Low Delta8 Vape Sampler

3 pack of our lower Delta8 THC vape cartridge for a mild buzz and controlled experience. Ideal for those with lower tolerance, or those seeking daytime use with loss of faculties.
Includes: Serenity, Zen: 90/10 CBD:Delta8, and Bliss Cartridge: CBD, CBG and Delta8



Delta8 is new to everyone, and pure Delta8 is surprisingly strong! Without a tolerance it can be overpowering or sneak up on you if you take multiple hits. This is a combination of all of our most mild Delta8 Vape cartridges for those with a low tolerance. If you want to experience the therapeutic potential of Thc, want a mild buzz, or are looking to find that functional high, you’ve come to the right place. These cartridges all keep the Delta8 THC in check by containing a majority of CBD and CBG. This means that even if you take several hits the experience is modulated at a certain level so it’s very difficult if not impossible to go overboard. So never fear being unproductive at work, paranoid in public, or losing your social skills. These cartridges will do you right every time.

Contents includes:
1x Serenity Cartridge: CBD, CBG and a dash of Delta8
1x Zen: 90/10 CBD:Delta8
1x Bliss Cartridge: CBD, CBG and Delta8

The Cartridges will be color coded for your convenience Serenity, Zen and Bliss

Cartridge Size

1g/mL, .5g/mL

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