Calm Tincture - 2:1 CBD CBG

This formulation features the amazingly synergistic combination of CBD and CBG in a 2:1 this has shown to greatly enhance the effect of the CBD, extend duration, and create much more dramatic benefit. If your a fan of our 1000mg tincture, or looking for a little something more, our calm tincture is the answer. For daytime stress and focus there is nothing better, even for physical ailments it can be hugely beneficial, feel the dramatic improvement in entourage effect with these two amazing cannabinoids.

Ingredients: Hemp Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Ginger Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Terpineol


Ever struggle to get through the day because of restlessness, scattered thinking, stress or any other mental affliction? This tincture is for you. With 1000mg of CBD and 500mg of Cannabigerol (CBG), this 2:1 is ideal for helping to calm down racing thoughts and stress. CBG has a number of other physical benefits as well, including inflammatory, pain, bone and autoimmune related symptoms. Cannabigerol has been used to stimulate appetite in some studies. We combine this with a Ginger Extract which can help Calm upset stomachs, aid in digestion, help to further reduce inflammation and compound the benefits of our tinctures Hemp actives. Terpenes such as Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene and Terpineol further maximize the therapeutic benefits of the Hemp actives. Look no further for your daytime needs than this tincture.

Recommended Pairings:

If you already love this tincture it could be time to try the Vape Version our Calm CBG Vape Cartridge. An unbeatable combination to reduce anxiety and stress throughout the day.

For Pain and inflammation try our Calm Tincture together with a Pain Balm or Soothing Butter. These can be applied directly to the painful location while the Cannabigerol and Hemp actives from the Calm Tincture work systemically.


Cannabigerol (CBG) – Known as the mother of all cannabinoids when in its acidic form. CBGa is a precursor to other cannabinoids which the plant converts as the growth cycle progresses. Cannabigerol has many similar effects to CBD including its impact on anxiety and stress. It seems to be particularly effective for clearing the mind and calming the nerves, hence the name of our tincture. This could be due to its neuro-protective effects and vasodiolating properties. CBG has also been associated with reduction in ocular pressure and therefore glaucoma. Cannabigerol is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can modulate the immune system as well. CBG has also shown to be a very effective antimicrobial agent. Together CBD and CBG produce a lot of synergy, greatly compounding on another’s benefits in a very tangible way.

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Ginger CO2 Extract – Containing standardized quantities of Ginger’s primary active components Gingerols & Shogaols. These compounds not only provide the zesty ginger flavor we all know and love but also provide the numerous benefits ginger is well renowned for. From calming and upset stomach, reducing nausea, to it’s analgesic, anti-inflammatory and even life extending potential the significance of Ginger and it’s components cannot be overstated. Our oil is delicately extracted with CO2 and highly concentrated with the most medicinally active components 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol. There are more than 200 compounds are identified from ginger, and its bioactive components include volatile oils, anthocyanins, tannins, and pungent phenolic compounds known as gingerols, shogaols, and sesquiterpenes. Our extract not only has a concentrated quantity of gingerols and shogaols but it also retains a great many of these other supporting ingredients that synergies to maximize the benefits. This extract is what gives our Calm tincture its ginger flavor.

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Black Pepper CO2 Extract: Contains Piperine which is often used to aid in the absorption of pharmaceuticals and natural active ingredients like Curcumin, which some studies claim has increased absorption by 2000%. We believe Piperine greatly aids in the absorption of CBD extracts and Cannabigerol. The piperine in this formula plays a critical part in the synergistic absorption complex featured in this specialty tincture. Guineensine is another active component of black pepper which has been found to be an endocannabinoid reuptake inhibiter. This is one of the same therapeutic mechanisms of action as CBD, making it a ‘Cannabimimetic’. It therefore has potential to greatly extend the benefits of the CBD and CBG. The volatile oil content (essential oils) which makes up 34% of our CO2 extract consists of β-Caryophyllene and Myrcene, two of the most therapeutic terpenes well researched.

