Delta8 Vape Sampler Set 3 Pack

3 pack of our CBD Vape Cartridge line including Calm, Sleep and Full Spectrum Vape Cartridges



Delta8 is new to everyone, and pure Delta8 is surprisingly strong! Without a tolerance it can be overpowering or sneak up on you if you take multiple hits. So if you are curious to try it this can be a great wait to start. In this Delta8 Vape Sampler Set a cartridge for every circumstance. If you want to be blown away at the end of a long day, we have the cartridge for you. If you are looking for a perfect marriage of CBD and Delta8 the Balanced cartridge will see you through. Looking for the lightest Delta8 Experience you can get, the Zen Cartridge has your name all over it. So whether you are at work, knocking out chores or kicking back at the end of the day this Delta8 Vape Sampler Set is all you will ever need to experience Delta8 in all it’s forms and glory.

For those who are already a big fan of our Delta8 cartridges, get them all for a great price and have a cartridge for every circumstance.

Contents includes: 1x Pure Delta8 Cartridge 1x Balance 50/50 Cartridge 1x Zen 90/10 Cartridge

The Cartridges will be color coded for your convenience Pure Delta8, Balanced and Zen Vape Cartridges

Pure Delta8:

95% Delta8 and Terpenes: 100% Natural and Derived Material

We have searched the nation to find the highest quality Delta8 and finally found a 99% with undetectable Delta9. We combined that with the highest quality terpene blend featuring more than 50 different terpenes. Together what you get is amazing flavor and astounding affects.

Balance 50/50:

50% Delta8 / 50% CBD and Terpenes: 100% Natural and Derived Material

We combined our premium and potent Delta8 distillate with our 99% CBD CO2 extract well loved from our CBD vape line for a perfect balance. The Balanced Cartridge is the perfect amount of potency with therapeutics. For those looking for palpable feeling but without getting too far out there and a fantastic body effect to boot. Experience the merging of these two incredible cannabinoids.

Zen 90/10:

10% Delta8 / 90% CBD and Terpenes: 100% Natural and Derived Material

For those that have plenty to do but are trying to take a load off all the while. This is everything you love about CBD but enhanced with just a touch of euphoric feeling underneath. It will be a subtle uplift, you’ll forget it is there while you’re distracted, and be gently reminded again in a moment of peace. Get through those stressful days like it’s a breeze. Brush off those worries and keep your edge of cogent cognition throughout.

Cartridge Size

1g/mL, .5g/mL

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