Relief: CBD, CBG and CBN Vape Cartridge

Feel your body glow as it is wrapped in the Relief of this incredible CBG and CBN experience.
CBD Distillate, CBG Distillate, CBN Distillate, Maui OG Terpenes in a CCELL vape cartridge



CBG and CBN combine with amazing synergy resulting in a feeling entirely new. The head is left almost entirely alone, while the body is wrapped in a cozy blanket. Starting with the feet you’ll feel the tingles spread up your body until a warm glow envelopes you. This cartridge is ideal for physical discomfort and quieting a restless body. We named this tincture Relief for a reason with over 35% “minor” cannabinoids it has one of the most diverse cannabinoid profiles we have created yet. With 90% cannabinoids, you will not find a stronger and more effective vape. We never add any fillers, cutting agents or carrier oils, only all natural hemp distillate and terpenes. Find your remedy today and taste the difference.

We pack our Relief vape cartridge with the highest concentration of cannabinoids possible. Vape Cartridges are great because you feel the effects immediately. Never question if you got an adequate dose of CBD again.  You will feel the relief you need from just one pull from our fabulous cartridge. Always in a CCell cartridge so you get a clean hit down to the last drop.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Co2 Extract, CBG Distillate, CBN Distillate, Maui OG Terpene

Vapes for Addiction Cessation

CBD vape cartridges are effective means of replacing nicotine or THC, for those trying to limit use. Not only can it offer a substitute for oral fixation but it can actually have a number of restorative effects. Lung inflammation and oxidation is a huge problem for smokers. The lungs do not have an antioxidant producing system of their own.

Try our Sleep Vape Cartridge if you are having trouble falling asleep and need something a more specifically for that. It features CBN specifically research to help achieve a deep restful sleep fast and effectively and a microdose of melatonin that mimics the quantity you’r own body normally produces.

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1mL/1g, .5mL/.5g

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