High Delta8 Vape Sampler

3 Pack of our High Delta8 THC cartridges Pure, Solace and Repose. For experienced smokers with a high tolerance or those looking for a strong buzz. Explore the effects of these cannabinoid varieties and understand deeply the value of full spectrum entourage effect.



For those of you that like a strong buzz, this set is for you. Each of these cartridges is 85% Delta8 THC of greater. No matter which you use it will give you that strong euphoria you live. Each cartridge is ideal for a different time of day or purpose. This sampler set will allow you to explore the entourage effect by experiencing Delta8 THC all by itself in the Pure Cartridge  then feeling the difference in the Solace and Repose Cartridges. This gives you a clear and visceral understanding of the entourage effect in action.

For those who are already a big fan of our Delta8 cartridges, get them all for a great price and have a cartridge for every circumstance.

If you think these cartridge might be a little intense for you then try our Low Delta8 Sampler or our original Delta8 Sampler which will help you get a better gauge on the experience you are looking for.

Contents includes:

1x Pure : Delta8 THC Vape Cartridge

1x Solace Cartridge: Delta8, CBG and CBD

1x Repose Cartridge: Delta8, CBN and CBD

The Cartridges will be labelled for your convenience

Pure Delta8:

95% Delta8 and Terpenes

We have searched the nation to find the highest quality Delta8 and finally found a 87% with undetectable Delta9. We combined that with the highest quality terpene blend featuring more than 50 different terpenes. Together what you get is amazing flavor and astounding affects.


85% Delta8, 10% CBG and 5% CBD with Sour Tangie Terpenes

This blend featuring our single pass Delta8 Distillate blended with premium CBG and CBD distillates. The result… an astonishingly heady sativa experience. Combining light and delicious citrus terpenes with CBG and CBD for a robust entourage effect, light and euphoric. The balance in this cartridge is incredibly satisfying and is very worth experiencing in comparison to Delta8 alone.


85% Delta8, 10% CBN and 5% CBD with OG kush Terpenes

Kick your feet up and experience the warm full body glow with our repose cartridge. You’ll feel your feet tingle until your body feels wrapped in a warm blanket. This cartridge will give you an amazing full spectrum indica experience, like you have never had before. leaving your head alone with stronger body effects, this mellow buzz will settle you into your seat. If you love indica strains or you just want something to help you get comfy at the end of the day, your going to want to try Repose.

Cartridge Size

1g/mL, .5g/mL

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