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Relief Vape Cartridge Explained

We formulated our Relief cartridge to knock out pain and tightness. Many of our product testers and customers have reported that it also benefits them as a sleep aid. People with nerve pain may benefit greatly from our Relief formulation, which attacks pain through several different mechanisms.


We know that many of our customers are already well educated on the benefits of CBD, however, we still want to talk about why we’ve included it in Relief. CBD, or cannabidiol, has been shown in studies to relieve pain and improve sleep quality. One of the main mechanisms in which CBD delivers this effect is through its ability to raise endogenous levels of anandamide. Anandamide is what is known as an “endocannabinoid”, which are cannabinoids that our bodies produce on their own. When we perform moderate to intense exercise, our bodies naturally release anandamide.

Boosting levels of anandamide results in a “rewarding bliss” that can relieve pain as well as reduce anxiety. “Importantly, all these effects of anandamide appear to be potentiated by pharmacological inhibition of its metabolic degradation.” This is exactly what CBD does. CBD has been seen in several studies to be an anandamide reuptake inhibitor. This is the mechanism by which CBD raises circulating levels of anandamide.


CBG, or Cannabigerol, is another cannabinoid similar to CBD. What studies have found is that the combination of CBD and CBG leads to greater effectiveness. Both of these cannabinoids have similar and overlapping effects that are enhanced in each other’s presence. This is why we included CBG in our Relief formula, and why we have had customers with a wide range of symptoms find relief with this vape. CBG has anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects which actually tend to be related conditions.

While researchers don’t know for sure which one more frequently causes the other, they have observed that pain and anxiety are frequent comorbidities. In an article written by Harvard Medical School, they discuss the research that shows a tie between anxiety, depression, and pain. If you are interested in that article, you can read it here.


CBN, or Cannabinol, is a cannabinoid that has been studied for its use as a sedative, anti-MRSA, burn healing, and psoriasis treatment. We are mostly interested in CBN’s muscle relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits. These effects can be felt almost immediately after taking a hit from our Relief Vape cartridge. Full effects should envelop your body and mind in around 15 minutes. Cannabinol give a much more sedating effect than CBD.


We also include a specialty terpene blend in our Relief formulation. We don’t believe that any single terpene is responsible for the majority of the effects of hemp. However, we do believe that they contribute to the entourage effect of hemp as a whole. We’ve added a blend of terpenes to our Relief Vape in order to maximize the synergistic effects. This is going to add to the muscle relaxing and pain-relieving effects of our Relief formulation.

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