How to Best Setup and Hit a CBD Vape


This might seem like ridiculously simple concept at first glance, but you have no idea how many people we see doing this wrong and scorching their lungs and throat in the process. Proper technique can make the difference between a fantastic vaping experience and someone throwing the cartridge away and never trying it again. Many people who are used to vaping, smoking cigarettes or cigars probably do this entire process without thinking about it, so if that is you then carry on. But for those who are new to vaping, or smoking and are curious or about to try vaping for the first time, this article is for you. 

The Parts of a CBD vape

Besides the mechanics of actually inhaling CBD, the devices themselves are the cause of no end of confusion. Is this thing charged? Batteries generally come 30% charged if they are following the law. Ideally you want to charge it all the way up before using it so all of the batteries electrons are synced. There are two parts of the vape setup; the vape cartridge, and the battery. Vape pen is another term that get used a ton, but nobody can agree on what it means. Often people use pen to mean the battery, generally we use it to mean the entire vape setup, battery and cartridge together, creating a full vape pen. Ready to hit. 

CBD Vape Cartridge - Contains the CBD oil extract

The Vape Cartridge has several parts. There is the tip or mouthpiece, often shaped like a duck bill and has a hole in the end for vapor to come out of. Higher quality cartridges come with a rubber stopped in the end so you know its brand new and untouched. Mouthpieces are often ceramic, steel, wood or bamboo. You can unscrew the mouthpiece if you aren’t careful so don’t mess with it too much. The rubber on the bottom covers up the 510 threads, these are the standard attachment means of most vape cartridges. These gets screwed onto the battery. So pop that rubber bottom cap off and get to work. 


510 thread batteries come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of the choices come down to personal preferences, how you want it to be shaped, what kind of pocket or pocketbook it might get stored in. Generally we recommend a higher capacity battery so it lasts. You want to make sure the battery is 510 threaded as that is that standard threading for a CBD vape. The battery provides the power for the vape cart. The vape cart is screwed into the battery. 

Ario Simple Squared Vape Battery The Remedy Co.

our Simple Squared batteries are great for anyone, people just starting off or the experienced. You can use the button or just auto-draw. The capacity is impressive without considering the slim form factor.

Ario Enduro Vape Battery The Remedy Co.

The unduro is our large capacity battery. Packed with 1100mAh you will never randomly run out of power and are most likely good to go for the whole week. Variable voltage settings for those who use a variety of cart types. 

Setting up your CBD Vape

First you want to take the rubber caps off the top and bottom of the vape cartridge. Then you need to charge up your vape battery. Finally you screw together the vape cartridge and battery. Hit the battery power button two times in a row, boom it powers on. It goes into a preheat mode by default, this helps to loosen up the CBD vape oil and ensure you can a full hit first thing. 

If the battery button flashes instead of holding green and allowing you to take a hit, there might be a technical difficulty with the vape, give us a call. It is possibly defective, or if you use the cartridge at too high of a voltage they can get burnt out. 

Finally, actually taking a hit

Hold down the button on the battery, ensure the light around it glows green. 

  1. put your lips on the mouthpiece of the cartridge, ensure a tight seal.
  2. Draw the vapor into your mouth, just your mouth
    1. you need pursed lips
    2. you draw your jaw slightly downward
    3. pulling the base of your tongue back
    4. the idea is to make a negative pressure zone in your mouth by expanding the total volume and therefore drawing air into your mouth. 
    5. Try it with just your mouth before doing it with the cartridge. You should be able to pull and push air in and out of your mouth independently of your lungs. You can even make a little whistling sound while doing it. 
  3. Draw the vapor into JUST your mouth with this technique
  4. Let the vapor sit there, you can test that this was done right by opening your mouth slightly and you should able to push some thick vapor out of our mouth and watch it wick off of the top of your tongue, unfiltered by your lungs it wont be cloudy but a thick and wavy flow. 
  5. Now as a second action, pull the vapor down into your lungs. THIS IS CRITICAL, it won’t do anything unless it gets to your lungs. 
  6. You don’t have to hold it down, but you can if you want to be super efficient. A natural deep inhale and then immediate exhale will be just fine.
  7. Exhale fully, breath in some fresh air to help clear out your lungs


Why this method is superior

Two two step, puff inhale, allows the vapor to expand in your mouth rather than in your lungs. When you breath it directly in from the atomizer it is still  hot, expanding and irritating. In your mouth it has a chance to cool down, it can expand and finish its phase change. The CBD just went through a lot, give it a chance to breath and get used to its new physical form. Breathing it in this way also lets it combine with some cooler air to further soothe lung irritation. 

Vaping gets a bad wrap

We know vaping has been taking a lot of heat lately. People aren’t sure if vaping or smoking is worse for you. Some people find vaping to more irritating than smoking even. We think a lot of that comes down to technique. We hope this method helps you to use vapes in a much more effective way. We believe vaping to be far superior to smoking in a number of ways. That is for another blog post. For now this process has helped reduces thousands of peoples lung irritation issues and like all things proper technique is imperative. So when using a CBD vape ensure that you follow these steps. It should be a totally smooth and enjoyable process. There is no reason to have a scratchy throat or go through anything uncomfortable. Let us know how the two step puff inhale technique has worked for you!

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