Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge

Our Co2 Extracted CBD in a perfect ratio of cannabinoids for potency and stability. See the blend that started it all and feel the immediate relief.



Our Full Spectrum Vape Cartridge is packed with potent Co2 extract and ensures you get a full dosage of CBD with each hit. You can taste the natural terpenes preserved through the Co2 extraction process. If you have anxiety and you are looking for immediate relief then you will love our vape cartridges. Thick oil means it is high potency and is going to last a long time. We have worked hard over the years to find the perfect blend of cannabinoids to get our cartridges higher than 75% CBD without them crystalizing. After our years of research and development we finally found how to stabilize a potent oil. This stability brings effectiveness and you can feel it with every use of our vape. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Co2 Extract, CBG Distillate, CBN Distillate, Maui OG Terpene

Vapes for Addiction Cessation

CBD vape cartridges are effective means of replacing nicotine or THC, for those trying to limit use. Not only can it offer a substitute for oral fixation but it can actually have a number of restorative effects. Lung inflammation and oxidation is a huge problem for smokers. The lungs do not have an antioxidant producing system of their own.

Try our Sleep Vape Cartridge if you are having trouble falling asleep and need something a more specifically for that. It features CBN specifically research to help achieve a deep restful sleep fast and effectively and a microdose of melatonin that mimics the quantity you’r own body normally produces.

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1mL/1g, .5mL/.5g

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