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anandamide endocannabinoid neurons

Introducing Enhancers by The Remedy

Enhancers by The Remedy

Modify your cannabis effects

We are really excited to announce the start of our line of cannabinoid enhancer products. Starting with… Big surprise…. The Cannabinoid Enhancer capsules. The idea behind the enhancers in general comes from our research into the endocannabinoid system. From understanding the underlying mechanics of this complex lipid signaling system one can begin to unwrap its secrets and reveal all its potential. Studying these mechanisms has lead us to identifying FAAH, fatty acid amide hydrolase, as a primary target in cannabinoid therapeutics. This enzyme is what hydrolyzes, or breaks down, endocannabinoids which enables their cellular reuptake, removing them from active use. One of CBDs more than a dozen mechanisms of action includes inhibiting FAAH. This we believe to be one of the most important functions of CBD, and one that makes it very synergistic with THC as well. Understanding this lead us to our black pepper extract which so effectively makes our tinctures work twice as quickly and last 1.5x longer. Interestingly enough, our bodies produce some pretty great compounds for this as well, and these we are utilizing for our enhancers.

anandamide endocannabinoid neurons

Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules

Extend Duration
Maximize benefits
Get the most out of your cannabinoids

Our cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules contain a precise formula of fatty acid amides for the purposes of protecting and potentiating anandamide, one of our main two endocannabinoids. These capsules will increase the lifespan of our endocannabinoids, preventing their breakdown, while helping our bodies to produce more of them. 

Therefore greatly amplifying the effects and duration of our usual exogenously taken cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Users report that durations are extended 1.5-2x and they are able to use a smaller dose to stretch their main CBD/THC product out over a larger period of time. Our Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules are really great for modulating effects of cannabinoids and we find they are a fantastic work day cognitive booster. We get a lot more work done and are highly focused while taking them. They can help with inflammation and neuropathic pain. We have lots of ecstatic customers who are running out of enhancer capsules half way through their CBD tinctures and coming back for more. We have been giving out free samples of these capsules to select in store and online customers with raving reviews. People are finding significantly more relief by enhancing their CBD dosages with the Enhancer Capsules. So whether you want more out of your regular CBD dose or you are trying to get the most bang for your buck to make it last the Enhancer Capsules are a great investment. If you buy them with a CBD product they are only $19.99, such a steal. Get them here.


Modify your high

Get a nice buzz right from your CBD and still pass your drug test...

This oil is full of amazing cannabinergic goodness. Take this and feel your levels of anandamide rise. Andandamide, or N-arachidonoylethanolamine (AEA), got its nickname the “bliss amide” for a reason. Higher levels of anandamide are associated with euphoria, the runners high and even THC high

THC enhancer

 Both THC and anandamide are CB1 agonists, meaning they bind to the CB1 receptor and therefor have similar effects. Anandamide is a much weaker agonist and is also broken down much faster, so it is similar to THC but more mild, mellow and subtle. Our THC enhancers can be used to boost anandamide by providing the building blocks for its production, ingredients natural extracts that preserve endocannabinoids by inhibiting an enzyme FAAH, and endocannabionids themselves. Try the THC enhancer with a CBD product and feel the warm body glow and light euphoria come through. You even can use that combo for a nice buzz while also passing drug tests! Then try combining the CBD, THC Enhancer and cannabinoid enhancer capsules all at once for the greatest effect. The THC enhancer can also be used to amplify the effects of the Delta8 for those with higher tolerances, or even extend the duration and modulate the effect of some of our low delta8 vapes. The THC Enhancer is so versatile every cannabis enthusiast or cannabinoid product user should have it in their arsenal. The possibility of combinations is endless, give it a try here and let us know what your favorite combinations are at

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