Calm Mouth Spray CBD with CBG

Freshen your breath and put a pep in your step all at the same time. 1000mg of Delta8 total, 7mg a pump, with 3mg of CBG making 10mg per pump and a total of 140 pumps in all.


Calm Mouth Spray Ingredients

Ingredients: CBD, CBG, Grain alcohol, Vegetable Glycerine, Sweet Birch oil, Copaiba Balsam Oil, Clove oil, Ginger oil, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil.

Advantages of a Mouth Spray application:

This is our beloved Calm formulation in mouth spray form. Not only a great way to freshen your breath, but also allow optimal absorption of cannabinoids. Being dissolved in alcohol and atomized through the spray head into the finest particle size is going to allow for maximum surface area for permeating the oral mucosa. This means you are going to feel effects faster and ensure you get the most out of each dosage.

Calm Mouth Spray Cannabinoid Content

Each 10mL bottle contains 1000mg of CBD and 500mg CBG with 140 total sprays. That means you get 7mg of CBD and 3.5mg of CBG per spray, 10mg in total, go pump by pump and figure out your exact preferred dosage. You will find Solace from your physical discomfort, stress, worry and upset. Feel it set in within 10 minutes, often far sooner.

Solace Mouth Spray Terpene Overview

This little spray bottle not only packs in 1500mg of cannabinoids but also some serious variety of terpenes. Primarily β-caryophyllene, From Copaiba Balsam and Clove oil. β-caryophyllene from these natural sources has the supporting terpenes such as transα-bergamotene, and β-bisabolene, α-humulene + (E)-β-farnesene from Copaiba Balsom Oil and eugenol, and alpha-humulene from Cloves, that ensure proper absorption and utilization by the body.

Ingredient Details:

Copaiba Balsam Oil:

Copaiba Balsam Oil has been traditionally used as healing and anti-inflammatory agents in the Brazilian folk medicine. Nevertheless, in recent years, several studies suggested a broad spectrum of COR effects in nonneural tissues, including anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive [], cytotoxic and anticancerous [], antimicrobial [], wound healing, and antiulcer [] activities.

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We add copaiba as a natural β-caryophyllene source with supporting terpenes to ensure the proper absorption and utilization of this powerful cannabimimetic terpene. β-caryophyllene actually acts directly on the endocannabinoid system more so than CBD itself. Technically making it more of a cannabinoid than CBD. The medicinal use of β-caryophyllene is widely documented and revered.

δ-elemene 0.2
cyclosativene 0.9
α-copaene 0.5
δ-elemene 0.2
cyclosativene 0.9
α-copaene 0.5
β-elemene 3.2
α-gurjunene 0.7
β-caryophyllene 37.3
transα-bergamotene 9.0
aromadendrene 0.9
epi-β santalene 0.1
α-humulene + (E)-β-farnesene 5.4
β-chamigrene 1.0
γ-gurjunene 0.6
γ-curcumene 0.6
β-selinene 4.8
α-selinene 3.0
(Z)-α-bisabolene 1.8
α-bulnesene 2.2
β-bisabolene 14.5
β-curcumene 0.4
β-sesquiphelandrene 1.2
(E)-γ-bisabolene 1.4
caryophyllene oxide 0.1
epiβ-bisabolol 0.1
β-bisabolol 0.2

Sweet Birch Oil

Birch essential oil is composed primarily of one chemical component, methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, rubefacient and anti-rheumatic and is therefore effective for muscle & joint pain relief. 5ml of Methyl salicylate is equivalent to 21 asprin.

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Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon bark oil contains as its major component cinnamaldehyde (usually 60-75%); other constituents include eugenol, eugenol acetate, cinnamyl acetate, cinnamyl alcohol, methyl eugenol, benzaldehyde, cuminaldehyde, benzyl benzoate, linalool, monoterpene hydrocarbons (e.g., pinene, phellandrene, and cymene)

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Clove Oil

This essential oil comprises in total 23 identified constituents, among them eugenol (76.8%), followed by beta-caryophyllene (17.4%), alpha-humulene (2.1%), and eugenyl acetate (1.2%) as the main components

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