Pain Balm 300mg

Our most potent pain topical. Lasts a long time. Warms and cools with capsaicin and menthol.


This balm stick was made to be highly concentrated in HEMP with 300mg in just 15mL. That’s 20mg of HEMP per mL of balm. This balm has staying power; it will stay on all day long giving powerful relief. Some even report feeling the effects into the next day.  Warming and cooling sensations of capsaicin and menthol soothe the local discomfort while the HEMP, Boswellia, and Black Pepper Extract help heal.


Capsicum Fruit CO2 Extract: Spicy and pungent plants always seem to have the most medicinal benefits. We add this capsaicin rich extract for it’s antinociceptive effect. This means it is stimulating pain sensing receptors in order to inhibit their ability to transmit more extreme and disturbing signals. Capsaicin can also increase circulation which helps bring fresh nutrient rich blood to the site of injury while delivering active ingredients more effectively.

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Cinnamon CO2 Extract: This sweet oil is not just a delicious addition to our tinctures flavor profile, it also provides a wide array of benefits. Cinnamon contains phytochemicals which boost the brains ability to utilize glucose, it’s preferred energy source. Cinnamon contains Cinnamaldehyde which gives it its anti-microbial properties.

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Boswellia Resin: Frankincense is sourced from the Resin from Boswellia Sacra has been used for its therapeutic benefits for longer than written history. Now with science we have learned that a great many of the benefits of this amazing resin come from the boswellic acids, AKBA (3-O-acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid) is the most important and effective acid among them.

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“Frankincense (乳香 Rǔ Xiāng; Boswellia Species) is reported to contain 60-85% resins (mixtures of terpenes), 6-30% gums (mixture of polysaccharides), and 5-9% essential oil. Resin portion is composed of pentacyclic triterpenes, in which boswellic acid is the active functional group. Gum portion consists of pentose and hexose sugars with some oxidizing and digestive enzymes. The essential oil is a mixture of monoterpenes, diterpenes, and sesquiterpenes.”

It is very important to note that the most functional aspect of the Boswellia Resin, not the essential oil. Most products use easily acquired and utilized Frankincense essential oil and call it a day, not us, we use the resin. We use the highest quality resin in the world because we care enough to find the best and most effective components of the most therapeutic plants in the world.

“In a study, it was reported that the resinous part of B. serrata contains the following: Monoterpenes (α-thujone); diterpenes [macrocyclic diterpenoids such as incensole, incensole oxide, iso-incensole oxide, a diterpene alcohol (serratol)]; triterpenes (such as α- and β-amyrins); pentacyclic triterpenic acids (boswellic acids)”

It is important to note just how complex the full resin component of this plant secretion is. If you are someone excited by terpenes, think about the complexity of an entire world of terpenes waiting to be utilized, not just hemp terpenes. The complexity and variety of terpenes are endless and the potential benefits are equally so.


Black Pepper CO2 Extract: Contains Piperine which is often used to aid in the absorption of pharmaceuticals and natural active ingredients like Curcumin, which some studies claim has increased absorption by 2000%. We believe Piperine greatly aids in the absorption of HEMP. Guineensine is another active component of black pepper which has been found to be an endocannabinoid reuptake inhibiter. This is one of the same therapeutic mechanisms of action as HEMP, making it a ‘Cannabimimetic’. It therefore has potential to greatly extend the benefits of HEMP. The volatile oil content (essential oils) which makes up 34% of our CO2 extract consists of β-Caryophyllene and Myrcene, two of the most therapeutic terpenes well researched.

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Myrcene: A very relaxing terpene with fantastic benefits to physical discomfort

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Nociception (also nocioception or nociperception, from Latin nocere ‘to harm or hurt’) is the sensory nervous system’s response to certain harmful or potentially harmful stimuli.

Disclaimer: Product contains menthol and capsaicin so keep out of eyes, nose, and mouth. If you experience discomfort, rub the affected area with a towel soaked in warm water.

Ingredients: HEMP, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cayanne Pepper, Capsicum Fruit CO2 Extract, Lavender, Camphor, Myrcene, Boswellia Resin, Black Pepper CO2 Extract, Clove, Menthol

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