NAD+ Nasal Spray



We’re excited to introduce a new type of product: NAD+ Nasal Spray. NAD+ cannot be utlized through ingestion, making nasal spray the most convenient and effective way of absorbing NAD+. This product is also the introduction of MITOS, our brand for non-CBD products that are geared towards mitigating the effects of aging.

NAD stands for Nicotineamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is a molecule that reacts with oxygen in the mitochondria to make cellular energy. NAD naturally occurs in the body, and is responsible for regulating a substantial amount of biochemical functions with the cell. Some of these processes include DNA repair, creation of cellular energy, strengthening the immune system, and improving the utilization of nutrients.

As we age, natural levels of NAD within the body begin to dwindle. By supplementing your own natural store of NAD as you age, you can retain youthful energy levels both mentally and physically. Try some today to experience all the benefits it has to offer!

Read more about NAD+ here.

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