are 400mAh, almost twice the capacity and in a smaller housing. 

     Charge them up with a micro-USB so no more having to deal with threading or proprietary chargers that get lost. These usually last us 3-5 days on a charge. If your a heavy user maybe 2-3 days. 

     The enduro is the answer for you heavy vapers. If you want a battery to last all week, this one is your answer. 

     This powerhouse contains an 1100mAh battery, adjustable voltage output and is compatible with dab attachments too. For those on the go who never want to be without their CBD vape. Get yours here.

     And make sure with any vape to charge it fully before its first use.  This will ensure that you get the best life out of your battery.  They only come about 30% full when you buy them.

Ario Enduro Vape Battery The Remedy Co.

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