Relax Cartridge: Delta8, CBN and CBD

Solace brings the strength of high Delta8 but nestled in the foundation of CBG and CBD. 60%D8:10%CBN:5%CBD. This brings a strong euphoric buzz with a richness and depth unheard of in cartridges normally stripped down to single cannabinoids. Experience the entourage effect first hand and the difference 15% “minor” cannabinoids make.



Relax Cartridge Overview: 8:2:1 Delta8:CBN:CBD

85% Delta8 THC, 10% CBN and 5% CBD for a true full spectrum indica experience.
If you’re trying to sit back and relax on the couch, kick your feet up and find yourself reposed. Featuring Delta8, CBN, CBD and OG Kush terpenes to give you the most full spectrum indica experience possible. Unwind at the end of a long day, sit back and prepare for the body-heavy experience of this cartridge. Quiet your mind, kick your feet up, and put on the weighted blanket that is our Relax Cartridge.

Ingredients: Delta8 THC Distillate, CBN Distillate, CBD Co2 Extract, OG Kush Terpenes.

Most products on the market throw a few terpenes together and call it “indica” we don’t think that is nearly enough. Terpenes do help dictate the experience of a strain but they are not the primary driver, if they were we would all be using mostly terpenes. We are here for the cannabinoids, and the terpenes are a compliment to the cannabinoid combinations. Don’t settle for less, if you want a complete indica feel look no further than your Repose. Chill out the vibe, get your body nice and heavy, relax and unwind. For anyone that likes indica, are high strung and want to turn it down a few notches, we got you covered.

Combine with Cannabinoid Enhancer for even better results

Our cannabinoid enhancer and can help maximize the entourage effect cannabinoids. It is created by our own body from our cell walls in order to protect and preserve anandamide, our body own endo-cannabinoid. Try using our Cannabinoid Enhancer to get the most of your cannabinoids.

Vapes for Addiction Cessation

CBD vape cartridges are effective means of replacing nicotine or THC, for those trying to limit use. Not only can it offer a substitute for oral fixation but it can actually have a number of restorative effects. Lung inflammation and oxidation is a huge problem for smokers. The lungs do not have an antioxidant producing system of their own.

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1mL/1g, .5mL/.5g

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