How to Quit Weed and Slow Down with THC

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   There are a lot of people struggling today. It really seems like vices are on the rise, And we all carry something in our pocket which is waiting and ready to take advantage of our weaknesses. These patterns create cognitive imprints on our neural pathways which are more prone to impulsive habit forming. With THC Concentrations on the rise it’s something that needs to be taken more seriously. Using THC without the protective buffers of minor Cannabinoids makes it more like a drug than ever before. even though THC is not physically addictive it is still easy to condition your body’s biological processes to the stimulus of THC. This conditioning and take the form of needing weed in order to eat, in order to sleep, or even to get the motivation to get out of bed. Although a lot of people use cannabis for the purposes of alleviating problems associated with these regular daily tasks, is advisable to do so for as little time period As possible. Long term use in a consistent pattern often cause physical conditioning to tie regular physiological functions with THC use. This conditioning can I have impacts which actually minute minutes mimic physical addictions. I often recommend people to limit their THC use, and ideally to vary their THC use, any way they can to avoid conditioning these patterns. Unfortunately many people have already established these conditioning mechanisms with their THC use and are now looking for a way out. And that is where I am going to cover in this blog article is how to cut back on your cannabis use, specifically high THC cannabis.

Start introducing CBD

The first step is very simple, start introducing CBD into your regimen. Even just a little CBD with your THC flower. Start with 15% CBD flower and the rest THC. You should feel the way that CBD modulates the effects of THC. The CBD is going to start increasing your neural plasticity. CBD also alters the way that THC affects you in a way which is conducive to being more productive. Slowly start increasing the ratio of CBD and decreasing the amount of THC in whatever your preferred form is. Eventually you will find that you start getting what you need, but without excessive stimulation unnecessarily ample THC dosages. This is what I like to call a functional high. And this state you are utilizing the benefits of THC without experiencing the detriments. People who use excessive amounts of THC are often not sensitized to perceiving the detrimental aspects. This doesn’t mean that they are experiencing those sides of the compound, but it means they do have a tolerance to those less desirable aspects. So they don’t experience them in the same way and often overlook them, only dealing with the physical manifestations they express. As you lower the quantity of THC you are using, eventually, you will become more sensitize to those aspects of it. When you use too much THC it might give you anxiety, or it might be too stimulating. CBD will usually help with this and that’s just one more reason why is fantastic to pair with your cannabis THC. CBD will give you a clearer perception of the effects of THC and allow you to judge its strength and weaknesses from a less biased standpoint. Because CBD has essentially no downsides, it makes quite clear that there are certain notes in THC which are less than desirable.

Use CBD instead of THC all together

     Eventually you might get to a point where the quantity of THC within a full spectrum CBD product is enough for you. At this point you can start using CBD whether it’s a tincture, a Vape cartridge or an edible instead of whatever your regular cannabis or weed form might take. CBD will help to reduce those nagging impulses to use cannabis and help to put you in a more calm and content state. At this point those conditioned functions that were previously tied to THC and failed to operate effectively without it should be free. So many people utilized THC for sleep, for example. Unfortunately, THC blocks REM sleep and only potentially reduces the time it takes to fall asleep. Yet, so many people have conditioned their wind down process before bedtime to include THC. These people swear that they could not fall asleep without THC. They’re not completely wrong about that, but the reality is they have simply formed a habit and created the bio mechanical trigger themselves through habit. CBD can be a fantastic tool uproot these triggers And to enable you to take back control. In the same way that CBD actively modulates THC’s affect in the short term, it also seems to have disability in the long term. It can be used in a way to re-sensitize the endo-Cannabinoid system by cultivating homeostasis. This homeostatic state is one where THC has its uses and its benefits as well as his detriments. This neutral position is important for a living a balanced life.

Around this time you will start preferring CBD to THC. You will see that CBD helps you to be more productive, think more clearly and better helps to clear up the things that you used CBD for. If you want to get high and have some fun with friends or after work, by all means, but the obsession or need to do so should be long behind you. Prioritizing functioning highly will always lead you to CBD. Most people just want to be more productive, add more value to their lives, have more connection and live life to the fullest. CBD’s subtractive helps you accomplish these goals more than anything. Rather than adding an effect to you, which has some benefits and other detriments, it merely sits in the background and removes some of the burdens life has pegged us with. 

