Sleep Tablets CBD and CBN

CBD, CBN, Black Pepper, Lecithin, Magnolia oil and Lavender oil. The perfect combination to help you sleep throughout the night, now in a tablet.


We are very excited to introduce: CBD and CBN Sleep Remedy Tablets with 25mg of CBD per and 7mg of CBN per tablet. Very similar to our tincture formulation except even easier to use. Because flavor is not a factor we have manage to pack in even more lecithin and black pepper extract which should increase the benefits or at least offset the difference in absorption. So if you’re struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep our Sleep Remedy Tablets are what you need.

*Sample quantity only available for purchase as an add-on combined with another product purchase

Ingredients: High Minor CBD distillate, CBN Distillate, Lecithin, Magnolia, Lavender, Phosphotidylserine, Black Pepper Extract

Alternative Suggestions for Sleep Remedies

If you like our sleep remedy capsules but are looking for something a little faster acting and more efficiently absorbing try our Specialty Sleep Tincture. Sublingual absorption is about 3x faster acting and 3x more efficiently absorbed than an ingestible.

For the fastest and most efficient absorption try the Sleep: CBN Vape Cartridge. Upon exhale your eyes will get heavy, body will begin to loosen and prepare to slip into a deep restful sleep. Vape cartridges are about 5x more efficiently absorbed than an ingestible and work almost immediately.

If staying asleep is your biggest issue then you definitely want to combine these tablets with our Slumber Powder.

The Remedy Entourage Complex

Each of our CBD products features an array of ingredients which help to create The Remedy Entourage Complex but we are not expanding that into additional products so you can really get the most out of them. We pack as much as we can into our little 1oz tinctures, but to really maximize these synergistic entourage enhancers taking them in larger quantities on the side of your cannabinoids is the most effect route.

1 – CBD Product (TinctureCapsule or edible)

2 – PEA – Entourage Enhancer

3 – Fish Oil (Healthy Fat source) Maximizes absorption and provides precursors for endo-cannabinoid production

Ingredients Explained

High Minor CBD Distillate: The key to a CBD product starts with high quality extract. We only use distillate which has the highest content of minor cannabinoids. We ensure our distillate has at least 8-10% of minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV etc. But very little CBN so that there is not too much of a sedating effect from our daytime use products.  This makes our CBD 2-3x more “full spectrum” than other brands. We have seen extracts with 4-5% minor cannabionids being sold as “high minor” but to us that is just a regular amount of supporting cannabinoids. Don’t be fooled by flashy marketing, the proof is in the product, and the care taken when selecting ingredients and putting them together.

CBN Distillate: CBN is a cannabinoid that has been well research to aid in a deep restful sleep. Without disturbing REM Sleep or Deep Sleep cycles CBN will help lull you to sleep and keep you there. Also a powerful anti-inflammatory with analgesic properties CBN can help with a variety of symptoms while also getting that restorative sleep you need.

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Black Pepper CO2 Extract: After the addition of black pepper extract, our regular customers noticed a stark difference in the benefit of their usual tinctures. Most noted a rapid onset of effects, decreasing the usual 15-20 minute wait to just 5-10 minutes. The relaxing and stress relieving qualities of the black pepper extract are quite palpable, particularly when combined with CBD.

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Our Black Pepper is delicately extracted using advanced CO2 technology to retain every bit of its beneficial compounds. It contains Piperine, which is often used to aid in the absorption of pharmaceuticals and natural active ingredients like Curcumin, which some studies claim has increased absorption by 2000%. We believe Piperine greatly aids in the absorption of HEMP. Guineensine is another active component of black pepper which has been found to be an endocannabinoid reuptake inhibiter. This is one of the same therapeutic mechanisms of action as CBD, making it a ‘Cannabimimetic’. It therefore has potential to greatly extend the benefits of Cannabinoids. The volatile oil content (essential oils), which makes up 34% of our CO2 extract, consists of β-Caryophyllene, and Myrcene, two of the most therapeutic terpenes well researched.

Sunflower Lecithin: An essential fatty acid and phospholipid. It binds oil and water together, allowing CBD to be absorbed more efficiently. Cannabinoids are  fat soluble compounds, and our bodies are 72% water. Each of our cells is surrounded in a phospholipid bilayer which is why this fatty acid is so very important to us nutritionally. Sunflower lecithin is also an antioxidant/natural preservative and can enhance cognition and brain function.

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