We offer only the most premium craft CBD tinctures. We have spent many years perfecting the complex formulation of our CBD tinctures. Featuring our exclusive beyond full spectrum CBD distillate. This means our product is more full-spectrum than any others you will find on the market. We combine our minor CBD actives rich extract with CBD oil. CBD oil comes from the same plant and is most easily utilized by the body. Finally for the cherry on top we add our proprietary blend of spice extracts.

These spice extracts not only create the dynamic and enjoyable flavor our premium CBD Tinctures feature. But they also add a number of powerful effects on top and in combination with the CBD. Spices like cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric and ginger each of these contains numerous beneficial elements. Black pepper alone has 5 major components we researched to enhance the effects of CBD.

Our obsession with creating the best products is why our slogan is ‘care from seed to soul’. We stop at nothing to prove The Remedy Cares. Come learn for yourself how much our research and care adds up in our line of CBD Tinctures. Premium ingredients, research-backed formulations, hand made production. This is natural health and modern science in perfect harmony.