The Relax Capsules are perfect for relieving stress and preparing for restorative sleep. Pair with CBD and CBN for the most relaxing results.

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For People Experiencing:

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High Stress

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Mood Issues

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Serious Inflammation/Pain

Ingredients: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Magnolia Bark, Fermented GABA


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CBC oil


- Good source of Apigenin
- Gaba-ergic
- Relaxes body and mind

Ginger The Remedy Co.

Lemon Balm

- Relieves stress

- Gaba-ergic

- Relieves insomnia

Relax Capsules The Remedy Co.
birch leaves The Remedy Co.


- Calming

- Soothing

- Gaba-ergic

 The Remedy Co.

Magnolia Bark

- Contains Magnolol and Honokiol

- Reduces Stress and Inflammation

- Improves Sleep

- May lower Cortisol

 The Remedy Co.

How to Use Relax Capsules

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Relax for Stress

When using Relax for stress you can start with one capsule with breakfast and 2 capsules before bed for preventative measures. If you are suffering from acute stress or are preparing to do something you know will make you stressed consider taking an extra dose of relax at that time.

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Relax for Sleep

When using Relax for sleep you can take two capsules 1-2 hours before bed.

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Relax for Quitting

Relax is a great supplement to use when you are trying to quit something else.  This includes alcohol, cigarettes, and even coffee.  Relax will deal with the stress that your brain goes through when quitting these things.  So go ahead, be a quitter.

Pair with One of These for Even Better Results

 The Remedy Co.

For Stress Combine Relax with...

Elevate is one of our strongest tinctures, especially for
mood.  It also has strong anti-inflammatory effects.


Relief Vape CartOur relief vape cart is a heavy hitter for pain and anxiety.  Just a couple of puffs and you will feel your worries, aches, and pains melt away.

 The Remedy Co.

For Sleep Combine Relax with...

Vegan Slumber PowderOur Vegan Slumber Powder will keep you asleep like nothing else.  With a powerful synergistic blend of amino acids and minerals, you are sure to get a great nights rest.


Sleep Tincture – Our Specialty Tincture designed specifically for sleep.  This tincture features 1,000mg of CBD and 500mg of CBN per bottle.  Both of these cannabinoids have been shown in studies to be helpful for sleep.

 The Remedy Co.

For Quitting Combine with...

NAD+ SprayNAD+ has been shown in studies to be useful for quitting cigarettes and caffeine. NAD+ is an essential for DNA/Telomere repair and protection.  One of our most potent endogenous antioxidants and so much more.


Full Spectrum TinctureCBD has been shown in numerous studies to aid the body during drug cessation.  It can be useful for mitigating the negative effects of quitting caffeine, alcohol, and even opiates.

 The Remedy Co.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Magnolia Bark, Fermented GABA

chamomile The Remedy Co.

- Chamomile -

Most of you have probably heard of Chamomile and are familiar with some of its benefits.  Chamomile is a gaba-ergic herb, which means it increases activity of GABA in the brain.  GABA is our main inhibitory neurotransmitter involved in relaxation and sleep.  Chamomile is also high in a compound known as Apigenin.  Apigenin is an antioxidant compound that also has relaxing and even sedating properties, depending on the dosage.

- Lemon Balm -

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is a member of the mint family.  This herb has been used traditionally to calm the nerves, reduce stress, and increase sleep.  Most of its action appears to be through the GABA pathway, where it increases activity.

lemon balm The Remedy Co.
passionflower The Remedy Co.

- Passionflower -

In addition to being an absolutely beautiful flower, Passionflower also has many benefits.  You guessed it, Passionflower also acts through the GABA pathway in the brain.  It made it into our Relax blend because it helps to round out activity at the GABA receptors.  All of these plant compounds have slightly different actions at the receptor and really show to be synergistic together.

- Magnolia Bark -

Magnolia Bark is another great GABAergic herb.  This tree bark has several active compounds.  The two compounds that have been featured in many studies are honokiol and magnolol.  These chemicals have been shown to be potent at reducing stress.  Certain extractions of Magnolia Bark have been shown in studies to reduce cortisol.  Cortisol is our main stress hormone, and for most people, levels are too high.  In modern day society, we are constantly dealing with high stress levels.  This has so many detriments on our mental and physical health.

magnolia bark The Remedy Co.

- Fermented GABA -

Lastly, we added a supportive dose of GABA itself into our Relax blend.  You read that right, we have fermented GABA in these capsules as well.  This small dose of GABA supports the brain’s ability to relax.  The herbs activate and support the GABA in the brain and help to relax the mind.

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