If you are curious to try our CBD vape sampler this set is for you. Try all four of our CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC vape cartridges, while saving significantly!

For those who are already a big fan of our CBD vape cartridges, get them all for a great price and have a formulation for every circumstance.

Contents includes: 1x Relief Cartridge 1x Calm Cartridge 1x Sleep Cartridge 1x Elevate Cartridge

The Cartridges will be color coded for your convenience Calm, Sleep, Relief and Elevate Vape Cartridges.

 The Remedy

For People Experiencing:

 The Remedy

Moderate Stress

 The Remedy

Mood Issues

 The Remedy

Moderate Inflammation/Pain

Ingredients: 4 pack of our CBD Vape Cartridge line including Calm, Elevate, Relief and Sleep


Start with 1mL under your tongue. Ideally taken with a fatty meal. Hold it there for a minute. Swallow when desired. Wait 15 minutes to evaluate effects. If desired effects were not achieved try taking more. This can be repeated one, two or three times a day as needed. You can also take less than 1mL and spread that dosage throughout the day if it works potently for you. 

 The Remedy
CBC oil

CBC (Cannabichromene)

- Anti-inflammatory
- Neuroprotective
- Induces Neurogenesis
- Enhances other cannabinoids
- Boosts Mood

CBN (Cannabinol)

- Promotes better sleep quality.
- Pain relief and reduces physical discomfort - Neuroprotective
- Interacts with the TRPV receptors which sense pain

CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC Vape Cartridges – 4 Pack Sampler The Remedy

CBD (Cannabidiol)

- Anti-Inflammatory.
- Reduces Stress
- Increases Anandamide

 The Remedy

CBG (Cannabigerol)

- May help with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuroprotective, and antidepressant effects.
- Promotes neurogenesis

 The Remedy

How to Use Vape Sampler

 The Remedy

Vape Sampler For Stress

While all 4 of the vape carts will help alleviate stress, our Calm and Relief cartridges would be best suited for stress.  Elevate is also a great option for stress and can help with focus during the day as well.

 The Remedy

Vape Sampler for Mood

Our Calm and Elevate carts are especially good for mood.  Calm is great for reducing stress and increasing focus.  Elevate is a great option for elevating mood and increasing cognition during the day.

 The Remedy

Vape Sample for Pain

While all of our vape cartridges are great for reducing pain, our Elevate and Relief are especially good.  Use Elevate in the morning to reduce inflammation and pain.  Relief is a great option for reducing inflammation and pain at nighttime.

Pair with One of These for Even Better Results

 The Remedy

For Stress Combine Vape Sampler with...

Calm Tincture – Additional CBG delivered systemically for longer lasting results.

Or if vape isn’t your thing..

Relax Capsules – Our herbal blend to help reduce stress can be combined with Elevate, Calm, or Relief to help settle down the most intense episodes.

 The Remedy

For Mood Combine Vape Sampler with...

Lucid – This herbal blend not only helps with focus but also all cognition. Thats right, a brain functioning better is going to help your mood.


Sundrops – Vitamin D3, K2 and A with our absorption enhancing complex. These are critical vitamins for overall health. You bet they will make a massive difference in your mood.

 The Remedy

For Pain Combine Vape Sampler with...

Anti-inflame – Capsules Containing our superstar ingredients for reducing inflammation, mitigating pain and aiding in the healing process.


Soothing Butter – Featuring RSO, so it utilizes the widest array of compounds contained in hemp. This topical can help reduce local pain. So if your dealing with an injury this combination might be for you.

 The Remedy

Ingredients: 4 pack of our CBD Vape Cartridge line including Calm, Elevate, Relief and Sleep

- CBD/CBDa Co2 Extract -

CBDa is the acidic form of CBD. The form that comes straight off of the hemp plant. Usually it is ‘decarboxylated’ either during extraction or when combusting it, that is when it is heated and converts to CBD. We utilize this delicately extracted oil which maintains 50% of its CBD content as CBDa. The acidic forms have the interesting advantage of being water compatible. This makes them get absorbed more quickly. We have a theory that this fast absorption primes the body for utilizing other fat soluble cannabinoids. The water compatibility of CBDa makes it more likely to reach some unique areas of the body giving this tincture a wider area of effect. We find that products combining CBD and CBDa are a lot more effective. You can feel for yourself today. Recent research has found that CBDa may be effective for preventing Sars-cov2 from entering cells. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory, has evidence as a chemo-preventive and anti-convulsant.  

CBDa The Remedy

- CBD Distillate -

The CBD distillate we use is extracted through a CO2 process. This allows all the terpenes and a wide variety of minor cannabinoids from the same source to create the fullest possible spectrum. This oil is fragrant and citrus and gassy notes due to the preserved hemp terpenes. It is generally around 75% CBD and 10% minor cannabinoids making it some of the most diverse of distillates. This is just one of the reasons our products are so potent and effective. It starts with each ingredient being whole in and of itself high quality and highly robust. CBD is fantastic for anxiety, stress, inflammation and pain, relaxing soft tissue. CBD works by a number of mechanisms but actually only has minor affinity for the cannabinoid receptors antagonizing CB1 activity. This is most likely how it modulates the effects of THC and reduces its unwanted side effects. CBD also reduces cellular uptake of anandamide and catabolism through FAAH. This is one of our main focuses on the benefits of CBD and partly how we have developed our enhancers. 

- CBG Isolate -

Cannabigerol is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids” because it is the first to form on the hemp plant and is then converted into all other cannabinoids. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. CBD is also fantastic food anxiety and mood. We find that it really clears the pallet of our mind, helping us to center our consciousness on the task at hand. CBG also enhances CBDs effects. It allows for greater anxiolytic effects and helps to further reduce inflammation. We find that CBG specifically brings the effects of CBD to the mind in helping to clear it of clutter. Many people use CBG for pain and inflammation as well. Together they create a potent entourage effect. Studies indicate that CBG may have therapeautic potential in treating neurological disorders (e.g., Huntingtons disease, Parkinsons disease, and multiple sclerosis)1. 

CBG The Remedy

- CBC Distillate -

Cannabichromene is well known for enhancing the effects of other cannabinoids. It can potentiate thc as a euphoric and also maximize the anti-inflammatory aspects of CBD. CBC can really bring out the entourage effect in other cannabinoids. CBC is a potent analgesic and can imbue those effects more greatly with other cannabinoids. CBC is a CB2 agonist, which is one way it provides anti-inflammatory effects3. It also provides anti-inflammatory effects through a number of other mechanisms which are not fully understood. 


- CBN -

  • Promotes better sleep quality

  • Pain relief and reduces physical discomfort

  • Neuroprotective

  • Interacts with the TRPV receptors which sense pain

  • interacts with the TRPV receptors which sense pain
 The Remedy

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