CBD Oil Syringe 1g

Our premium Co2 Distillate dialed in to extract the perfect cannabinoid blend for a stable thick oil with fantastic flavor and cannabinoid content.


Our blend of cannabinoids which together create a perfectly stable oil. 80% CBD with a nice array of minor cannabinoids this oil has a delicious sweet aroma and is kept raw to preserve all the qualities of the source plant material. If you are looking to experience CBD in it’s finest and most pure form then this is it.

This Syringe is perfect for creating your own edibles, oil tinctures, or whatever else you can imagine. Conveniently placed in the syringe you can squeeze out exactly how much you need for whatever it is you are creating. So get those creative juices flowing and see what happens, no matter what it will be effective thanks to this amazing oil and save you some money while your at it.

Ingredients: CBD Co2 Extract

Disclaimer: By purchasing this vape cartridge you are agreeing that you have no intention of vaping this oil and that it is not intended for any vaping whatsoever, this syringe is for edible use only.

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1mL/1g, .5mL/.5g

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