If your finding it very hard to make the last drop

     Some people find that they struggle With making that last leap after reducing their THC intake significantly. You can use our bliss-boost capsules In order to stimulate your CB1 receptor in a very similar way to THC. This actually creates a familiar experience and can offer a very similar feeling to THC through the use of it combined with CBD. We have many customers who use our bliss-boost product Instead of THC if they need to pass a drug test or otherwise cannot use THC. These capsules Will often be enough to make up for any desire for THC. CBD will help reduce the impulse to use THC And the Bliss boost capsules will ensure that your CB1 receptors don’t go unstimulated. They will re-create that warm and fuzzy feeling that we all know and love from THC. They may even give a feeling of mild euphoria. Often this is enough stimulation to replace the feelings that we are missing from THC use. But only when your tolerance is very low does it have an opportunity to provide such a feeling. When you still have a tolerance it will mainly serve to resupply your body with anadamide, the bliss molecule, and the neurotransmitter which THC uses to convey its effect. When you use THC often, you can get depleted in anandamide, and also down-regulate your bodies ability to receive anandamide on the CB1 receptors. More anandamide gives more opportunity for CB1 stimulation and help to compensate for the tolerance while also making up for the absence of THC.

Endo-boost to see you through

Finally to tie it all together we have are Endo-boost capsules. These increase the amount of Endo-cannabinoids in the central nervous system. Much like CBD itself they of regulate the Endo-cannabinoid system and help bring homeostasis to the bodies self regulating mechanisms. The Endo-boost capsules are like vitamins for your Endo-cannabinoid system. They give your Endo Cannabinoid system the building blocks it Needs in order to create its neurotransmitters and function optimally. This can be critical For your body’s ability to adapt to its new THC free environment. When your Endo-cannabinoid system is functioning at a high level you are much better prepared to handle stressors and adapt to new physiological environments. Our Endo-boost capsules help CBD to work more effectively and increase the duration of downstream effects of CBD. The Endo-boost formula actually contains ingredients which have been used for addiction cessation in the past. They can help to minimize cravings and reduce those nagging impulses. When the noise of your cravings are reduced it is much easier to create new neural pathways and new healthy coping mechanisms. Together you and The Remedy’s great lineup of Endo-cannabinoid system nourishing products, can now take back control. We want to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself with real actionable information. We can only tell you the experience that we’ve had with our clients, the information our research has generated and hope that this information helps to guide you in your quest for self improvement. that is why we want to lay all the information out for you simply, so that you can understand and utilize these tools for yourself. We know that you have a ton of potential. We love hearing stories of our great customers flourishing and benefiting from our advice and our products. So when you see the results from your efforts please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about it. Nothing is better fuel for us, keep us motivated, and help us understand what help you most.

If you suffer from pain

Many people use THC for pain, it can be quite effective for it. But actually THC is much more effective for pain when it is combined with CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC. Minor cannabinoids have incredible anti-inflammatory power. Tinctures like our Relief and Elevate can help and really increase the benefits of the THC used for pain. The Endo-boost capsules are also incredibly helpful for using with pain or discomfort. Take 2-4 capsules with your dose of THC and other cannabionids to drastically increase the benefits. I would advise taking as little THC as possible to optimize your regiment. An Israeli study found that 500mcg of THC is the ideal dosage for pain relief. Read that study here. 

Results showed that inhalation of 0.5 mg (500 micrograms) or 1mg (1 milligram) of THC contributed to “a significant reduction in pain intensity compared with baseline and remained stable for 150 min.”

These quantities of THC would be about the amount inhaled from a hit of a 20% THC vape cartridge. The quantity of THC is so low and there is little evidence that this is dose dependent. Sometimes there is a point of diminishing returns. Where the medicine offers reduced benefit increase and more side effect increases. So don’t overdue the THC and get a high tolerance when your pain can be better managed with lower doses. Even that small amount of THC will breath life into minor cannabinoids paired with it much far larger quantities, THC Is that potent. 

For managing stress and anxiety

     THC is actually quite stimulating and can give someone anxiety who normally does not suffer. 

Is there a Way to Make a Water-Soluble Extract?

