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How to quit weed with CBD (or just cut back on thc)

A little story of my experience cutting back

A long time ago I used to smoke weed, A LOT, of weed. Way too much at the end of high school. Finally I started becoming more aware that there were some short term deficits. I realized that when I got high my day was done, I would kick my feet up, ok not necessarily, but my productivity would drop off substantially. Either that or after you smoke enough it flips and you need or really want to get high before doing just about anything, it becomes your motivation. Neither scenario I liked, and I started to slow down smoking weed. I would be less likely to go to the gym if I had already smoked weed that way, that is what really did it for me I think. 

CBD to the Rescue

I didn’t plan on quitting or slowing down, but after I tried CBD I realized that a lot of what I wanted to get from weed or THC I got from CBD. Reducing my anxiety, giving me a little break, clearing the pallet of my mind. I started substituting CBD cartridges for THC cartridges, not this compulsive oral fixation could be aimed elsewhere. When I started using CBD primarily I realized how much sharper I was, my memory was incredible. This really made me appreciate having my edge, especially with starting a business. This appreciation for a clear mind lead me to even avoid THC and embrace CBD all the more. In turn my tolerance plummeted and left me only able to smoke in places I was very comfortable. So I would only smoke at the end of the day, when I had nothing else to do, usually with friends in social situations. As the need for my faculties grew with my business, I started realizing that THC really left me feeling very groggy if I got high before I fell asleep. This finally left me wary with even smoking at the end of the day if it was too close to bed time. So with this progression my use of THC fell dramatically. And it has left me with much more motivation, and even a healthier relationship with THC which brought me to creating the low delta 8 THC cartridges.

Trend of THC intolerance

In general we have seen a trend of people trying to cut back on THC use. A lot of people who come into our store are people who used to use THC but for whatever reason it started giving them anxiety. There are more serious concerns like cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome where people who use THC often vomit uncontrollably. Or more common scenarios such as people just smoking a lot of weed and not really getting high anymore, just maintaining or out of habit. No matter the specifics generally they aren’t feeling the same benefits as they once were and they want out.

But How to Stop THC?

Cold Turkey

Nobody’s favorite but swift and effective, take a 3-5 day reset. Restore your CB1 receptor sensitivity by cutting off all THC use. Eat plenty of healthy fats omega 3 and 6s in order to nourish your endocannabinoid system. Singing can actually upregulate your endocannabinoid system so maybe throw some of that in there if you’re feeling up to it. After that start doing more CBD in whatever form you like, which will help restore homeostasis. The CBD will effect you much more with your ECS restore to a more balanced and receptive state. But most people don’t want such an intense transition.

Swap THC out for CBD

Maybe your tolerance isn’t out of control and you are just trying to cut back. Great, then just start swapping in CBD instead of THC. If you would normally hit a vape cartridge througout the day just use a CBD cartridge instead, the calm would be a great option, or relief. These will help take the oral fixation in a healthier direction, they will also help you to keep your faculties and cut down on THC while still fulfilling some of the desire. Just as I did you might really come to appreciate CBD even more for specific times and uses. 

Cut back with a low delta8 THC cartridge

Our line of low delta8 thc cartridges are a great option for anyone looking to cut back. You can actually use the sampler pack found here to taper down if you like. Starting with Bliss or if you have a higher tolerance start with Balance which is 50% CBD and 50% Delta8 THC. Then you can slowly taper down through the Bliss, Zen and Serenity Cartridges. These cartridges leverage higher CBD quantities to mitigate unwanted THC side effects. The intensity of the THC is rate limited by the quantity of CBD. Our low delta8 vape sampler can be your out of the box kit to taper down until your tolerance is more suitable to using less THC. 

Or Even Start with High Delta8 Cartridges

Replace Delta9 THC with Delta8. Sometimes your body is too used to the same thing and it gets conditioned. Delta8 could be just a little variable nudge in the right direction. This might give you the space you need in order to step back and slow down your use a little bit. It can also help to produce a more functional high that will help you maintain throughout the day as usual or hit they hay faster at the end of the day. Our High Delta8 Vape cartridge sampler has a cartridge for every situation. Having a specific cartridge can help to decrease dosages to the minimally effective because it can be more efficient at achieving he results you are looking for in that moment. Often people will overdo THC in order to achieve a specific effect when really a combination of cannabinoids would be much better suited. 

Try an Enhancer

Our THC enhancer can help upregulate your anandamide without THC being present at all. This can even give CBD products a feeling quite reminiscent of delta9 THC itself. Both are CB1 receptor agonists and therefor have similar properties. If you are trying to cut back on THC for a drug test this is another great option for that as well. The THC enhancer can be great for smoothing over a transition from THC use to CBD. You can get that here. Our cannabinoid enhancer actually contains fatty acid amides which have been used in various addiction cessation applications in a multitude of studies, from nicotine to opioids. These same uses can be applied to cannabis. It can be used to get more out of a smaller THC or CBD dose. That lessens your dependents on those more expensive primary products. It also will help you modulate the effects of those cannabinoids into a more therapeutic range, one that is very functional. Get it here.  Both of these products bridge the gap between cannabinoids and can really help one get the most value out of whatever transitional approach you end up choosing.       

Upregulated endocannainoid system

This is related to having an increased endocannabinoid tone, or more endocannabinoids present in the ECS. This state is associated with increase neural plasticity and therefor is vital to learning new habits and cementing changes. CBD is fantastic for achieving this and is therefor foundational to helping to make lifestyle changes. So not only is CBD good for replacing THC but it is also good for just changing our relationships with any habits present in our lives. This makes CBD a lot of less of a crutch-like replacement and more like a fundamental piece of the puzzle for positive life changes. This is great to know for all aspects of personal growth and an amazing fact to appreciate. These mechanisms open the door for endless potential in the utilization of CBD. Come experiment and see what uses you find. 

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