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Cinnamon CO2 Extract: This sweet oil is not just a delicious addition to our tinctures flavor profile, it also provides a wide array of benefits. Cinnamon contains phytochemicals which boost the brains ability to utilize glucose, its preferred energy source. Cinnamon contains Cinnamaldehyde which gives it anti-microbial properties. Cinnamon can help modulate blood sugar and mitigate its spiking which is great for weight or diabetes management. We believe the terpenes and other compounds in this extract maximize the benefits of CBD and CBG.

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D-Limonene: One of the most therapeutic and well researched terpenes, often said to be uplifting and stress relieving.

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α-pinene: This terpene is also very well-researched for its therapeutic benefit.

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α-terpineol: Numerous benefits of this amazing terpene make it an easy choice to include in our tinctures.

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Myrcene: A very relaxing terpene with fantastic benefits to physical discomfort.

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Nociception (also nocioception or nociperception, from Latin nocere ‘to harm or hurt’) is the sensory nervous system’s response to certain harmful or potentially harmful stimuli, an important detail to know


Sunflower Lecithin: An essential fatty acid and phospholipid. It binds oil and water together, allowing cannabinoids to be absorbed more efficiently. CBD and CBG are both fat soluble compounds, and our bodies are 72% water. Each of our cells is surrounded in a phospholipid bilayer which is why this fatty acid is so very important to us nutritionally. Sunflower lecithin is also an antioxidant/natural preservative and can enhance cognition and brain function. Lecithin is as important as the cannabigerol in this formulation because it is going to deliver the cannabinoids.

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Boswellia Resin: Frankincense is sourced from the Resin from Boswellia Sacra and has been used for its therapeutic benefits for longer than written history. With modern science, we’ve learned that a great many of the benefits of this amazing resin come from the boswellic acids. AKBA (3-O-acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid) is the most important and effective acid among them.

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“Frankincense (乳香 Rǔ Xiāng; Boswellia Species) is reported to contain 60-85% resins (mixtures of terpenes), 6-30% gums (mixture of polysaccharides), and 5-9% essential oil. Resin portion is composed of pentacyclic triterpenes, in which boswellic acid is the active functional group. Gum portion consists of pentose and hexose sugars with some oxidizing and digestive enzymes. The essential oil is a mixture of monoterpenes, diterpenes, and sesquiterpenes.”

It is very important to note that the most functional aspect of the Boswellia Resin, not the essential oil. Most products use easily acquired and utilized Frankincense essential oil and call it a day, not us, we use the Resin. We use the highest quality resin in the world because we care enough to find the best and most effective components of the most therapeutic plants in the world.

“In a study, it was reported that the resinous part of B. serrata contains the following: Monoterpenes (α-thujone); diterpenes [macrocyclic diterpenoids such as incensole, incensole oxide, iso-incensole oxide, a diterpene alcohol (serratol)]; triterpenes (such as α- and β-amyrins); pentacyclic triterpenic acids (boswellic acids)”

It is important to note just how complex the full resin component of this plant secretion is; if you are someone excited by terpenes, think about the complexity of an entire world of terpenes waiting to be utilized, not just hemp terpenes. The complexity and variety of terpenes are endless and the potential benefits are equally so.


Hemp Oil: Our carrier oil of choice, we like to remind people that cold pressed hemp seed oil (Hemp Oil) has no cannabinoid content in and of itself; don’t be confused by misleading marketing. We use hemp oil because it is from the same plant as our cannabinoids, making it an ideal carrier. Its perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids make it ideal for the human body to absorb and utilize. We have evolved to absorb nutrients that are naturally paired together, so we always try to retain as much of the integrity of the plant as we can. Essential fatty acids are also precursors to endocannabinoids, so our carrier oil can even help up-regulate your endocannabinoid tone in and of itself.

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Our hemp flower is an organic and sustainable agricultural product grown with great care by our partner farms. It is third party tested to ensure there are no heavy metals, residual solvents, or pesticides.

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