Relief: CBD CBG and CBN


If you are looking for pain relief look no further. This is our most potent specialty tincture to date. 3000mg total cannabinoids. 1000mg CBD, 1000mg CBDa, 500mg CBG and 500mg CBN, the widest variety of cannabinoids in a tincture. CBDa is the acidic form of CBD as it is when on the plant, it is water soluble and so absorbed first by the body, this primes the body for absorption of other oil soluble cannabinoids which take longer. It also allows cannabinoids to reach areas of the body they normally wouldn’t. Oils with a balance of CBD and CBDa are very stable and therefor in a natural balanced form which is easily absorbed and utilized by the body, this tincture is one you feel very viscerally. It can be even a bit euphoric at high doses. CBG maximizes its anti-inflammatory properties. CBN interacts with the TRPV receptors which sense pain and this is why our Relief tincture is so ideal for mitigating that discomfort. This tincture will provide the ultimate relaxation and Relief! Long lasting, the effects are intense and go the distance.

Ingredients: CBD/CBDa, CBG, CBN, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Copaiba Oil, Black Pepper Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Birch Oil, Peppermint Oil,

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