THC Enhancer

Bring out the THC effect in your CBD, get a nice moderate buzz that lasts with NO THC. break through your THC tolerance. Get the THC benefits but without any detriments or worry about drug tests.


The THC enhancer raises your levels of endogenous anandamide. anandamide is the “bliss molecule” and what is associated with the runners high and the pleasant effects of THC. The way THC works is that it signals through your CB1 receptor, anandamide is also a CB1 receptor agonist, meaning they have many overlapping effects. The THC enhancer can help amplify the effects of THC products and add a more euphoric effect to CBD products.

Get a Buzz and pass a drug test

The THC Enhancer can be great for those who get tested for THC. Combine the THC enhancer with a CBD product, especially a fast absorbing vape cartridge such as Calm or Relief. The CBD in the vape cartridge will protect the anandamide from FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase) an enzyme which normally breaks down endocannabinoids. The guineensine in our black pepper extract (included in the THC enhancer, and all of our tinctures) as well as CBD itself protect the endocannabinoids from the breakdown of this enzyme. What that means is that you can experience the bliss of anandamide without having the use THC and worry about your drug test. Watch as the THC enhancer transforms your normally totally mind clearing CBD into a palpable buzz that lasts for hours but does not inhibit function or cognition.

“amide of the inner bliss = ananda”

Add THC-like effects to your CBD products

The synergy between CBD and anandamide is very clear. If you want to bring out a little bit more from your CBD product then this is what you need. Feel a twinkle start in your toes and turn into a nice full body glow. A smile will creep onto your face as you realize you are slightly altered in the most subtle way. Great for elevating ones mood, helping with physical discomfort, or just to add a little bit of extra strength to your CBD dose.

Break through your THC tolerance

Add some twinkle to your THC. If you have a very high tolerance and it seems like nothing is working for you. Try the THC-enhancer and even combine that with The Cannabinoid Enhancer see the difference that it makes. These are all ways of maximizing the entourage effect that is limited if only cannabis itself is utilized. Your body has a whole arsenal of compounds which

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