Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules

The Cannabinoid Enhancer can be combined with cannabinoids in order to maximize and modulate their effect. Known to be anti-inflammatory and analgesic these capsules with help extend and enhance the effects of any CBD or cannabinoid product. We have found it to be great for focus and cognition as well. Instantly became part of our work regiment.



We are very excited to introduce: Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules featuring a type of compound that is naturally produced by your own cell membranes in order to help reduce inflammation and pain. It actions are very similar to cannabinoids and CBD in the receptors it interacts with an how it engages with them. It is actually produced by our bodies along with anandamide for its tendency to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down your endocannabinoids and therefor protecting there re-uptake.  We are calling it a ‘cannabinoid enhancer’ due to its palpable entourage enhancing effects. Your body breaks these compounds down into the building blocks of endo-cannabinoids making it a precursor to your own production. It also has potent endo-cannabinoid system effects related to reducing physical distress, neuropathic issues and inflammation in general. Cannabinoid Enhancer Capsules are what you need to get the most out of your CBD, THC and beyond. These have been flying off the shelves with all of our in-store customers we are struggling to keep them in stock, come see why for yourself.

This capsule can be taken with any of our capsules or CBD products to potentiate their effects. It can also be taken alone, but the effects will not be as noticeable. Combined with our tinctures, capsules or edibles The Cannabinoid Enhancer will help create a more pronounced feeling of wellbeing. Users have noticed a stark increase in sense of awareness and focus. The reduction of inflammation will be significantly higher with its combined use. Pain sensations should be modulated to more manageable levels. Its effects are well documented, tolerability is very high, and it is produced by our own bodies for this very reason. So to maximize the efficacy of your cannabinoids utilize our cannabinoid enhancer for the full entourage effect your body deserves.

 Bundles Explained

When purchasing another CBD product such as a Tincture, Capsule, Edible or Vape product Cannabinoid Enhancer can be purchased alongside it for a special bundle price. Please do not select Bundle price option unless another main product is purchased at the same time in the same cart. If a primary product ($39.99 or higher value) is not purchased alongside we will be sending you a larger sample size for you.

The Remedy Entourage Complex

Each of our CBD products features an array of ingredients which help to create The Remedy Entourage Complex but we are not expanding that into additional products so you can really get the most out of them. We pack as much as we can into our little 1oz tinctures, but to really maximize these synergistic entourage enhancers taking them in larger quantities on the side of your cannabinoids is the most effect route.

1 – CBD Product (TinctureCapsule or edible)

2 – Cannabinoid Enhancer

3 – Fish Oil (Healthy Fat source) Maximizes absorption and provides precursors for endo-cannabinoid production



Sample, 30, 30 Bundle, 60, 60 Bundle

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