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For People Experiencing:

 The Remedy Co.

Weak Immune System

 The Remedy Co.

Vitamin D Deficiency

 The Remedy Co.

Skin Issues

Ingredients: Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Cinnamon, Vitamin D3, Ginger Oil, MK-7, Peppermint Oil, Vitamin A, Reishi Spore Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Sweet Birch Oil, Black Pepper Extract


 The Remedy Co.
CBC oil

Vitamin D3

- Bone Health
- Calcium Absorption
- Skin Health
- Brain Health
- Muscle Health

Ginger The Remedy Co.

Ginger Extract

- Contains Gingerols and Shogaols
- Anti-inflammatory
- Analgesic
- Soothes upset stomach

Sun Drops 15ml The Remedy Co.
birch leaves The Remedy Co.

Birch Oil

- Contains Methyl Salicylate, Betulin and Salycilic acid.
- Potent anti-inflammatory
- Natural "Aspirin"
- Variety of natural terpenes to enhance entourage effect

 The Remedy Co.

Vitamin K2 (MK-7)

- Immune Support

- Most Bioavailable form of Vitamin K2

 The Remedy Co.

How to Use Sun Drops

 The Remedy Co.

Sun Drops For Weak Immune System

Our Sun Drops are a great option for your immune health.  For this purpose, we recommend starting with 4 Drops per day.  Once your immune system is back in order, you may move down to 2 drops per day to maintain.

 The Remedy Co.

Sun Drops for Vitamin D Deficiency

If you are vitamin D3 deficient, like more than half of Americans, you may use Sun Drops to correct the deficiency.  We recommend starting off with 4 Drops per day.  Once the deficiency has been corrected, you may move down to 2 drops per day to maintain.

 The Remedy Co.

Sun Drops for Skin Issues

When experiencing skin issues, Sun Drops can be a great option to improve skin health.  We recommend starting with 4 drops a day.  Once your skin returns to a healthy state, you may try reducing the amount to 2 drops a day to maintain skin health.

Pair with One of These for Even Better Results

 The Remedy Co.

For Weak Immune System Combine Sun Drops with...

NAD Nasal
NAD+ is an
essential for DNA/Telomere repair and protection.  One of our most potent
endogenous antioxidants and so much more.

Or if vape isn’t your thing..

Longevity Capsules – Our Longevity capsules are a great option for supporting immune function.  It has NMN which is a precursor to NAD+ which is a strong antioxidant.

 The Remedy Co.

For Vitamin D Deficiency Combine Sun Drops with...

Myco-rise has a blend of mushrooms that naturally contain Vitamin D.  Lion’s Mane increases Brain Derived Neurotrophic
Factor.  This is only one of its many brain health benefits.


Krill OilKrill oil is a natural source of Vitamin D and Vitamin A.  This natural oil can be very helpful, especially if you are very deficient in Vitamin D.

 The Remedy Co.

For Skin Issues Combine Sun Drops with...

Vegan Omega 3
Our Vegan Omega 3 oil is a
great way to support eye and skin health.  Suitable for most diet restrictions,
our vegan omega 3 oil is made from algae. 


Regen – Regen is one of our most powerful antioxidant formulations.  It also has potent anti-inflammatory effects.  Great for protecting the skin from environmental factors including UV radiation from the sun.

 The Remedy Co.

Ingredients: Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Cinnamon, Vitamin D3, Ginger Oil, MK-7, Peppermint Oil, Vitamin A, Reishi Spore Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Sweet Birch Oil, Black Pepper Extract

olives The Remedy Co.

- Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil -

Our Olive Oil comes directly from the farm in Greece. They are the first to press their olive oil, meaning it is extra extra virgin. This makes it the most concentrated in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and more. You cannot find olive oil like this anywhere else. We don’t want to dilute our precious ingredients, we strive for even our carrier to be a medicinal component of our product. Oleic acid, the fatty acid which comprises 80% of olive oil, has been found to be a potent activator of the sirtuin pathway. This is epigenetic pathway is associated with longevity and healthy aging. We also wanted the least processed and refined oil we could possibly get our hands on. This olive oil is being so fresh and cold pressed is as little processed as anything gets. We use it at home in our kitchens, and we wouldn’t settle for anything less for you. You can taste its fruity and spice notes indicative of the highest quality and freshest olives. 

- Vitamin D3 -

Vitamin D is essential for many aspects of health.  Some of the benefits of Vitamin D include immune health, bone density, calcium absorption, hormones, skin health, brain health, muscle health, and so much more.  While we do make our own Vitamin D, this relies entirely on our sun exposure.  More specifically, we produce Vitamin D in response to the amount of sunlight that comes in contact with our skin.  The more skin that is exposed for light and the longer the period of time will dictate the amount of Vitamin D that we produce.  It is estimated that more than half of Americans are Vitamin D deficient.

vitamin d The Remedy Co.
vitamin a The Remedy Co.

