Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+. No free shipping for “Vape” items.

Free Shipping on all Orders over $50+.
No free shipping for “Vape” items.
The Remedy Syringes

Introducing Remedy Syringes

We know many of you have come to rely on our vape cartridges for your needs, we want to make sure you don’t skip a beat. We have all been concerned with the changes the PACT act brings. If you need a refresher or you never heard of the PACT act it basically bans the shipping of any vape products to consumers, you can read more about it here. We have been thinking hard about how to go about getting your products to you uninterrupted. Honestly we have not come up with a good answer for how to ship vape products, and we are not confident that we will come up with one. Hopefully some changes to the law will occur or some new shipping service will emerge.

In the meantime we are creating these syringes with the same blends of cannabinoids and terpenes you all have come to love. Each and every formula will be the same but in a syringe which you can use for edibles, making your own tincture, or whatever else your creative minds can dream up. BUT… you cannot use it for anything vape related. Actually by buying the syringe you will be agreeing that you have zero intention and swear that you will never use our syringes for anything vape or smoke related. Our syringes are purely for edible use only

How to use a syringe

There are many ways to use a syringe, but first you have to get that thick oil out. We are sorry it is so thick, but high potency cannabinoid rich oils are always very thick there is no way around it. This makes pushing the plunger down very difficult at room temperatures. To make extracting this oil easier we highly recommend using one of the following methods to heat the syringe before pushing the plunger down.

The Double Boil

Put a sauce pan or pot on the stove and set it to medium. Grab a thermometer and make sure it doesn’t get too hot. 150-180 is ideal and any hotter than that will start to boil off terpenes, oxidize or isomerize the cannabinoids and nobody wants that. Even 180 is pushing it but you will be ok there. Place a small mason jar, measuring cup or otherwise heavy bottom thick glass container into the water and fill it with more water. Place the syringe in that water and allow it to warm to within that 150-175/180 range. Once the water has been around that temperature for 10 or 15 minutes it should be thin enough for a much easier removal. Now the plunger should be push-able in a much more controlled manor allowing you to very accurately dispense the exact amount of oil you require. That way you can make your own edibles with precisely the amount of cannabinoids you want. 

The Hair Dryer

The faster but more janky method is surely the ol’ hair dryer technique. Watch your fingers, you can use tonges to hold the syringe, or you can place it in a glass, mug or other heat resistant vessel. Be careful not to heat the plunger as it is plastic and it will surely melt faster than anything else. Be ginger with the hair dryer, keep it far away from the syringe, don’t get excited and burn yourself, the oil or melt anything you aren’t intending to. After a few minutes the oil should be thin enough for use. Look for air bubbles and see if they start moving faster, turn the syringe over and see if the oil moves. Once it is moving you are good to go. 

Seriously Don't Vape It

If we find you filling a vape cartridge, loading a dap rig, e-nail, fancy flower and concentrate vape with our syringes…. we will be really upset, seriously hurt, deeply. But never mind our feelings, mostly you will be breaking a contract, your oath, to us, signed upon your purchase. By placing our syringes in your cart and even thinking about checking out you agree to NEVER vape these concentrates. This oil is not for vaping, not for any consumption without further processing. Meaning you agree to place this oil in food, dilute it in oil, or otherwise infuse it into some sort of edible concoction. This is an edible infusion syringe only and can only be used for that purpose. Don’t vape it. 

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