     There is one way to make a water soluble extract that I find acceptable and effective. And that is by an ethanol extraction of hemp flower. While a CBD extract dissolved in alcohol will reject from water I have found that a flower extraction directly in the ethanol will for some reason stabilize those cannabinoids within the alcohol and not allow them to reject. 

     Maybe a hard-core chemist can comment on the physics of how that works, but I am not completely aware of them. This is the same method that herbalists and shaman have been using for tens of thousands of years to make herbal tinctures that they have found effective. 

     They have been used as medicine for eons, since the dawn of time . That means that the entire historic use of cannabinoids there’s been two primary modes of consumption; one ingesting the cannabinoids as they are or absorbed into a oil based concoction, whether that’s food, whether that’s the fat of the animal, or eating the flower directly in it’s waxy oil form on the bud people and animals alike have done so and it’s been effective for them because they continue to do so and revere this plant.

Long History of Alcohol Extracts

     Outside of that alcohol tinctures have been derived from cannabis and used as medicine which is well documented by modern antique glass bottles early American tinctures all the way back to thousands of years ago in Chinese medicine texts describing its use in a number of instances. 

     These simple traditional use cases are what I personally have found to be the most effective and they also outlined the same underlying principles that evolution nature and our ancestors no best. The priorities of today are more centered around hyper-novelty and creating new “complex” marketable ingredients which you can’t do or make at home and you are all not “smart enough“ to fully understand how they work or why they make sense. And this way they can leave you in the dark “trusting the science” and ensuring that you’re in good hands in the hard-working doctors or whatever.

     If there is one thing that I am good at, I have a knack for trusting my gut and knowing what substances are good, what things feel good to me or not, evaluating different substances regardless of assays or lack there of. With this talent I’ve developed my line of different natural health products that we find effective for all sorts of different things. I can’t allow myself to be seduced by these paper assays erroneous ways of evaluating these nano emulsified CBD ingredients that report them as being superior. 

     They may allow infinite CBD to get into your bloodstream, that’s not necessarily where it supposed to be, and that isn’t where it’s been for the entirety of an evolutionary process. We don’t even really know where it is supposed to go to be most effect or how it even works for that matter.

Can they really be full spectrum?

     Another huge downside is the question of whether an emulsified CBD can really even be full spectrum. The industry CBD and users alike have all accepted from their own use and experimentation that full spectrum CBD preparation‘s are superior in their effectiveness to an isolate. 

     But when you break down CBD into a nano size particle and then dilute it with the emulsifiers and surfactants it becomes only about 20% on average sometimes 10 or 15% in potency. This also is a 80 or 90% reduction in minor cannabinoids which are already usually only available in such minute quantities they can barely be called full spectrum in the first place. 

     So can nano emulsified cannabinoid preparation‘s really be even called full spectrum in any case if you start off with 3% CBG in your full spectrum distillate and you reduce that by 90% and you’re left with the smallest fraction imaginable. Once the supporting cannabinoids are reduced down to such an incredibly small quantity the results can only be considered homeopathic, if anything.

Keeping Homeopathic Medicine in Mind

     Homeopathic medicine is based on the theories of essentially taking medication and diluting them down to the point where they can’t be detected by any sort of equipment and then they’re called medicine. This is essentially the same process of nano emulsified CBD especially when it comes to the minors and the CBD that still get used to refer to an ingredient as full spectrum. 

     I think the possibility of that being actually full-spectrum in any sort of way is laughable at best. The amount of processing involved in arriving at these preparation‘s is massive. Whole point of full spectrum is that the extract is minimally processed and left largely intact to be representative of the plant. These water soluble extracts are the most processed forms of CBD.

Did you leave big pharma behind just to re-pharma your canna?

     And that leaves me with my last point. If you were looking for a more natural way to ease your suffering, why are you going to take that thing in which you are seeking solace with and apply the same processes and techniques as the industry which lost your faith and you were running from? Most people use CBD because they have either been failed by the medical system, they don’t trust the pharmaceutical companies which produce risk laden drugs and they are looking for alternatives. 

     If you’ve already come to those conclusions why would you turn around and choose the version of that alternative which is most similar to that which you are looking to replace. I understand that the glitz and glam that you have been conditioned to be impressed by. 

