Focus Set


For the longest time our loyal customers have been falling in love with the combination of CBD, CBG and our enhancer capsules. This is the combination we use everyday at work here at The Remedy and it gets us through all of this computer desk-work our ADD would rather us not do. Finally we have created the Lucid Capsules with our focus enhancing blend of herbs which aid in focus, short term memory and cognition. Together the three of these amazing product will give you tunnel vision on whatever your task at hand may be no matter how tedious. The Lucid Capsules may even help prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia too. So get your head in the game, get in the zone and find that flow state where all your chores seem like a breeze and before you know it all the days tasks are done. Sometimes we all just need a boost. Instead of an energy drink, or some other stimulant chemicals that might mess up your sleep cycle, give your brain the food it needs. Our Lucid Capsules actually help your brain stay healthier, provide more building blocks for neurotransmitters and encourage your brain to produce more of them while preventing their reuptake.

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