Pure : Delta8 THC Vape Cartridge

If you are looking for something a little stronger than CBD this is the answer. D8 THC will give you a fantastic uplifting feeling, full body effect, but while leaving your head alone.

Ingredients: D8 Distillate, Terpenes…No fillers or additives just how cartridges are meant to be



Introducing D8 THC – If you are looking for something with a little (or a lot) more of a punch than CBD then this is it! similar to THC but without the head spinning confusion, anxiety and most of the other downsides of Delta9 THC. That being said, Delta8 is quite strong and can really sneak up on you, so take it slow. Prepare to feel light and warm, ready to handle the days tasks with your head in the right place. Don’t let stress eat away at you. Take a breath of fresh air with our Delta8 Vape Cartridge. Read even more about Delta8 Here

Ingredients: D8 Distillate, Terpenes

Simple, no fillers, additives, diluents, VG, PG, Just cannabinoids and terpenes just how it was meant to be. Made by people who research and use cannabinoids for those who appreciate the best.

How is D8 THC Legal?

All cannabinoids start with the precursor CBG. The law states hemp and all hemp isomers and derivitives are legal. Therefore, hemp derived CBG which is then converted into D8 THC as long as it remains under .3% D9-Thc (which is explicitely the legal limit by law) is a legal derivitive of Hemp. Simple as that. So you can feel safe and confident ordering and using your D8 products knowing the law is worded properly to protect your right.



D8 THC is too close to D9 THC to be distinguished by most drug tests, this cannabinoid is not for those looking to pass drug tests. If you are looking for work, concerned about being drug tested for whatever reason we advise not to use D8 THC and stick to the other fabulous cannabinoid the plant has to offer.

Start Slow:

D8 THC has a tendency to creep up on you. It is very easy to take 4 or 5 puffs without thinking about it like you would a CBD cartridge and next thing you know be a bit spacier than intended. Although the potentially unwanted effects are minimal, we would not want you to be caught unaware. After a puff or two give yourself 5-10 minutes in order for effects to set in. Especially when initially using these vape cartridges it is important to take some time to familiarize yourself with the effects and the dosage that is ideal for you.

For some CBD along with your Delta8 try our Balanced Cartridge which is 50/50 and a beautiful symbiosis of cannabinoids

Or if you want a much more mild experience try the Zen Cart 90% CBD and just 10% Delta8


1mL/1g, .5mL/.5g

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