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For People Experiencing:

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High Stress

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Mood Issues

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Serious Inflammation/Pain

Ingredients: Panax Ginseng Extract, Astragalus Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Maca Extract, and Vegetarian Capsule.


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Panax Ginseng

- Panax means “all healing”
- Ginsenosides the active components are triterpene saponins
- Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Vasorelaxant, Antiallergic, Antidiabetic and Anticancer
- Enhancers vigor, strength, energy and vitality


- Enhances immune system function
- Helps regulate blood glucose
- Anti-aging effects
- Anti-tumor and Cancer

Fortitude-60ct The Remedy Co.
birch leaves The Remedy Co.


- Reduces stress
- Maximizes stamina
- Reduces impact of stress
- Improves memory

 The Remedy Co.


- Helps balance autophagy
- Promotes strength
- Reduces inflammation
- Optimize Healthy Aging
- Anti-fatigue

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How to Use Fortitude

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Fortitude For Stress

When using Fortitude for stress you can start with one capsule with breakfast and one capsule with dinner for preventative measures. If you are suffering from acute stress or are preparing to do something you know will make you stressed consider taking an extra dose of Fortitude at that time.

 The Remedy Co.

Fortitude for Mood

Start with half a dropper, if effects are not satisfactory within 20 minutes try another dropper. You might want to try splitting up your dose throughout the day. Depending on your endocannabinoid system you could need from a quarter dropper to even a dropper and a half.

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Fortitude for Inflammation

Generally inflammation requires larger doses. Try taking one capsule of fortitude with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your pain might not completely go away, but it might be more bearable. You should feel the tension release as the inflammation reduces.

Pair with One of These for Even Better Results

 The Remedy Co.

For Stress Combine Fortitude with...

Calm Vape Cartridge – Addition CBG delivered more directly to your blood and brain for acute anxiety.

Or if vape isn’t your thing..

Relax Capsules – Our herbal blend to help reduce anxiety can be combined with Elevate to help settle down the most intense episodes.

 The Remedy Co.

For Mood Combine Fortitude with...

Lucid – This herbal blend not only helps with focus but also all cognition. Thats right, a brain functioning better is going to help your mood.


Sundrops – Vitamin D3, K2 and A with our absorption enhancing complex. These are critical vitamins for overall health. You bet they will make a massive difference in your mood.

 The Remedy Co.

For Inflammation Combine Fortitude with...

Anti-inflame – Capsules Containing our superstar ingredients for reducing inflammation, mitigating pain and aiding in the healing process.


Soothing Butter – Featuring RSO, so it utilizes the widest array of compounds contained in hemp. This topical can help reduce local pain. So if your dealing with an injury this combination might be for you.

 The Remedy Co.

Ingredients: Panax Ginseng Extract, Astragalus Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Maca Extract, and Vegetarian Capsule.

- Panax Ginseng Extract -

Panax Ginseng has been commonly used in Korea, China and Japan for thousands of years for ailments such as “spiritlessness and fatigue.” Ginseng has a long history of use in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases including vascular disease, heart failure, coronary artery disease and hypertension. Its benefits are widely demonstrated in cancer, diabetes, central nervous system function, relieving stress and as an antioxidant. Panax is derived from the word ‘panacea,’ which means a cure for all disease and a source of longevity as well as physical strength and resistance.

- Astragalus Extract -

For 2000 years Tradition Chinese Medicine has utilized this herb for a wide variety of ends from diseases, bodily disorders and life extending benefits. The active components of Astragalus are polysaccharides, flavonoids and saponins. Pharmacological research has indicated that certain extracts of Astragalus can increase telomerase activity, antioxidant capacity, anti-inflammatory, immunoregulatory, anticancer, hypolipidemic, antihyperglycemic, hepatoprotective, expectorant, and diuretic effects. I particular extract was associated with significant cellular age reversal within the immune system. This suggests astragalus could be potent for life extension purposes. We have included it in this formula due to its incredibly wide array of benefits, most of which are critical to maintaining the fortitude of one’s body over time. Astragalus also provides regulation of the body’s autophagy processes, these are critical to longevity and ensuring continuity of good health over time. Augment the bodies ability to clear out damaged and deranged cells is instrumental to maintaining optimal health.

- Ashwagandha Extract -

Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera is the rejuvenator of the Ayurvedic tradition. It has shown to increase stamina in rat models and reduced detriment to cortisol. Ashwagandha provided significant protection against stress induced gastric ulcers, anti-tumer effects and carcinoma. It has a cognition promoting effect benefiting children with memory deficits as well as elderly with neurodegenerative diseases. It provides GABAmimetic effects that promote the formation of new dendrites. It’s known for its anxiolytic effects, reducing anxiety, improving energy levels and promoting mitochondrial health. Not to mention of course as usual, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and even anti-arthritic found useful in cases of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

- Maca Extract -

Found in the Peruvian Andes over 4000 meters above sea level, maca is used for nutritional and medicinal purposes. It is known for its energizing, fertility enhancing and vigor maximizing properties. Users are noted to have less inflammation and superior overall markers of good  health. Tests show those who take maca have better strength through older age than those without it.

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