Huge battery capacity in a small packaging 1100mah to lasts for days

This battery is more than double our 400mah with a whopping 1100mah capacity. This will last you days without having to charge. Charges with included micro-usb cable for your convenience. Charges very fast so you never have to wait around. For those that use their vape often and never want to be without the enduro is for you.

 The Remedy Co.

For People Experiencing:

 The Remedy Co.

Long Battery Life

 The Remedy Co.

3 Heat Settings

 The Remedy Co.

5-Click On/Off


Ario Enduro 1100mah Vape Battery


Start with 1mL under your tongue. Ideally taken with a fatty meal. Hold it there for a minute. Swallow when desired. Wait 15 minutes to evaluate effects. If desired effects were not achieved try taking more. This can be repeated one, two or three times a day as needed. You can also take less than 1mL and spread that dosage throughout the day if it works potently for you. 

 The Remedy Co.

3 Heat Settings

- Blue - Low
- Green - Medium
- Red - High

Extra Long Battery Life

- 1100mAh Capacity

Ario Enduro Vape Battery The Remedy Co.

Power On/Off

- Clicking the button 5 times consecutively will power the unit on or off.

510 Thread

- This vape battery works with any 510 thread vape cartridge.

 The Remedy Co.

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