- Vitamin A -

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that is important for a lot of things.  One of most note is eye and skin health.  Unless you have a well rounded diet full of leafy greens, there is a good chance you are not getting enough Vitamin A.  Our Vitamin A is suspended in an olive oil solution for maximum absorption.  When you are taking all of your fat soluble vitamins in a tablet, there are no supporting absorption enhancing compounds.  Our Sun Drops utilize an Olive Oil base, with Sunflower Lecithin, Black Pepper, and other absorption maximizing ingredients.

- Vitamin K (MK-7) -

Vitamin K is another important fat soluble vitamin included in our Sun Drops. We use a form of Vitamin K2 known as MK-7.  This is the most bioavailable form of Vitamin K2 and therefore is the best at raising serum levels of Vitamin K2.  In addition to this, our Sun Drops utilize our proprietary absorption blend to further increase its bioavailability.  

 The Remedy Co.

- Reishi Spore Oil -

Reishi Spore Oil is another great addition in our Sun Drops.  Reishi has been touted for centuries for its ability to increase the immune system.  It also has a tradition in Chinese medicine of increasing life span and overall health.  Some people note anecdotally that Reishi has a very calming effect, and a few studies have backed this up.

- Black Pepper Co2 Extract -

Our Black Pepper Co2 Extract is the centerpiece of our absorption enhancing complex. This extract is completely unique and the only kind of its type being produced in the world. It contains 50% piperine, which is well known for its absorption enhancing properties. Piperine is documented to improve the absorption of curcumin by 2000%<sup>1<sup>. curcumin and cannabinoids are both fat soluble compounds. Lesser known, is a component of black pepper called guineensine. Guineensine is a novel endo-cannabinoid re-uptake inhibitor2. This means it can prevent the breakdown of anandamide and 2AG, our bodies own cannabinoids it uses as neurotransmitters. This is how it can greatly extend the duration and effects of our tinctures. Since we started adding this black pepper extract to our tinctures the onset time of effects was two times faster and duration two times longer. Our theory is that piperine is going to enhance the efficiency of absorption of all oil soluble ingredients. Guineensine is going to multiply the entourage effect through its cannabimimetic action. 

Black Pepper
Birch branch

- Sweet Birch Oil -

Sweet Birch Oil comes from the young branches and leaves of the birch tree. The terpenes in this oil have been long used for their anti-inflammatory properties. It contains terpenes such as salicylic acid, methyl salicylate, betulene and betulenol. Birch oil is not only part of what makes our tinctures so delicious but also provides a number of medicinal properties. Salicylic acid is actually what is used to make Aspirin. Birch bark was used in folk medicine for the treatment of skin conditions. Native Americans used the bark to make tea in order to treat digestive tract infections. Birch oil has been used for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. It also has been purported to have anti-carcinogenic effects as well. The birch oil is a core component of our enhancement blend because it can maximize anti-inflammatory and medicinal benefits while adding unique terpenes not produced by any other species outside of white willow. These will bring out the entourage effect in an incredible way by adding additional benefits into the formula beyond what hemp and cannabinoids might accomplish alone. 

- Peppermint Oil -

Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) is one of the most widely consumed single ingredient herbal teas and the essential oil is very commonly applied in traditional medicine. The components of peppermint oil are menthol and menthone. Peppermint has shown significant antimicrobial and antiviral properties, strong antioxidant and antitumor activity and some antiallergenic potential. From animal models we see that peppermint can relax the GI soft tissue and has analgesic and anesthetic effects in the central and peripheral nervous system. Peppermint also has immunomodulatory and chemopreventive properties<sup>1<sup>. Peppermint is another addition to our enhancement complex which not only adds great flavor but also increases the analgesic properties of the tincture. Peppermint also has some really interesting performance enhancing properties including improving grip strength, force output and lung capacity2. 

Click here to see the research



- Cinnamon Oil -

Cinnamon has been used for thousands of years from the Egyptions, Romans and more. Wars have been fought over its delicious taste, but there are many medicinal properties which it contains as well. Cinnamon is great for metabolism, helping with glucose clearing and thus is anti-diabetic1. Cinnamon can also help provide addition glucose to the brain more efficiently. Because of these brain-feeding benefits Cinnamon is also known to be a cognitive enhancer. It also have benefits for the heart, cancer, reducing blood lipids and as an antioxidant. It also has purported benefits of being anti-tumor, anti-hypertension, anti-microbial, anti-viral, gastro-protective and immunomodulatory4. We use Cinnamon for its many health benefits and its delicious taste. The oleoresin we use is one of a kind, the only of its quality that is produced in the world through Co2 extraction. All the other Cinnamon oils are alcohol or steam distilled and they do not have nearly the variety of compounds or richness of flavor then ours. 

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