Today we wanted to go over this commonly asked question.  We are asked this question so often that we felt it was past the need of being in our FAQs section and needed its own article.  Many people are familiar with THC and its sometimes overwhelming effects.  But not as many people are familiar with the more newly popular cannabinoid on the block; CBD.

     We are going to go over what CBD is, and how its effects compare to THC.  There are many topics and frequently asked questions to cover here, so we’ll do our best.  If you have any questions relating to this topic that we do not cover, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

Ok, I know what THC is, so what is CBD?

     Much like THC, CBD is a cannabinoid derived from cannabis sativa.  High THC cultivars of cannabis are referred to as “Marijuana” and high CBD cultivars of cannabis are referred to as “Hemp”.  To be clear, these are all the same plant.

     However, the distinction here between THC and CBD is pretty significant.  THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the classic psychoactive compound found in cannabis.  What this means is, THC is the component of cannabis that gets you “high”.

     Many people have experienced THC’s effects before, whether from smoking, or eating an often too strong edible.  These experiences have shaped people’s perceptions of cannabis, often in a bad way.  However, cannabis isn’t all bad when you dive deeper in to it.

     CBD (Cannabidiol) is a completely different experience, and has a slew of important health benefits.  We will talk more about those below, but for now just know that CBD is entirely different from THC.  Let’s explore how it is different, and how you can benefit from this calming cannabinoid.

Top 3 Benefits of CBD

     It would certainly be difficult to dive deep on all of the benefits of CBD in this article.  What we can do though is give a brief overview of how you can benefit from this cannabinoid.  There are a wide array of CBD benefits, and we think you’ll most likely find some that would be helpful for you.

     1. Anti-Inflammatory – Several studies, such as this study and this study, showed significant anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.  The second study we linked also examines CBD alone as well as combined with CBG.  Together, CBD and CBG enhance each others anti-inflammatory actions.

     2. Anxiety and PTSD – Many studies have evaluated CBD’s ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety and PTSD.  This study from 2019, evaluated CBD’s effect on a small group of patients with PTSD.  What the study found was that CBD was able to reduce many markers of PTSD.  This included, but was not limited to, a reduction in nightmares.

     3.  Neuroprotective – More recently, CBD has been studied for relief of several neurological disorders.  Two of the most prominent disorders include Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy.  In this study CBD was found to reduce seizure frequency and be safe enough for children to use.


But can I drive a car on CBD?

     The short answer here is: yes.  CBD is non-intoxicating and in no way should effect your driving.  To be safe, we always recommend people try something for the first time in a safe environment so they can see how it effects them.  However, we want to emphasize again that CBD will not get you high like THC.

     Many people have had bad experiences smoking weed and not being able to function.  This is common and not surprising whatsoever.  The difference again, is that CBD is not going to get you high.  CBD does not cause the same psychoactivity and intoxication that THC causes.

     We personally prefer to take CBD before a long trip, and it certainly helps us deal with other crazy drivers on the road.  CBD really takes the edge off of stress and stressful situations.  It helps you to react better to your surroundings and does not appear to effect reaction time whatsoever.

Am I going to be able to Focus on my Studying?

     Many people actually prefer to take CBD when reading or studying.  Especially when combined with CBG, CBD can actually help to clear the mind and increase focus.  Although we are not 100% sure on the mechanisms here, there are many theories including CBD and CBG’s ability to reduce brain inflammation and brain fog.

     THC is the cannabinoid that decreases your ability to focus, not CBD.  And we want to do our best to lean people towards an accurate perception of the effects CBD can have on them.  Many people are currently enjoying the benefits of CBD for focusing, reading, and studying for school.

Does CBD oil have THC? Am I going to fail a drug test?

     Yes, no, and maybe.  This has been a very hot topic in the past year or two.  Many people go to less than reputable places to buy their CBD.  They have anecdotal reports of getting “high” or failing drug tests.  Most of these experiences are due to sub-par or even downright sketchy products.

     But lets answer this question as clearly as possible to end the confusion.  CBD Isolate as well as Broad Spectrum CBD, are forms of CBD that contain no detectable amount of THC.  These two extracts, from a reputable source, will not get you high and will not cause you to fail a drug test.

     However, Full Spectrum CBD does contain trace amounts of THC.  Again, from a reputable source, this will be 0.3% by weight or less.  This is what the FDA has determined to be safe and legal, and this is what all of The Remedy Co’s products contain.  Unfortunately, sourcing reputable CBD can be a bit of a challenge as a consumer and you really need to do your homework.  Go to a gas station for CBD and you can pretty much guarantee it won’t be compliant.

     So the only chance of failing a drug test here is a non-compliant product, or possibly a compliant product that is Full Spectrum.  It is hard to say if a Full Spectrum compliant CBD product will cause a positive drug test.  This is going to be dependent on how much you take and your personal body and metabolism.  We recommend that if you are drug tested regularly, you go with one of our Broad Spectrum or CBD Isolate based products just to be safe.


     CBD is a great choice when you are looking for relief from stress, pain, and much more.  It is non-intoxicating and so will not inhibit your ability to perform at work or while driving.

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