     The nonstop marketing of the superiority of modern science to traditional practices is ceaseless. But if you were finding that some of these modern medicines have underserved you then perhaps it is best to approach your Health from an entirely different angle.

Nature Doesn't Make Mistakes

     Nature doesn’t make mistakes, nature is everything around us. Science is only the observation of nature and the utilization or manipulation of those systems which we’ve just begun to understand. We are not in a position to know better or out-smart nature, and if we ever think that we are, you gonna rest assured that it is hubris fueling such a thought. 

     So when you see someone marketing something to you saying that they found a better way than your body has done for thousands of years, think twice about the validity of such a statement. Evaluate whether you think this one individual human being is likely to have out-smarted nature and evolution and everything it has successfully created that functions so well together or if maybe they are just trying to market you the latest thing that sounds great but has no value at all and if anything is perhaps worse than the way things were always done.

How does The Remedy Co. maximize absorption?

     What we do at the remedy is harness time tested mechanisms which maximize the efficacy of oil based lipophilic compounds. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years for its variety of healing benefits, and with that black Pepper has always been a primary recommendation. 

     Modern scientific research has also substantiated the fact that black pepper and the piperine contained within potentiate the absorption of the curcumin within turmeric by 2000%. Curcumin just happens to be a waxy lipophilic curcuminoid, Note the oid, conspicuously similar to cannabinoid in the nomenclature as well as with its waxy lipophilic nature. 

     The Remedy utilizes Black pepper to leverage its absorption enhancing properties which we believe applies to all lipophilic compounds. We don’t use an isolated piperine in which it has been denatured and extracted with petroleum solvents so harsh that it is but a glimmer of what it was once, held within a black peppercorn. Full spectrum is something we take so seriously, that we hold the principles down to each individual ingredient.

Here comes the Full Spectrum

     We use the only full spectrum black pepper extract in the entire world. The only CO2 extracted black pepper that gets produced in the world, which not only includes piperine to help with absorption but also includes guineensine which acts as an endo-cannabinoid re-uptake inhibitor and actually simulate CBDs mechanisms of action while allowing CBD to act longer within the central nervous system. 

     Piperine can actually be harmful to the gut lining if isolated and processed but when held within the matrix of compounds that it was originally placed within in a black peppercorn is incredibly medicinal. So you should be very aware when your products sell you on things like bio-Perrine or piperine extracts isolated to a 95 percentile concentration when that concentration of piperine is actually harmful to your body. Once again this is a hyper novel form of a natural compound that your body is not used to dealing with and can be harmful.

Sunflower Lecithin Brings it to the Next Level

     We also utilize, in our particular case, sunflower lecithin in order to help oil bind to the water. In our case we use it in an oil formulation so that oil can be better absorbed by your body which is mostly water. It is also going to help that oil be more compatible with your cell membranes, like the cell membranes of your gut lining. 

     Instead of utilizing that lecithin to place the oil soluble CBD within water and therefore potentially confuse the body as to what it’s actually trying to digest, undermining the enzymatic processes that would normally be triggered by a fat soluble ingredient entering the mouth in the stomach. We lower the barrage identify the oil for what it is what include some compounds what is the value would also use in order to digest as a thing.

But Wait, There's More

     We also use oil of cinnamon CO2 extracted which helps augment the lipid metabolism within the gut. If your lipid metabolism and digestion is augmented that’s going to further increase the body‘s ability to absorb and utilize CBD as well. 

     This is just one more example; rather than undermining the bodies usual process and pretending that we know better, simply observing how the body does things normally offering it things were supplement that process. This is how science has always been done and how it will continue to be done successfully into the future. 

     Simply a matter of observing nature, understanding a minute portion of that process and taking that my new understanding and using it to discover mechanisms which augment the process that is already occurring. This is how we have developed the most effective line of tinctures on the market and why we do not use water soluble nano which is just Aline imprint of pharmacological technology yet untested unconfirmed but push through the pipeline nonetheless. We will wait until our personal experience confirms what are the pencil pushers paper assays try and imply.

Don't Believe the Hype

So, don’t believe the hype, go with what is tried and true.  Try any of The Remedy Co’s tinctures and see for yourself.  Go ahead, compare our tinctures to any water soluble CBD tincture on the market and let us know what you think.


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